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Burger King, often referred to as BK, is one of the most notorious hamburger fast food restaurants in the world. The Burger King headquarters can be found in Miami Dade County, Florida United States. It all began over 50 years ago, when the first Insta-Burger King was opened in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1954 the company had some financial difficulties and its two franchisees purchased it and renamed it Burger King. Since then, business sky-rocketed and after half a century, the company knew global fame. At the end of year 2013, BK already owned roughly 13.000 outlets in 79 countries. Burger King has made use of several variations of franchising in order to extend its operations.  Submit your Burger King job application today!

For almost sixty years, Burger King has been serving up burgers and fries, feeding eleven million people a day last year. Touted as the “Home of the Whopper” (its most iconic burger), Burger King restaurants are open from early morning breakfast-hours until late at night, serving diners in the restaurants as well as at drive-through windows (which debuted in 1975 and have been a regular feature of Burger King convenience ever since).

But it is not only Burgers that you can eat at BK. Nowadays, the company offers a more diverse set of product offerings. Between the years 2000 and 2010, Burger King focused on the 18-34 male demographic through large products with unhealthy amounts of fats. Since 2011 it started to introduce new food that is slightly healthier than previous offerings.

A Burger King job application is about far more than “flipping burgers.” It’s a matter of becoming part of an American institution that has held strong for decades, building its business even during economic downturns.  Burger King continues to employ and serve millions, making your employment application with this company an excellent investment in your own future. At the moment, Burger King has over 35.000 employees from cashiers to managers who ensure that high-quality services and standards are preserved. Before you can submit your Burger King application you should learn a little bit more about the company’s history, available positions, benefits and interview gimmicks. We are here to help. It won’t be long until you can successfully submit the best Burger King online application.

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Burger King Job Application

Burger King’s job application process is entirely online, and you can submit a Burger King job application form for any position through the website. You can’t really show up at the store and expect to be hired. Burger King is one of the biggest fast-food restaurants in the world and this means that it is always busy. Even if you are lucky enough to bump into a manager, you will probably not be able to secure a job like this. Respect the rules imposed by the company, send your Burger King application online, and you will obtain the job in no time.

Each Burger King application form is managed by a secure software program powered by the Job App network.  Your job is to browse through the official Burger King Careers website in order to learn more about a desired position, its requirements and benefits. Although job openings are available for entry-level applicants, as well as qualified staff, you should know that availability for work during the weekends, and late at night (or early in the morning) is vital. The store usually operates long-hours and this means that it requires a handful of staff to complete orders and attend to customers. In general, new workers will have to work late-night or early morning shifts, because preferred shifts are reserved for experienced or tenured employees.

You do not require higher education or impressive experience to start working at Burger King. What you do need is ability to follow orders quickly, knowledge of safety and health guidelines and team-spirit. Because it is usually crowded, the store requires its employees to work well under stress in order to deliver orders quickly. The BK chain usually promotes special training programs for its best workers. Remember, even if it sounds like a dead-end job, a Burger King career can open many doors as long as the candidate is motivated. Everybody knows that Burger King prefers to hire from within for management positions (but this doesn’t mean that it will ignore qualified candidates for administrative roles).

Do you want to become part of the BK crew? What are you waiting for? Fill out and submit your Burger King online application now!

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Minimum Age for Employment at Burger King

You must be at least sixteen years old to submit a Burger King application to be an in-restaurant team member, and at least eighteen years old for shift manager, assistant manager, or general store manager. Some of the management positions also require some years of experience in the restaurant industry, as well as some post-high school education, which translates indirectly to a slightly higher “minimum age” for those positions. It is possible to work at Burger King if you are between the age of 14 and 16 as long as you have a working agreement and consent from your parents.

Burger King Hours of Operation

Burger King restaurants have varying hours of operation, particularly in cases where the restaurant is located inside an airport or shopping center that dictates its hours.  In general, a Burger King restaurant is open from early hours to serve breakfast, until late at night–sometimes keeping the drive-through window open past midnight to serve hungry people enjoying a weekend night out.  Because of the long operating hours, your Burger King application can lead to a job with flexible scheduling to accommodate existing commitments like a school schedule.

