Today’s job market is filled to the brim with employers asking for years’ worth of prior experience, which can make it seem next to impossible to land a job. How on Earth are you supposed to acquire experience if everyone wants an employee with at least five years in the field?

Luckily, there are plenty of well-paying opportunities out there from industries that understand everyone has to start somewhere. Here are eight entry-level positions that require no past experience to start.

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1. Sales Representative

The business sector is a thriving world filled with opportunities at all ends of the spectrum. While most require some form of certificate or degree, you can become a sales representative with nothing but a GED or high school diploma.

From startups to major corporations, businesses rely on their sales teams to locate and reel in customers. This position requires you to help a company develop a relationship with their customers, building loyalty and trust to help them close a sale. If you have excellent people skills, then this job is right up your alley.

Depending on your position, many of these opportunities provide ample flexibility and keep your day to day duties diverse. Often, you might have to travel to major cities around the country. This offers a unique way to gain valuable experience that can be used later in nearly any field.

There are dozens of positions that require no experience but expect you to do a little training so that you familiarize yourself with the company’s branding and image. You could also attend a short sales and marketing programs to give yourself an edge against others competing for the title. During your time as a sales rep, you will learn valuable sales strategies that will quickly increase your employability.

  • Annual Salary Range: $27,000 to $110,000
  • Job Growth: 6-8%
  • Education Required: High School or Equivalent
  • Experience Needed: None, but on-the-job training is often a requirement

2. Sell Real Estate

There’s a common misconception that working in real estate requires years of college education. The truth is, most agents begin their careers at an entry-level with next to no experience.

The market is enormous, but you will need to get your real estate license from your state in order to sell homes. On the bright side, the majority of these programs take a mere six weeks to complete. Afterward, all you need to do is pass your state’s licensing exam.

While individuals can always attempt to sell their homes themselves, the majority of homeowners hire the help of a real estate agent to make the job easier. Once contacted, you will help individuals place their home on the market, show the house to potential buyers, and close the deal. You might even be hired to help the original homeowners locate a new residence.

The time spent training is well worth the reward, too. Commissions on a sold home are larger than many might think, especially for a job that requires no prior experience.

  • Annual Salary: $22,000 to $110,000
  • Job Growth: 7%
  • Education Required: Real Estate Licensing
  • Experience Needed: None. You will work with an experienced agent until you learn the ropes.

3. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are often known as receptionists or secretaries, but that makes the job sound far less glamorous than it is. This position places you up front and center at an office building where you will greet customers, answer the phones, and assist with paperwork duties like scheduling. You may also be required to draft correspondence, manage the company’s file systems, or pick up a pizza for the office on Friday.

Administrative assistants can work for an entire office building or work directly under one person like a manager. Either way, you’ll be sitting in a comfy chair with back support in an air-conditioned building. While some positions may require prior experience, the majority do not.

All you need to do is be organized, personable, and able to multi-task while using a computer. Some companies may even offer to pay for relevant college courses after you’ve worked for them long enough. Either way, you’re gaining valuable experience for your future career.

  • Annual Salary Range: $20,000 to $50,000
  • Job Growth: 5%
  • Education Required: High School or Equivalent
  • Experience Needed: Minimal knowledge of computer programs, on-the-job training is usually offered

4. Legal Assistant

While you may need years upon years of schooling to become a lawyer, you don’t need any college education to become a legal assistant. All you’ll need is a minimal amount of training to obtain your certificate in law.

Legal assistants handle the administration work in a law office, which is a vital role for these organizations. Responsibilities may include organizing files, preparing legal documents, drafting correspondence or managing schedules for both employees and meetings.

Not every position will require a certificate, but many do ask that you take the short program to obtain one. Most of these programs can be completed in as little as six months. A paralegal position, however, requires an associate or bachelor’s degree.

From your entry-level position, you may be able to work your way up to paralegal status, or your employer may wish to help you obtain your degree so that you may complete more tasks for the firm. These jobs require you to directly assist lawyers as you complete research, interview clients, and other areas that pertain to their cases.

  • Annual Salary Range: $25,000 to $75,000
  • Job Growth: Approximately 15,000 openings per year
  • Education Required: Certificate usually required
  • Experience Needed: None, training is done on-the-job

5. Security Guard

This is a vast field that offers dozens of opportunities from local to national levels. You might find an opening at an airport, casino, or any other area that experiences high foot traffic. Security guards are responsible for keeping an eye out for suspicious activity and protecting the public from criminals.

Many of these positions only require a high school education or GED, but you stand to make more money by completing a certificate program. The program is a short criminal justice or law course that can give you an edge over the competition even without prior experience. You can also find diploma programs with a duration of six months to a year.

Individual states do require some form of certification and almost all require a thorough background check as well as a drug test. Look into your state’s requirements before pursuing a security guard position, so you are prepared when applying for jobs.

Security work is an interesting, constantly changing field that can have its exciting moments. There’s a great sense of pride in protecting the public, as well. Plus, it is a launching pad for a wide variety of future careers in criminal justice.

  • Annual Salary Range: $18,000 to $45,000
  • Job Growth: 6%
  • Education Required: High School or Equivalent, possibly a certificate
  • Experience Needed: None without a weapon, minimal otherwise

6. Commercial Truck Driver

All you need to do for this position is complete a professional truck driving program and obtain your CDL. Different trucks require different levels of experience, but entry-level drivers can begin hauling shipments in as little as five to ten weeks. The majority of programs also include time spent driving, which doubles as experience.

Many companies offer hefty sign-on bonuses, and your job allows you to travel across the country or in the immediate tri-state area. While there’s a lot of responsibility behind the wheel of a rig, it is also a job that offers plenty of adventure.

  • Annual Salary Range: $25,000 to $60,000
  • Job Growth: 5%
  • Education Required: CDL program completion
  • Experience Needed: Little to none

7. Landscaping

If you love working outside with your hands and know how to use a hedge trimmer, then landscaping might be the opportunity you’re looking for. Companies are constantly looking for new employees to manage their growing client bases, and there’s never a shortage of individuals who want their lawns mowed or weeds pulled.

Prove your worth with a company owner, and you might just find yourself climbing the ladder before you know it. Who knows, they might even help you take a short landscaping program so you can take on more responsibility within the business. Eventually, you could even start your business if you choose to do so.

  • Annual Salary Range: $18,000 to $40,000
  • Job Growth: 10%
  • Education Required: High School or Equivalent
  • Experience Needed: None

8. Cook

The restaurant industry is always in need of workers who can handle the pressure of the kitchen. There is no shortage of companies and no lack of hungry customers. If you can follow directions, learn a menu, and practice top safety standards, then you’re ready to become a line cook.

After a year or so in the field, you will be able to work at nearly any other restaurant out their provided it is at a similar level to your previous place of employment. The vast majority of managers and owners started their careers in this exact same position, which means your chances of climbing the ladder are high if you put in the time and hard work.