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The Kroger Company was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Its headquarters can be found in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. After a rocky start it slowly grew into the twenty-third largest company in the world. In the United States, it’s the second-largest general retailer (after Walmart) in terms of annual revenue. Starting with 2013, the company operates directly, or through its subsidiaries. It currently operates over 2.400 stores in various locations throughout the country (scattered across 31 states).

Facilities include convenience stores, department stores, mall jewelry stores, superstores and supermarkets. In 2014, Kroger launched a new campaign, “Friendly and Fresh”, for its employees in the retail industry. Because of this campaign, employees were supposed to at least say “Hello”, in an attempt to gain a new customer. This means that is interested in the intercommunication skills of its current and future employees.

Most Kroger-owned stores contain multiple departments, besides the grocery departments, it also has toys, home furnishings, bed and bath, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Starbucks, Donatos pizza and more. The first Kroger Marketplace in Arkansas was opened in 2010, and the first one in VA on December 6, 2012. In addition to selling several regional brand products, Kroger also creates private labeled products with the help of 37 wholly owned or partnership agreement plants. It currently uses three-tiered private label marketing: one brand offers the lowest possible price, the second one creates premium, often organic products and the third manufactures products comparable to the leading national brands on the market.

The Kroger pharmacy consists of the drug store chain SuperRx and Hook’s Drug Stores. At present, the company operates over 1.900 pharmacies in different United States locations. Lastly, we have the Kroger Harland Center in Lexington, where there are always available positions.

As you can see from these numbers, Kroger is one of the largest, most respectable retailing chains in the United States. This means that it is always hiring seasoned specialists as well as entry-level applicants who can maintain high standards. You may have seen a Kroger ad for employment as you were walking down the street. This is because there are thousands of Kroger careers suited for entry-level and qualified applicants. According to statistics, Kroger careers are available for over 339.000 associates annually.

The company also operates 344 fine jewelry stores, 790 convenience stores and two dozen local banner names such as Jay C, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, QFC, Ralphs and Smith’s, City market, Dillons, Fry’s etc.

Official site:

Why would you fill out a Kroger application for employment and decide to work for this company? For one thing, you get to meet a variety of people every single day. There will be a new face to meet and greet every single hour. It does not matter whether you’re in the stocking department, cashier, or grocery store bagger, you will have the opportunity to work in an industry that is always in demand, the grocery store industry. Kroger provides plenty of growth and advancement opportunities, so no matter what level you start at, you can always advance to a higher position if you desire.

In addition to this, Kroger is very involved in charity work, and has special programs for veterans and individuals with disabilities. You require literally no experience to send in your Kroger application for a store in your area. There are hundreds of positions that you can choose from, and you can rest assured that one of them will fit your skillset. But before you fill out your Kroger online application, let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you get noticed, or obtain the job faster than other applicants. In addition to this, we would also like to take a look at the benefits of Kroger careers and frequently asked interview questions & answers.

Kroger Online Job Application

The first step in starting your Kroger career is filling out and sending your application online. Prospective applicants can find their Kroger online application on  Besides filling the application, job-seekers can also create and login to their accounts on the official website. From here they can update their profile and Kroger applications at all time.

Fill Out Kroger Application Online

Although the Kroger application is not available as a printable version, you can still fill out Kroger application online to start in one of their exciting Kroger careers. If you want to land a job with the company, you can go to their website and fill out the Kroger application online. There are both part-time and full-time positions available. It will depend on your location and which Kroger store you are applying at.

From the Kroger employee website you can find locations that you are interested in applying for, as well as subsidiaries that suite your background and education. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you fill find the Careers/Jobs section underneath Company Information heading. It is always a good idea to find out a bit more about a job before applying to it. We also recommend you to understand Kroger’s organization values, diversity, benefits and responsibilities before filling out your application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Kroger

How old do you have to be to work at Kroger? Before you fill out your Kroger job application, you want to be sure you meet the requirements for working there. The minimum age required is sixteen years of age.Younger candidates will be considered for summer and seasonal employment. Some Kroger careers may not be available for job-seekers 18 and under, because they involve lifting of heavy objects and physical endurance. Also, for management positions, some level of education and background is necessary; therefore, older candidates are preferred.