Monday – Friday: 6:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Burger King Drive-thru hours: Open Non-Stop

Airport Restaurants: Open Non-Stop

Are you available for work even during the wee hours of the night? Then you will definitely receive burger king employment before you can blink. The company is always (always!) willing to hire individuals that can work late night or weekend shifts.

Entry-Level Burger King Careers and Income

Available Burger King Careers: cashier, team member, overnight supervisor, administrative assistant, management trainee, intern, tax analyst, brand activation & sales manager, technician, porter, sales associate, restaurant general manager, management trainee, legal assistant, product development manager, maintenance/service technician.

An entry-level team member application for Burger King can position you in a versatile job involving customer service, food preparation, cash register operation, drive through window service, and maintaining the restaurant’s standards of cleanliness and safety.

A step between the team members and the full-on management is the shift coordinator–the first level of management–who is paid hourly to oversee restaurant operations during scheduled shifts, delegating responsibilities and ensuring communication among employees and satisfaction for customers.

You can also submit a Burger King online application for corporate jobs, which include areas like business performance, communications, company operations, finances, information technology, internships, marketing, procurement, and supply and logistics.  The management training program enables any person in an entry-level position to work toward higher positions and a positive career path.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Burger King careers:

Burger King Jobs as Cashier: Most job applicants are hired as cashiers. This is an entry-level position which requires a certain level of intercommunication skills, for customer service, and basic computer skills. Obviously, basic math skills will also prove beneficial. Burger King cashiers are expected to ring up purchases, handle money, greet customers, complete orders and make sure they don’t end the day with surplus or minus cash. Other job duties may include discussing menu items and recommending products, discounts or special meals. The typical training involves hands-on computer instructions and visual orientation.

Cashier usually earn the minimum wage with Burger King, but if they prove effective they may be paid with 10.00$ per hour. To be considered for this job you most demonstrate that you can stand long hours, and interact with clients. Besides wage benefits, cashiers at Burger King will also receive non-wage benefits such as flexible scheduling and meal discounts. Do you think you have what it takes for this job? Then you should send in your Burger King application as soon as possible.

Burger King Jobs as Food Prep: Another entry-level position that might satisfy your professional desires is that of a food prep. As the name suggests, you will be required to handle, serve and prepare Burger King products to clients. A food prep will usually have to work under stress and at maximum speed, so the ability to work in a hectic environment is essential for employment consideration. Because the restaurants are usually open during late hours, you should also voice your availability for longer hours.

This will significantly increase the chances of getting hired with Burger King. Food preps benefit from a surprising number of employment benefits, as compared to other positions. First of all, like other employees, food preps will receive a great discount on food. In addition to this, qualified associates can hope for 401 (k) retirement plans, healthcare packages, and stock options. The typical entry-level cashier starts at 8.50$ / hourly pay. Do you like this career? Then send your Burger King online application as soon as possible.

Burger King Career as Team Member: Team members have to complete a great number of daily tasks including working a fast-food register, servicing the drive-thru window, and greeting & helping customers. These are only a few examples of tasks, because most of them change every day. Other responsibilities include taking food and drink orders, preparing menus, respecting the company’s policy and always providing high-quality customer care.

Team members are also responsible for maintaining clean work environments. The first two positions mentioned may not require training, but the team member does. He will learn menus, sanitary and safe food preparation norms with the help of visual and audio demonstrations. Send in your Burger King application as soon as possible if you want to become a Burger King Team member job. The average working day for a team-member usually means an eight-hour work shift.

Burger King Careers in Management

True management Burger King careers begin with the assistant restaurant manager, who manages finances, employees (including hourly shift managers), restaurant operations, and the goals of employee retention and profitability. Upon hiring, most Burger King Managers receive an hourly compensation of 9.00$ but it can grow to 11.00$. Of course, non-wage benefits are also important. Burger King offers 401 (k) retirement plans, health-care and discounts on food to its main managers (among other benefits). Burger King team leaders must know to organize and coordinate shift schedules, they must hire new entry-level staffs and keep an eye out for financial issues or customer misbehavior. Other duties include taking out trash, cleaning work stations and dining with others.

Qualifications for the position include a GED or high school diploma, at least one year of experience in the quick-serve restaurant business, and reliable transportation. The restaurant general manager is responsible for the overall operation of the restaurant, ensuring its financial performance and standards of customer satisfaction, as well as compliance with government regulations and franchise standards. You qualify to submit a Burger King employment application for this position if you have a GED or high school diploma, two to four years of college, at least two years of management experience (specifically in the food or hospitality industry or retail), a strong background in math and computer skills, and reliable transportation.

