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Employment at Topgolf

Topgolf is not your typical golf center, nor is the Topgolf application process typical by far. Topgolf is a premier golf entertainment destination where you can challenge your friends by hitting dartboard-like targets in the ground with micro-chipped balls. It’s appeal is from young to old, beginner to pro. Topgolf is a destination to have fun, challenge your friends and just hang out. After reading this article, you will understand the process to complete a Topgolf application for a desired job and have a complete understanding of the types of jobs available. Topgolf ranks #20 on the list of large companies to work for according to the Dallas Morning News.

Topgolf Application

The Topgolf application process starts out with an appealing description of the fun atmosphere you would be joining if you got a job with Topgolf. From great food to exciting games and a “buzzing atmosphere”, Topgolf ensures their employees a job experience that you can’t find anywhere else. The Topgolf application process starts on their career page. The first thing a job seeker will see when visiting the career page is CURRENT OPENINGS. Right below that is a box that allows you to select an area of interest before narrowing down your search. These include the following categories:

  • Home Office- Topgolf
  • Home Office- Topgolf Media
  • Venue-Management-Operations, Kitchen, Facilities and Sales
  • Venue-Hourly- Kitchen, Maintenance, Admin
  • Venue- Hourly- Front of House (Server, Bartender, Busser, Food and Beverage Runner)

On the main career page, you will first see a list of the type of people Topgolf is looking for to fill their open positions. They take pride in the fact that they are selective in their process. Their primary areas they look for are the applicant’s potential and a burning desire to offer excellent customer service. They also look for the following characteristics:

  • Confident people
  • People anxious to share ideas, inspire others and go above and beyond
  • Approach tasks with high energy and pride
  • Creativity
  • Passion and enthusiasm are a must!

The Topgolf application process is not your typical job application process. They actually tell their applicants not to dress up or practice rehearsed interview questions. Applicants are invited to fun recruitment events where they get to experience group activities, interactive panel interviews and the opportunity to speak one on one with site leadership members. They promise an interview process like you’ve never experienced before.

During the Topgolf application process, you will be able to choose a category by clicking “Select Position” on the career page; you will then be taken to a page where you can narrow down your search. Within the various categories, the following opportunities exist:

Home Office – Top Golf Current Opportunities

  • Event Sales Manager
  • Regional Technical Support Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Sous Chef
  • Director of Sales
  • Platinum Sales Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Event Sales Consultant
  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager (including Jr. Marketing Managers)

Home Office Top Golf Media Current Openings

  • Business Analyst
  • Guest Care Associate
  • Call Center Representative
  • Training Lead- Topgolf Swing Suite
  • Brand Manager
  • Mobile Software Engineer
  • Director of Retail
  • Campaign Operations Specialist

Those are just a handful of the opportunities available in this category and the other available categories.

Venue Management – Operations, Kitchen, Maintenance, and Admin Current Openings

  • Event Sales Manager
  • Regional Technical Support Manager
  • Front of House Manager
  • Guest Care Associate
  • Lead Instructor
  • Office Administration- PT
  • Human Resources

Venue Hourly – Kitchen, Maintenance, Admin

  • Event Sales Admin
  • Talent Pool- Hourly Kitchen Associate
  • Hourly Facilities/Maintenance and Cleaning Associate
  • Project Specialist
  • Summer Intern Programs
  • Facilities Associate
  • Cook

Venue Hourly – Front of House (Server, Bartender, Busser, Food and Beverage Runner)

This category operates differently for the Topgolf application process. All potential hourly employees start with an hourly recruitment event in their area. Instead of filling out an on-line Topgolf application at this time, the candidate registers for the event in their area. Some of the hourly positions include the following:

  • Bartender
  • Server
  • Busser
  • Drink Runner
  • Food Runner
  • Guest/Golf Services Associate
  • Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Porter/Housekeeping/Cleaning Associate

If you are interested in attending the event, click register for the event and you will be asked to fill out a profile. You have several options to create your personal profile. They include:

  • Create with Facebook
  • Create with Google +
  • Create with LinkedIn
  • Create with Microsoft
  • Create with Resume
  • Create with Online Form

Once all of your information is complete for your Topgolf profile, you will be able to register for the hiring event. If you are applying for any other positions that are not hourly associates, you will begin your Topgolf application process by applying for the job online. You also have the option to refer a position to a friend.

Step by step guide for the Topgolf application process:

  1. Visit Topgolf Career Page.
  2. Review various categories and choose your area of interest to select a particulate position.
  3. Review all open positions for the category or narrow down by keyword, category and location. Click search once you fill in your desired criteria and a list of your search results will appear.
  4. Click on job of interest. If the position is not hourly, proceed with the on-line application process. If the position is hourly, you will proceed with registering for the recruitment/hiring event.
  5. Create a profile
  6. Complete all required steps for the application.
  7. Submit the application.