Kroger Hours of Operation

What are the Kroger Shop operating hours? Kroger is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (including Sunday and Saturday). For the job-seeker this means that availability for work is vital for Kroger employment consideration. Having a flexible schedule and openness to organize a program according to the store’s requirements is, therefore, a great advantage for entry-level job applicants. Notify the hiring staff about your availability to for long hours and see how it works out in the end. Since there are no closing hours, your shift will be taken over by another co-worker or replacement.

Entry-Level Kroger Careers and Income

Kroger Jobs: cashier, pharmacy technician, produce coordinator, bakery coordinator, retail store manager, maintenance supervisor, Kroger store manager,  store management trainee, Kroger district manager, meat clerk, store associate, team coordinator, restaurant assistant, flyer distributor, assistant store manager,  gas station expert, digital technician, deposit clerk, support center analyst,superviser, customer first clerk, district manager, floral manager, warehouse clerk, Kroger bagger job, deli coordinator, Kroger manager special, grocery clerk, development manager, grocery department manager, grocery coordinator.

Irrespective of job title, all Kruger employees must maintain a professional attitude and treat customers with respect. Most entry-level Kroger careers are available for clerk positions, cashiers, baggers and sales associates. Most entry-level applicants have responsibilities like keeping the store stocked and organized, providing useful advice and tips, helping with decision making and finding products.

Regardless of whether or not you are entering an entry-level position, you will be working with a leading company in the industry. There are plenty of entry-level positions available for part-time and full-time schedules. You have to be at least 16 years of age to fill out the Kroger job application. Once you’ve filled out your Kroger online application, you will be on your way to landing the position.

While there are many entry-level opportunities for job-seekers, there are also Kroger careers open for experienced candidates. Although Kroger usually promotes managers from within it is also open to hiring experienced applicants, regardless of their gender, rage, disabilities or religious beliefs. You should definitely keep an eye open for corporate headquarters Kroger careers on the official website ( or on StartWire. Competitive salaries and career advancement opportunities are only some of the many benefits that Kroger careers offer.

The most common entry-level positions with Kroger are stock associate and front-end associate. The job duties associated with these entry-level positions include corralling shopping carts, stocking shelves, and cleaning. There are also other entry-level positions open that include produce buyers, jewelry retail workers, floral managers and night stockers. Often, these positions can lead into management positions and administrative careers. These professional titles will require various different tasks that will depend on the specific job title, department, location and background of employee.

Let’s take a look at the most popular Kroger Jobs:

Kroger Careers as Bagger:baggers are some of the most popular Kroger store positions at the moment. These employees have to complete a wide range of daily tasks such as packing purchased items in grocery bags, or assisting clients with bags to vehicles and shopping decisions. You may also be asked to encourage sale, retrieve shopping arts, and returning unwanted merchandise to shelves. Although it is not always the case, baggers may also be required to assists when new merchandise is delivered to the store. In general, a bagger will earn between 8.00$ and 9.00$ hourly pay. In addition to wage benefits, you will also benefit from 401 (k) retirement plans, medical coverage, health insurance, company-paid continuing education and many others. If the benefits and responsibilities sound good to you, you should definitely send your Kroger job application in as soon as possible.

Kroger Careers as Cashier: this is another typical entry-level position which can be obtained by job-seekers 16 and over. The main duties and responsibilities of a cashier include greeting customers, handling returns and card operations, ringing up purchases and answering all questions about services, policies, promotions, rewards, program, price, or delivery. Descriptions of all products must be known by the cashier, as well as their location. Sometimes, cashiers will work as baggers to ensure that market or store cleanliness is maintained.

To be considered as a cashier you don’t require background and experience (although retailing industry experience is welcome), but you must know basic mathematic functions and how to operate cash registers. Other abilities worth mentioning include ability to stand in place for several hours and interact with clients. The payroll usually starts at 8.00$ per hour but you can also enjoy an hourly pay of 10.00-11.00$.

Kroger Careers as Clerk: In order to correctly support and organize every department, the Kroger distribution center has decided to hire grocery clerks to carry out a number of tasks. Job description and duties include organizing and restocking shelves, providing customer service, sweeping floors and maintaining order in the supermarket. Job-seekers with entry-level experience rarely have to hold significant work experience, because there is an extensive training course provided to prepare them for such a position.