Burger King Manager: Managers are some of the most important individuals within the company, and they have full authority. Burger King Managers have to answer phone-calls, send shipments and ensure customer satisfaction. In order to become a manager you must first experiment with the hands-on-orientation technique. In some situations, training may last two or three weeks (if candidates are expected to go to a more difficult location). As far as salary goes, Burger King Manager’s salary and compensation usually oscillates at around 30.000 dollar per year and pay can go up. Even if the company prefers to promote from within, it is also eager to hire talented job-seekers.

At the corporate level, management-level jobs oversee training and human resources, financial management, marketing and advertising, global business services and global operations, internal auditing, and more.  The salary range for assistant managers generally ranges from $20- to $45,000 annually, while general restaurant managers earn in the range of $30- to $55,000 annually.

Basic Tips for Applying at Burger King

Job reviews from the years 2013 and 2014 were contrasting. While some employees said that the a Burger King career is too stressful, others claimed that most positions offer stable salaries and opportunities for promotion. Regardless of public opinion, Burger King remains one of the top employers on a global scale. The corporation is always searching for aspiring professionals to fill entry-level positions for part-time and full-time vacancies.  From the Burger King website’s “Careers” page, you can select a job category (in-restaurant or corporate), then click the orange “Submit” button to see the positions in that category.

On the “In-Restaurant” page, you can read the job description and duties and minimum qualifications for the positions of team member, shift coordinator, assistant manager, or restaurant general manager.  For each of these position types, you can click the grey “Apply Now” button to begin your Burger King application online.  You will be asked for your location to identify the stores near you, and then the application itself will load.(Find out more information about the Burger King application process on careers.bk.com)

On the “Corporate” page, you can select your location and type of job–as well as keywords if you prefer–and then click the orange “Search Jobs” button to see currently available jobs and submit a Burger King job and employment form for any of them. Employment opportunities are available in all departments.

From any of the career pages for individual jobs, you will be taken to a separate job application page, where you begin by creating a personal login and profile.  You will be able to use the login to complete unfinished applications, apply for multiple positions, check the status of jobs for which you’ve already applied, and set up personalized alerts when new jobs come open that match your skills.

The Careers page has several videos featuring actual Burger King employees (no paid actors) on the subject of working for Burger King. Whatever you do, you must ensure that your application is 100% grammar and spelling mistake free. Also, when filling out your Burger King online application, you should try to fill-out all fields. Even if there is something you don’t want to fill out you should at least write down “N/A” to show the hiring staff that you read the particular field.

All information that you submit with your Burger King application must be relevant for the fast-food industry. Also tell the hiring staff that you are available for work during weekends and late hours (if this is the case). The website will give you an option of attaching your Resume and Reference list. This will give you the possibility to expand on your education, aspirations and background. An entry-level resume should never exceed one page.

Burger King Application Status

In general, job-seekers submit Burger King online applications on the official site, but the information is forwarded to hiring staff from privately owned franchises. They are the ones who will make hiring decisions. You will be contacted by phone or email if you are eligible for a position. If you haven’t received any notification within one or two weeks from applying you can follow professional protocol for checking on the status of your application.

Burger King Job Application PDF

This may be done by personally visiting the store where you applied, or by giving a call to the hiring manager. Try to respect the manager’s time (don’t visit during breakfast). Also, if you have downloaded the Burger King application pdf and you want to submit it in person, you should respect the same rule. The last thing you want is to come across as a nagging and desperate job-seeker. If you are visiting the store personally, dress to impress, but don’t go overboard.

Apply online: Burger Kings Careers (official portal)

Advanced Tips for your Burger King Job Application

Under the corporate positions page, you can either search by location and keyword, or you can upload your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to let the Burger King job generator match your CV with available jobs for which you qualify.  For management positions, there are minimum requirements regarding education and experience, and you will be asked to upload a CV or resume to accompany the online application.

Burger King also believes in promoting from within, so an entry-level job application now can lead to a management position in future.  Or if you are already employed by the company, you might consider putting in an application for an advanced level of job, now that you have gained some experience and Burger King training.

