Truck Driving Job Applications

Truck Driving Jobs

If you love the freedom of the open road, visiting new places and seeing the country, then a truck driving job might be just right for you. If you can’t stand being tied to a desk and wish you could just go, anywhere, there is a world of opportunity out there waiting for you. A job as a truck driver can take you pretty much anywhere there is a road, and allow you to visit the places and see the things you always wanted to. If you’re itching to get out on the road, a truck driving job may be waiting to take you there.

The trucking industry is booming and hiring new drivers every day to keep up with demand. Without trucks, and drivers, our world would literally shut down.  Look around you, chances are good that everything you see was on a truck at some time. Every single thing from the food you eat to the computer screen you’re reading this on has spent some time being transported by a truck, even down to the lumber and bricks used to build your home, as well as the car you drive and the gas in the tank. As long as consumers need goods, which is always, truck drivers will have a job. There is simply no other efficient way to transport the goods we depend on. Even where trains, planes, or ships are used to transport goods, trucks are required to do double the duty by transporting to and from these other shipping modes. There are trucking companies hiring everywhere, from small, local single-truck outfits up to multinational operations that employ thousands of drivers.  The demand for truck drivers is so great that many companies have full-time recruiters and will pay for your training. If you like to drive, a truck driving job may be perfect for you.

A truck driving job will generally require you to obtain a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, and maintain a decent driving record. A CDL is obtained by taking a special driving exam and skills test. There are many schools that offer a short class to prepare you for your CDL, and although formal training is not necessarily required, many trucking companies will pay for your training. In addition to the CDL, certain endorsements such as air brakes, tanker, or hazardous material may be required depending on the trucks you plan to drive.

As a truck driver, the hours you work will vary depending on the company you work for, and can range from a 9-to-5 local delivery route where you are home each night, to a full-blown, over-the-road job in which you might travel from coast to coast and not be home for weeks. It doesn’t matter how long your delivery route is though, there are federal regulations that limit the hours you drive, or hours of service. As a truck driver, you will be required to keep accurate records of your time in a log book. You will also be responsible for making sure your truck is within weight limits, paying attention to all road restrictions, and most of all, driving safely.

Pay rates also vary greatly by company, and can depend on experience, type of truck driven, and the freight hauled. You may be paid by the hour, by the mile, or on salary. Many of the larger trucking companies offer great pay and a comprehensive benefits package. A truck driving job requires a fair amount of skill and patience, and a great deal of responsibility. Trucking companies understand this and since they depend on their drivers, they tend to compensate them well.

Trucking companies are always on the look out for qualified drivers with a clean driving record and a willingness to travel. If you love being behind the wheel, maybe it’s time for you to shift into gear and apply for a truck driving job today!


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