This means that the company wants to hold employees in which it invests for a longer time, and offer them the opportunity to advance within the company. Payrolls start at approximately 10.00$/hour. You can learn more about this position from If you think that you are suitable for this career you should submit your Kroger applications as soon as possible.

You can find out more about Kroger careers on

Kroger Careers in Management

Kroger is always looking to fill management positions so, if you’re interested, go ahead and fill out your Kroger online application form. Once you’ve filled out the Kroger job and employment form, you can except to hear back within a week or two from a Kroger Human Resource worker. Kroger management positions may include having to schedule workers, oversee daily tasks of employees, and motivating the associates to do a good job. Some of the titles include team leader, shift supervisor, department manager, assistant manager, and store manager.

Managers typically start at around $25,000 to $80,000 a year, depending on educational background, work history, experience, and title.Kroger careers for managers are a great way of advancing in the retailing business, and as a manager you will receive weekly tasks from your super.

The Kroger corporate office is always looking for eager and well-prepared managers that can live up to the company’s expectations. Of course, this also means that wage and non-wage benefits are very good. Personal finance issues may also need to be resolved by managers. Floor supervisor rates start at 9.00$-10.00$/hour, however, Kroger store manager salary & payment can start from 17.00$ hourly pay and reach an early salary of 60.000-90.000$ dollars (this basically means that the salary will double based on experience and skills). Experienced Kroger store managers will have the opportunity to compete for great salaries and wonderful benefits such as Christmas and holiday paid days off, gift cards, retirement benefits, dentist, clinic and healthcare coverage etc. The full job description will be given to you by the CEO or hiring staff, depending on position.

If you’re seeking a management position, then you’ll want to be sure to list all your previous management experience. If you’ve had previous grocery store experience, then you’ll want to include that. If you’ve got some education in the area of management or administration, then this will definitely be a plus. While education and experience are a winning combination, even if you don’t have any experience, you will still want to list your current skills in detail.

You can search for more offices and management positions on

Basic Tips for Applying at Kroger

Kroger rewards hard-work, dedication and loyalty. According to online reviews, Kroger careers are among the most rewarding ones in the industry. This is the main reason why you should find the nearest store and check available job positions. Once you have found a career suitable for your profile you can begin the Kroger job application process.You can begin filling out your Kroger employment application and be on your way to working at this great company. Remember, that you cannot print out the Kroger job application, only submit it via official website.

One good tip is to make sure that you’ve filled out your application correctly. Go over your application at least once or twice and be on the lookout for any missed questions. Sometimes you may need to re-read the question and see if your answer is accurate. Also, some applications can be a little confusing, so if you’re not paying attention carefully, you could end up getting rejected based on an answer that you replied with.

You can submit your Kroger application online on or

Because there are so many Kroger stores (over 2.400), the job application process for entry-level employees is usually done at store level. The best advice we can give you when applying for Kroger employment is to visit your local store and filling out the hiring form there. By doing this you will get the chance to meet the hiring staff and, if you are lucky, secure an interview on the spot. Paper applications represent the traditional means of submitting employment information, and while they are not available online, you can obtain them on site.

The other option would be to submit your Krogers application online. The advantage of submitting your application online is the fact that you can research the company and leverage the information about the company. Whatever you do, you should make sure that you only provide truthful and thorough information when trying to apply for Kroger careers.

Kroger Application Status

You can create profile on the official website ( If you sign in to your account you will gain access to a list of available jobs and information about your application status. In general, an online application account manager will check the status of an eligible candidate. Job-seekers who complete all Kroger interview stages will receive a notification via email or phone call. If you receive a follow-up message you can contact hiring staff and enquire about onboarding procedures or the best course of action for the final hiring decision. However, you should not be to persistent so as not to make the hiring staff think that you are desperate. The last thing you want to do is pester a hiring manager.

If you don’t receive any message or email from the hiring staff it is safe to assume that they overlooked your application. Wait two or three weeks than submit your Kroger job application again. There is also a possibility that your application was not correctly submitted or that you are not suitable for the position that you applied for. Take a look at the list of Kroger careers again, and submit new applications. You could also contact a hiring manager or go to the store in person to enquire about your application status. Calling hiring personnel may also help with the selection process.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Kroger

As we already mentioned, Kroger usually promotes within the ranks for a better position. Nevertheless, every so often, it will offer job openings for store management positions. These Kroger careers may not be available for entry-level applicants, but individuals with special abilities and education can definitely apply for them.

