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Employment at Philip Morris

Philip Morris is an international American company that sells cigarettes and tobacco. Their most popular item are Marlboro cigarettes. They were founded in 1900 and their corporate headquarters are still in New York City. Their operational headquarters are found in Lausanne, Switzerland. Philip Morris employs anywhere from 85,000 to 90,000 people.
The Philip Morris application process is very well explained on their website. The whole application process can be done online at A potential employee can ask for job opportunity emails and even submit their application for review without an open job that they are applying for. It can simply be submitted for consideration and to be kept on record if a comparable position opens.

Philip Morris Application

Most often, the search for an open job at Philip Morris International will begin on their open job listings page. An applicant can peruse Philip Morris jobs with a simple search only requiring a location and department selection.
Philip Morris is an international company and has factories and offices in over 100 countries worldwide. There is a drop down list on their Careers main web page that lists every country that they have an office or manufacturing location in.
There are a variety of departments to select from and narrow down the search for an open position. The listed departments include:

  • Compliance
  • Corporate affairs
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Research & Development
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Support Services

After these two choices are made, the applicant selects “search” and all Philip Morris jobs that are currently open and that match their selections will load.
If “Advanced Search” is selected, this page opens. This search allows not only the job function and location to be selected, but also whether the position if full-time or part-time, any keywords related to the position, or the actual job code if the applicant is trying to find a specific job they have seen before. This is a very user-friendly way to discover what kind of Philip Morris jobs are available that may suit the applicant’s needs.

Below are various job titles that can be found in each department. There are more Philip Morris jobs and positions available than what is listed below.

  • Compliance – Internal Controls Analyst
  • Corporate Affairs – Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Manager
  • Corporate Affairs – Government Relations Executive
  • Corporate Affairs – Internship – Communication & Contribution Corporate Affairs
  • Corporate Affairs – Regulatory Affairs Executive
  • Finance- Account & Reporting Analyst
  • Finance- Senior Controlling Analyst
  • Finance – Senior Corporate Auditors
  • Finance- Fixed Asset and Capex Analyst
  • Finance – Tax Analyst
  • Human Resources – HR Generalist
  • Human Resources – HR Specialist (Management & Organization Development and Resourcing)
  • Human Resources – Content Strategist
  • Information Services – Information Protection & Governance Analyst
  • Information Services – Global Social Media Manager
  • Information Services – Commercial Systems Analyst
  • Law- Counsel
  • Law- Legal Assistant (Trademarks)
  • Law- Senior Trademark Analyst
  • Marketing – Consumer Engagement Executive
  • Marketing – Brand Manager – Reduced Risk Products
  • Marketing & Sales – Expenditure Coordinator
  • Marketing & Sales – Sales Performance Analyst
  • Marketing & Sales – Spontaneous Applications
  • Operations – Engineer (Industry Solutions)
  • Operations – Packaging Developer
  • Operations – Business Unit Manager
  • Operations – Shift Leader Production
  • Operations – Logistics Supervisor
  • Operations – Operations Management Trainee
  • Operations – Security Manager
  • Operations – Industrial Engineer
  • Operations – Process Technician
  • Operations – Manufacturing Engineer
  • Operations – Lean Improvement Engineer
  • Research & Development – Business Lead
  • Research & Development – Customer Care Representative
  • Research & Development – Scientist Toxicology & Product Assessment
  • Research & Development – Process Statistician
  • Research & Development – Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Research & Development – Senior Scientist Compuattional Toxicologist – Toxicokinetics
  • Sales- Area Manager
  • Sales – Key Accounts Executive
  • Sales- Commercial Deployment Executive Analyst Intern
  • Sales- Sales Executive
  • Strategic Planning – Commercial Analyst
  • Strategic Planning – Analyst
  • Support Services – Planning & Business Integrity Intern
  • Support Services – Automation Engineer

After a satisfactory open position is selected, an interested candidate can begin the Philip Morris application. On the job description’s page simply select the “Apply Now” button to begin the Philip Morris Application.

The first page that will open will be a Privacy Notice page ensuring that the applicant’s information is protected and that the applicant understands that by submitting a Philip Morris application they are allowing their information to be sent worldwide between Philip Morris employees. To begin a Philip Morris application, an applicant will have to create a User Profile with a username, email address, and password.

Next, an applicant can either choose to build their resume and profile step-by-step or they can upload an existing resume and it will autofill from that document. There is also an option to upload pre-existing data from a Linkedin profile.