Repeat this process for other jobs of interest.

Minimum Age for Employment

Minimum age for employment at Topgolf varies by state laws, although you do have to be 18 years of age to work as a server. In addition, you must be of legal age to serve alcoholic beverages.

Hours of Operation

Typical operating hours for Topgolf are from 9A-11PM for the entertainment complex. Office position hours vary by position. See the specific job you are applying for to find out more information on hours.

Entry-level Careers and Respective Income

Topgolf has a multitude of entry-level jobs. Following are some opportunities and approximate pay/hour for each:

  • Guest services: $9.37/hr
  • Golf services: $9.20/hr
  • Busser: $8.15/hr
  • Server: $3.80/hr plus tips
  • Bartender: $5.28/hr plus tips
  • Food runner: $8.97/hr
  • Maintenance associate: $12.71/hr
  • Support staff: $8.44/hr
  • Facilities associate: $12.25/hr

Careers in Management

Topgolf also has a multitude of management opportunities available. Following are some current opportunities and their approximate salary per year:

  • Sous chef: $40,666/yr
  • General Manager: $90,693/yr
  • Food and Beverage Manager: $51,796/yr
  • Facilities Manager: $65,561/yr
  • Hospitality Manager: $45,923/yr
  • Event Manager: $48,379/yr
  • Office Manager: $50,664/yr

Benefits of Working at Topgolf

The benefits at Topgolf are yet another reason it is such an appealing place to work. Not only do you work in an amazing atmosphere, but you also receive the following benefits:

  • 50% discount off food and drink (non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Free game play
  • Health benefits/Dental insurance/Vision insurance
  • 20% discount at the retail shop
  • Free play for friends and family (limited)
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Performance bonuses
  • Generous compensation for full and part-time
  • 401k plan
  • Paid time off/vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Employee assistance program
  • Professional development

Basic Tips for Applying at Topgolf

In order to make the Safelite application process go as smoothly as possible, consider the following tips:

  • Research beforehand: Know what the company is like, their history, their values, their culture etc. It’s important to be able to decipher ahead of time if you might be a good fit for the company and when interview time comes, it will make you look well prepared.
  • Be attentive to grammar and spelling: This is more significant than most people think when applying for a job. It’s the first representation of yourself to the company, so be sure to double and triple check your spelling and grammar.
  • Receive feedback on your resume: It would be wise to have someone review your resume beforehand. Choose someone that may be currently in a leadership role and ask for honest feedback. A good resume can set you apart from others competing for the same job.
  • Follow instructions: Pay attention to detail during the application process and be attentive to the details.
  • Adequate time: Don’t fill out your application when you are in a hurry. Choose a time when you can commit the right amount of attention to make a good first impression.

Interview Tips

Topgolf is NOT your typical place of employment so traditional interview tips sort of go out the window. The Topgolf application process is fun and interactive and really encourages you to be yourself. Because of this, interview tips for Topgolf are a bit less than traditional. The following is a list of interview tips to make the most of your Topgolf opportunity:

  • Be upbeat and energetic: These jobs are not for the black-tie professionals. Topgolf prides themselves on their interactive, fun, interview experience.
  • Know the company ahead of time- Do your homework. Don’t get caught off guard not knowing basic information about what the company does or what the job description is that you are applying for.
  • Don’t rehearse standard interview questions: Once again, this is not a standard interview. It is more of an interactive, social interaction process.
  • Be on time- Being late for a job interview is not a good way to make a good first impression. Plan for traffic ahead of time and plan on being early.
  • Be positive, upbeat and enthusiastic about the job for which you are applying.
  • Thank the interviewer for their time when wrapping up- It’s important to acknowledge that the interviewer took time out of his/her day to get to know you and your potential for the job.
  • Ask when a good time to follow-up might be- It’s not a bad idea to ask when it might be appropriate to follow-up if you have not heard anything for a while.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the job! – Make the close before you leave. Oftentimes, an interviewer will conclude by asking if you have any questions for them; use this opportunity to ask for the job. It could make the difference between you and the next person walking in to interview for the position.
  • Have fun! The interview process is meant to be fun, so don’t be afraid to interact and enjoy yourself. They are looking for outgoing, enthusiastic people who want to love what they do!

Working at Topgolf

Working at Topgolf is not just a job; it’s an experience like none other. The employees love the culture, pay, benefits, work-life balance, opportunities for advancement and professional development. Working at Topgolf fits with the quote, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”. The first three Topgolf locations opened in the United Kingdom in 2000 with its USA debut in 2005.

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