Before you start filling out your Kroger online application, you must prepare your employment history, previous addresses, driver’s license number, educational history, emergency contact, social security number and list of professional contacts. The locator tool will help you find stores in your area. The Kruger application process is a grueling 85 questions verification test, through which the team will assess your strengths and weaknesses. Questions go something like this:

“It is easy for you to feel what others are feeling”

“It is really hard to really care about work when the job is boring”

For these questions you will have to select one of the 5 options, ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Although it’s pretty obvious what the ‘correct’ Interview answers are, you should answer honestly (Kruger appreciates honesty).

Applying for a management position is easy. You simply fill out the Kroger employment application and be sure to include your previous work history. If you have management experience of any sort, you’ll want to list that and make it stand out. You’ll also want to include your educational background. Even if you don’t have a degree, you can still have courses or certificates that can help. Even volunteer work should be included, especially if it was volunteer work where you took the lead in a project or task.

These are all excellent resources to add to your application. Regardless of the fact that you are applying for an entry-level Kroger job, or for an administrative position, you should dedicate at least 30-40 minutes for the application process. Take the time to fill out all fields, and if possible, attach a list of references, a cover letter and a CV.

Benefits at Kroger

You may be asking yourself: “What are my Kroger benefits?” There are plenty of benefits associated with Kroger jobs. You’ll be able to enjoy a flexible schedule. This is excellent if you’re in school and you attend classes during the day. Or you may be attending evening and night school, so day shifts are also available. For others, having a flexible schedule is important to raising their family.

You’ll also enjoy benefits such as pay scales that are industry competitive. In addition, you’ll have high quality job training as part of your work. Those that are eligible will be able to enjoy wellness and health benefits, worker’s compensation, future planning benefits, dental, vision and medical benefits.

In general, Kroger salary packages are above the market average, so you needn’t worry about compensation. Because most employees are members of the UFCW, Kroger’s collective bargaining agreement also affects non-union employees. Let’s take a look at the main Kroger benefits:

  • Healthcare flexible spending account (FSA):will enable Kroger employees to set money aside for health care expenses.
  • Dental Plan: the dental plan is administered by Aetna, and there are two plans available: premier and standard.
  • Life insurance and personal accident insurance:unlike other retailing stores, Kroger offers coverage of up to one-and-a-half times the associate’s annual payroll. In addition to this, employees can buy additional coverage up to ten times their annual base income. You can also purchase additional insurance coverage for family members.
  • 401 (k) Retirement Savings Account:with this retirement plan, which deducts a portion of the pay from Kroger salaries, employees can save up for a better retirement pay.
  • Short & Long-term disability: As we already mentioned, Kroger careers are available for veterans and individuals with disabilities. Those with disabilities will benefit from a short-term or long-term disability coverage plan (covers part of the income lost if an employee is unable to work more than 180 days).
  • Vision plan:this plan is administered by Vision Service Plan and it covers routine check-ups for eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • Associate Discount Program: all Kroger employees will benefit from discounts on grocery and jewelry store acquisitions. Educational resources, mobile service plans, vehicle purchases and computer purchases are all possible with the help of this program.
  • Group Life/home and Legal insurance:the group legal insurance is administered by ARAG and pays part of routine legal services. Home/life insurance is available for associates.
  • Wellness resources: discounts for gyms and fitness centers.
  • Trainee programs & scholarships

These are the basic non-wage Kroger benefits, but there are also other benefits like becoming part of a devoted team and opportunity to advance on the corporate ladder. You also have the option of transferring to the closest Kroger store or subsidiary in the future. According to an online review, a 16-year-old employee made manager at the age of 21 within the firm. This may also happen for you, as long as you stick to your goals and perform well for the company. You can read more about benefits and responsibilities on This was only a preview of the many salaries and non-wage benefits that you will have at Kroger.

Kroger Job Interview Tricks& Hiring Process Information

After you have successfully submitted your Kroger online application you should start preparing for the interview process. As we already mentioned, you will have to wait two or three weeks for the hiring process to be complete. You may be called in for the first interview within a few days from submitting your Kroger application online. Career specialists advise job-seekers to be ready when the time of the interview comes. In general, interviews are done in-store, or within a store’s region. If you are already involved with the community, it is easier to get hired at your nearest Kroger.