If the applicant chooses to fill out the online submission manually, the steps are as follows the content requested to complete the Philip Morris application.

  1. Personal Information. This page asks for the applicant’s name, gender, country of residence, contact phone number, email address, and the source that the applicant discovered the job from. There is also a confirmation statement where the applicant confirms that all information they are providing is true in the Philip Morris application.
  2. Qualification Questions. This section will change depending on what type of job is under consideration for a Philip Morris application. The questions will change for different department types, experience levels, and the technicality for the position. Philip Morris jobs that require applicants with higher levels of education, many years of experience, and highly specialized knowledge will have a larger quantity and more complex questions than a Philip Morris application for an entry level intern program. It is important in this section to answer all the questions honestly and thoroughly.
  3. Attachments. The next step in the Philip Morris jobs process is to attach any documents requested. They request a copy of a resume, even if the resume was used to help populate the user profile data. Different Philip Morris jobs will ask for different attachments. For engineers or certifying scientists, the Philip Morris application may require a copy of a diploma to be submitted for credentialing purposes. References or a cover letter are commonly requested as well.

The final step in the application is to review everything submitted and to confirm that it was all submitted honestly and by one person.

If there are no open Philip Morris jobs that the applicant would like to apply for, they can submit a spontaneous application. This application will have the same sections as a normal Philip Morris application, it will just not be intended for an open position. It will instead be reviewed by the Human Resources department at the location that the applicant had designated a preference for. There will still be a Personal Information Section, a place for attachments, and to review the application. There will not be any Qualifying Questions, and instead, there will be an Employment Preferences section. In this section, the applicant may choose which department they would like to work in as well as what location, even if there are no open positions currently. Then, the application continues as usual. This spontaneous application is submitted to Philip Morris and if a position opens up where this applicant would be a good fit, they would be contacted for further information.

Minimum Age for Employment at Philip Morris

The minimum age of employment would be 18 at Philip Morris International.
People with little experience can be hired in. There are internship opportunities for college students and other entry-level Philip Morris jobs as well as factory positions in the Operations department that require little to no prior experience.
There are various internships available after filling out a Philip Morris application. The engineering, business, sales, marketing, and even law departments all offer internships to aspiring college graduates to gain valuable experience and professional business expertise. Interested college students would still fill out an application on the Philip Morris Jobs page.

Philip Morris Hours of Operation

For inquiries regarding hours of operation at various locations, please reach out to Philip Morris via their company contact and inquiries page.

Philip Morris Careers in Management

Careers in management at Philip Morris will require a vigorous vetting process. Applicants should have experience leading and directing others, working under timelines and in high-pressure situations, and working with a diverse group of people. Some positions require only two years of experience, while others will require five or more. Applicants that have worked in large-scale manufacturing companies or in the tobacco industry are preferred.

Basic Tips for Applying at Philip Morris

Interviews with Philip Morris are generally considered to be moderately difficult to quite difficult, depending on the position being applied for. Many Philip Morris jobs have multiple interviews and the process can take upwards of six months before it is complete. Before applying to Philip Morris International, applicants should be comfortable and confident discussing their reasons and interest in working for a tobacco company.

Benefits of Working at Philip Morris

Philip Morris offers many benefits including paid time off, paid holidays, volunteer time off, employee assistance programs, and even mobile phone discounts. Other benefits that are mentioned favorably by employees of Philip Morris are it’s professional development programs, job training courses, and the employee stock purchasing plans they have available.

Philip Morris Interview Tips

Panel type interviews are common at Philip Morris for open positions in sales and marketing. The hiring team is interested in seeing the applicant under pressure and in a high-stress situation, as that closely resembles their daily work environment. In sales interviews, the applicant is often asked to sell a product on the spot or to create a marketing plan.
When interviewing at Philip Morris, applicants should prepare well in advance and be sure to know the history and current events relating to Philip Morris. Such a well known, large company will be in the news often and it looks favorably upon an applicant that is aware of their recent press releases, whether they are shedding positive or negative light on the company in question.

Frequently Asked Philip Morris Interview Questions

  • Do you have a problem working for a tobacco and cigarette company?
  • Why do you want to work for Philip Morris International?
  • For a job in the Marketing department – How would you adjust Philip Morris’s current marketing plan to bring in more revenue and clients?
  • What are your most dominant strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • How will you manage people that are older than you?
  • What is your biggest achievement so far?
  • Why are you attracted to this company?
  • What do you know about Philip Morris?

Using the above information, the job application process can be streamlined and perfected when applying for open Philip Morris jobs.

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