Benefits of a Burger King Job

An entry-level team member, working full time, enjoys a health insurance plan with limited benefits, a 401(k) savings plan, discounted dining at Burger King restaurants, and flexible scheduling, including paid time off for jury duty. A Burger King application for shift coordinator includes those same benefits, as well as additional dental and vision insurance, life insurance, accident insurance for business travel, flexible spending accounts for health care and child care costs, and domestic partner benefits.

Moving up the ranks, an assistant manager or general manager enjoys all the benefits awarded to team members and shift coordinators, as well as paid vacation time, tuition assistance, and adoption assistance benefits.  Burger King employees also enjoy solid training opportunities, which not only prepare them for the immediate job at hand, but also for the possibility of advancement within the company.

Let’s list some of the most important BK benefits for full-time workers and long-time employees: medical coverage, dental coverage, savings plan, company-match, food discounts, long and short term disability coverage, flexible spending accounts, tuition assistance, scholarship opportunities, vision coverage etc. We already mentioned at the beginning of the article that a career with Burger King is not simply about flipping burgers. If you do your job well you have great chances to advance on the corporate ladder and become manager. Also, you will also become part of a dynamic and hard-working team and hone your skills for future employment. All in all, Burger King careers are not a bad place to start.

Burger King Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Now that you have submitted your Burger King online application you have to wait to be called back by hiring staff. Don’t just wait idly for the important phone call! It is always a good idea to prepare for a job interview before it happens. Check the status of your application through the Burger King Employee Portal and try to read as many job reviews as possible in the meanwhile. Most positions use a congruent hiring process. Turnover and overall need usually govern Burger King employment process.

Interviews are held in accordance to standard procedures for the fast food industry. Most applicants attend brief one-on-one interviews with hiring personnel. Depending on the position desired, questions will differ. Keep in mind that there are no wrong interview answers. Each job-seeker should answers honestly. A Burger King Interview typically lasts 20 minutes. You may be called in for multiple interviews before you secure employment at your nearest Burger King. You can find out more about the hiring process on here.

Tips for the Burger King Interview:

  • If you are applying for full-time positions you will have to participate in manager-in-training programs and go through several stages of group discussions and one-on-one interviews.
  • Individuals that are applying for Burger King Manager positions will have to attend panel interviews and solo sessions to have their abilities assessed.
  • Most Burger King job interview questions revolve around customer service. Make sure you understand the company’s principles and method of operation.
  • It is always a good idea to maintain a relaxed and candid tone during Interview proceedings. Smile often and offer a strong hand-shake.
  • If the hiring personnel asks you a question you must maintain eye-contact while answering to it. This way you will demonstrate intercommunication abilities and confidence.
  • You should dress business-casual and maintain a good posture. Spending time grooming before an interview will denote your care for health and sanitary aspects, which are vital in fast-food restaurants.

Frequently Asked Burger King Interview Questions

Now that you know how to behave during the Burger King job interview, let’s take a look at a few Frequently asked interview questions:

  1. Can you work in a stressful, heated and fast-paced environment?
  2. How would you react if you caught an employee stealing food?
  3. How long are you planning on working here/
  4. Can you maintain a polite attitude even if a customer is being very rude to you?
  5. Can you start work immediately?
  6. Do you get free food as a perk of working at BK?
  7. How much does it take for you to familiarize yourself with a new working environment?
  8. Are you available during the weekends or nights?
  9. Why did you choose Burger King?
  10. If you saw 2 co-workers arguing, how would you resolve the situation?
  11. Tell me about a time when you exceeded a manager’s expectation.
  12. Are you familiar with the BK handbook?
  13. What amount of money would you expect to receive as salary?
  14. What was the hardest moment in your professional career? How did you overcome it?

One more thing you should remember is the Burger King drug test: by submitting your application you are consenting to pre-employment drug tests and background checks.

This sums up our tricks for applying at Burger King. We do hope that you send your Burger King application in as soon as possible. If you follow the tricks above you will definitely secure a Burger King career in no tame. In the following page you will also find more information about the Burger King corporate headquarters. You would do well to remember important information such as this. For more information feel free to vising Burger King Careers. If required you can print out this information to have for later.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Burger King

The Whopper debuted on the menu in 1957, just three years after the first Burger King opened, and has held its place as BK’s signature burger for more than half a century.