At present, Kroger careers are available for over 300.000 associates across the United States. This means that there are plenty of employment opportunities available in 31 states, but also that the hiring process will take a while. Kroger grocery stores conduct interviews every day for eligible candidates. Positions are available for both part-time and full-time jobs. Nevertheless, interview formats may vary according to the desired position. Interview may be one-on-one discussions, group exercises or alternative formats. Most Kroger interview questions touch on unique subjects related to the supermarket chain and retailing industry.

It is imperative to show enthusiasm and ability to perform tasks required for a specific position. Another plus would be availability to work long hours or during holidays. You may also be asked about personal interests, background, education, hobbies and hopes for the future. From these questions the company will understand if you match the Kroger stores philosophy. Confidence in one’s skills will result in higher consideration from Kroger hiring managers.

Because there are so many applicants for the same jobs, job-seekers must display invaluable skills that will set them apart from the competition. The basic tips for nailing grocery store interview questions are answering honestly and concisely. Proper attire should also not be forgotten. Business-casual for men and women may be enough for entry-level positions, but if you want to be considered for a Kroger manager position you should wear a formal suite. Excellent nonverbal communication skills like eye contact, posture and avoiding nervous ticks will also help. If you have the chance to enquire your interviewer you should limit yourself to direct and simple questions. Hiring offices appreciate determined candidates. One more thing, cell phones are not allowed during the Kroger interview process.

Frequently Asked Kroger Interview Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked Kroger interview questions:

  1. Can you start your Kroger career right now?
  2. What are Kroger’s values? What makes you think that you match the company’s values?
  3. What did you enjoy/dislike about your previous job?
  4. How flexible is your schedule?
  5. How would you define customer service? What does Kroger customer service mean for you?
  6. How would you ensure that a customer has a positive experience in the store?
  7. What are some of the challenges a grocery store faces?
  8. What hours are you available? Can you work during the holidays?
  9. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
  10. Why did you leave your last job? Why are you thinking of leaving your current job?
  11. What experience do you have with ____? (fill in each of the major responsibilities of the job that you have applied for on
  12. Would you be willing to transfer to another state for your work?
  13. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
  14. What salary range are you looking for? (In general, a hiring manager will inform you about Kroger salary and compensation beforehand)
  15. Do you have any questions for me?
  16. How would you deal with an uncooperative co-worker?
  17. Where did you find out about the job opening? (ads, internet, a friend etc.)
  18. Are you aware of the store’s policy and rules?
  19. Tell me about a time when you managed to overcome a difficult situation.
  20. How much time are you willing to dedicate for work?
  21. Would you be able to work extra hours without receiving a reward?

If you are applying for Kroger employment simply for the sake of having a job, you should stop right now. This retailing company has one of the most cumbersome applications you’ll ever see. The entire Kroger application process will most likely take between 40 and 50 minutes to complete. Lastly, you will have to pass a drug test and background check. During the pre-employment process you will have to agree to a drug test in order to complete your Kruger online application. Also, the custom background check takes into consideration criminal acts and former employment places.

This sums up our tips on ‘how to get hired ad Kroger’. We hope you find these tricks useful, and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Kroger

The first Kroger was opened up in 1883, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, by a man named Bernard Kroger. Bernard Kroger used his entire life savings, which was just under four hundred dollars at the time, to open up the first store. He went on to be a pioneer of the idea of running in-store butchers and bakeries. Previous to that time, you had to go to an entirely different location for your meat and baked goods. During the 1930s, Bernard Kroger created the first supermarkets that included parking lots on all four sides of the building. In 1983, Dillon Companies was acquired by Kroger, along with the subsidiaries associated with Dillon Companies. This included Baker’s, Fry’s, and King Scoopers.

There are a number of specialized departments available at Kroger’s that service customers. Most of the stores have fresh seafood sections, dairy, meat, and deli sections that are different from the usual grocery stores. Some of the stores even have a pharmacy available. The stores operate under the Fresh Fare by Kroger, Kroger Signature Stores, Kroger Marketplace, and Kroger Food and Drug banners.

To access the Kroger Online Application directly, click here.

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