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Jamba Juice stores are well known as an international chain offering healthy fruit smoothies with over seven hundred and fifty locations. With their headquarters in California, they operate in twenty-six states as well as in the Bahamas, the Philippines, Canada and South Korea. Their smoothies are created for customers from their choice of a wide range of fruit. Jamba Juice does offer a downloadable form, but it is only for use if you are applying in person at one of their stores. For the majority of roles, and especially for managerial or support center jobs, you will need to make your Jamba Juice online application for employment through their website. They offer your choice of full-time or part-time jobs and have extremely competitive pay scales and associated employee benefits. As with many retail employers, they offer flexible scheduling and extensive training programs for new members of staff – and being a larger employer, there are of course opportunities for further development and advancement within the company.

Jamba Juice Jobs Available

When you complete a Jamba Juice application form you may be applying for one of these following positions: Team Member, Support Centre Customer Service Representative, Team Leader (Shift Supervisor), Area General Manager, Training Store Manager, Shift Manager, Systems Analyst, Senior General Manager, Sourcing Manager, District Manager, Regional Franchise Leader, Support Center Operations Services Representative, Regional Training Manager, Support Center Finance Representative, Facilities/Construction Manager, Senior Training Store Manager, Business Systems Manager, Support Center Public Relations, Sales Director, Marketing Manager, Inside Sales Account Coordinator, Product Marketing Manager, Support Center Accounting Representative, Support Center Franchise Representative, Support Center Human Resources, Support Center IT, Support Center Legal, and Support Center Marketing.

Minimum Age of Employment at Jamba Juice

If you are making a Jamba Juice job application online, please bear in mind that positions are available to applicants aged sixteen years old and over.

Jamba Juice Opening Hours

Stores in the Jamba Juice chain are open every day to the public from 6:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., with shifts available throughout the day.

Important Tips if You Apply Online for a Jamba Juice Job

  • If you are applying for a role at any level, the only place you can do this is on the website. Select the Careers link in the row of options at the bottom of the page to begin making a Jamba Juice online application.
  • When you have entered the Careers section of the web page, there are a number of options available to find out more about working for the company. Choose the Job Listing option to begin looking for available roles. When you have found a job opportunity that you are interested in, click on it to be taken through the process of completing a Jamba Juice job application form.
  • You will be prompted to create a profile on their careers website and you may be able to upload a resume as part of your application.
  • The Job Search section is split up to allow you to search for openings among the various areas of the business.
  • The job details for any given opportunity give a brief overview of the company and the position’s key roles and responsibilities. The site’s details for any given job will also detail any qualifications or experience that Jamba Juice feel are essential for you to have.

Most Common Positions Working at Jamba Juice & Income Information

The majority of roles that Jamba Juice is looking to fill are based in their stores and are either hourly positions or professional roles. Most often, the jobs that you will likely fill out a Jamba Juice job application for will be an entry-level Team Member. In this role, you will prepare smoothies, make salads and sandwiches for customers, manage the till and answer any questions that customers may have about the menu, the stores policies or any offers and promotions that may be in effect at the store. These roles are usually at minimum wage, though there are chances to increase this income once you have gained some experience.

Management roles can only be applied for online, and range from shift supervisor to store manager positions. In addition to the scheduling and supervisory responsibilities, individual store managers oversee general operations and assist in the recruitment process. Assistant managers may earn in the region of $20,000 to $30,000 a year in salary, while store managers may bring in over $60,000 per annum depending on experience and store location.

Other specialist roles are available as part of the business’s wider, strategic and support business areas, in addition to the staff working in Teams as the public face of Jamba Juice. There is an extensive professional and managerial team with all the different specialties that you would expect from a large company, including HR, IT, Finance, Legal and Marketing roles.

Jamba Juice Benefits

Your successful completion of a Jamba Juice Application and subsequent acceptance for a role within the company brings you a number of benefits. The company prefers to be a fast-paced and exciting work environment and so encourages a positive work-life balance and opportunities for professional advancement. Jamba Juice offers training, competitive pay rates and flexible scheduling. Jamba Juice employees are provided with healthcare coverage for a number of areas including dental, vision and more general medical coverage for its team members to offset the costs of any health-related expenses. They offer the opportunity for employees over the age of twenty-one to invest in their own retirement 401(k) savings plan and a number of other future planning assistance schemes. Complimentary uniforms and name tags are offered, along with meal discounts, while paid sick leave and vacations are available to eligible salaried employees. The benefits will vary slightly from role to role as well as with the length of service with the company, but Jamba Juice HR staff will review the specifics of your benefits package with you if you are a successful candidate. As with many larger companies, there will exist a number of opportunities for promotion and professional growth within the wider organization so that over time you can develop new skills and aptitudes. Even starting at an entry-level position does not stop you from later improving your position, first to a supervisory role and then in the future into more managerial and professional positions should you so wish.

To access the Jamba Juice Online Application directly, click here.

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