Burger King aired its first television advertisement in 1958, and has continued to engage consumers with its catchy marketing campaigns, like the “Have it Your Way” slogan which has been an advertising staple since the 1970s.

Burger King’s breakfast menu–and breakfast hours–expanded the company’s service categories in 1979, close on the heels of the 1975 introduction of the drive-through window for ordering on-the-go.

Burger King corporation has a strong sense of social responsibility, which shows in the ongoing development of their menus (continually working to improve the nutrition, value, taste, and quality of menu items), the care they take of their employees, their environmentally friendly practices, and their corporate governance and compliance program. In fact, the Better Business Bureau awards an A+ to the Burger King corporation, specifically for its ethical business practices.

The Have it Your Way foundation, launched in 2005, acts as the philanthropic branch of the corporation, donating funds and volunteer hours to make a positive impact on the communities where Burger King restaurants are located.

Burger King employees are given “Green Sessions” to train on the company’s green practices.  The company works with its suppliers to purchase and use recycled materials (for example, all Burger King napkins are 100% recycled material, and Burger King buys thirty-two thousand tons of recycled paper every year.

Burger King’s trademarked “Have it Your Way” philosophy dates back to 1974, when the registered phrase was introduced in marketing, and customers were encouraged to customize their Burger King sandwiches by selecting their own choice of ingredients.  The “Have it Your Way” tag line remains the signature expression of Burger King philosophy, and is still used in advertising several decades later. The year 1986 saw the introduction of the ad campaign “We Do it Like You’d do it,” comparing the flame-grilled burgers (in contrast to the fried burgers of some major competitors) to the back yard barbecue style which many people enjoy at home.

Marketing to kids has been a Burger King strategy for decades.  The Kids Club gang of cartoon characters, introduced in 1989, included trademarked characters like IQ, Kid Vid, Jazz, and Jaws.  Kids’ meals (and a Burger King crown given away to kid-customers) have been a staple of Burger King offerings.

The “King” mascot began as a cartoon, not taking on human form until twenty years later, when television commercials began to feature a human actor with a plastic King’s head and crown.  His accompanying cast included characters like the Wizard of Fries, the Duke of Doubt, and Sir Shakes-a-Lot.

Burger King has continued to revise and improve its menu, changing with the demands and tastes of its customers over the decades.  In 1978, the restaurant expanded its offerings of sandwiches, adding chicken sandwiches, steak sandwiches, fish sandwiches, and ham sandwiches to the existing line-up of hamburgers.  In 1979, the breakfast menu was added–along with expanded hours of operation–giving fans an option for every meal of the day, and the Croissan’wich became an instant hit when it debuted in 1983. Chicken tenders were added in 1986, and existing menu offerings (including the BK Big Fish, BK Broiler, and the hamburger) were made fifty percent bigger beginning in 1994.  Burger King has recently started offering healthier menu items such as the Fresh Apple Fries (apple slices shaped like fries and served up in a fry container), fresh salads, and “wrap” sandwiches.  An entirely new breakfast menu, including a breakfast platter and new coffee drinks, appeared in 2010.  Revising an old classic, Burger King fries got a make-over in 2011, with thicker cut fries and new flavor.

Burger King’s marketing has a tradition of displaying a sense of humor, as demonstrated by the comical “subservient chicken” television ads in the 1990s, and the corporate prank in 2007 (the 50th anniversary of the Whopper) when the company “punk’d” its fans by claiming it was removing the Whopper from its menu.  The national outcry by outraged Burger King fans confirmed how popular the Whopper remains after half a century.

Creative variations of Burger King restaurants have begun to surface in the last few years–like the Orlando, Florida “Whopper Bar,” offering an upscale spin on the original favorite, or the 20/20 Burger King in Spring, Texas, featuring a modernized sleek new design.

Showing its sensitivity to diners’ dietary needs, Burger King offers a specialized menu listing for those who need gluten-free dining options.

The BK Crown website offers online toys and contests, and a Parent Account which provides a dashboard for parents to monitor their children’s online activities and help them redeem prizes (like board games and activity boxes) for their online play. The website also promotes the BK Positive Steps program, promoting healthy lifestyles with balanced exercise and diet.

The Burger King Facebook page and Twitter feed offer coupons and discounts, trivia games, menu updates, and contests.

To access the Burger King Online Application directly, click here.

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