META: Sixteen is the age where many teenagers begin working. Odds are there’s a rewarding job available. Consider this list of the best jobs hiring at 16.

16 is a significant year for many teenagers. It is an exciting time as you face new responsibilities, such as driving. At 16 you also enter the later stages of your high school career and likely begin to concern yourself with what your post-graduate plans will entail. Many students face the decision of applying for college or entering the workforce.

Accordingly, 16 is the age where many teenagers begin working. No matter if you are looking for some extra spending money, are looking to boost your college application, or are interested in taking the first step in your career aspirations, odds are there’s a job available that you’ll find rewarding and worthwhile. Below, you’ll see a list of the best jobs hiring at 16.

Grocery Store, Various Positions

Grocery Store

Often time grocery stores are very willing to hire younger employees. Ideal for those looking to begin earning income while working for a reputable brand such as Publix, the job requirements for working at a grocery store are minimal. Because of this, stores are often willing to work with younger employees who are eager to obtain valuable job experience. Job opportunities may exist for:

    • Baggers
    • Stockers
  • Cashiers

Those looking to gain job experience in a customer service based role may excel as a bagger, where they interact with customers consistently. Those looking to gain experience in the supply chain industry could find it beneficial to work as a stocker. If you have a business-savvy mind and are interested in such a career, working as a cashier is a great way to demonstrate your trustworthiness with money.

Retail Stores, Various Positions

Retail Stores

If you are interested in gaining experience as a stocker or cashier but do not wish to work at a grocery store, you could instead look into obtaining employment with a retail store, who often have openings for jobs hiring at 16. You could look into applying with a reputable company such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Macy’s.

If you work as a stocker with a retailer, the company will likely ask you to work as on on-floor stocker, which requires far more interaction with customers, and a warehouse stocker who offloads, unpacks, and organizes shipments. In addition to job experience, another huge perk of working in retail is that you’ll likely receive an employee discount. Consider working at your favorite store to save money!

Restaurant Industry, Various Positions

Restaurant Industry

Restaurants around the country often have job openings for 16-year-olds. This is a tremendous opportunity, primarily because of the fact there is usually an abundance of job openings. Since there could be dozens of restaurants in your area, there’s a good chance that you could secure employment. Additionally, restaurants tend to be flexible with students, understanding of their schedules.

Typically, restaurants will have openings for you to serve as a host or hostess, a dishwasher, or a busser. Unfortunately, many restaurants will not allow 16-year-olds to work as servers until they have gained more familiarity with the industry. Learning the value of behind-the-scenes role critical to the restaurant’s operations will help advance your career in the service industry.

Upon hearing this, many teenagers express concern that they will not receive tips. However, this is often now the case. Many restaurants require their servers to split their tips with bartenders, bussers, and dishwashers. So, there’s a good chance that you’ll receive tips in your paycheck even if you do not begin working as a server.

Ice Cream Server

ice cream

If you ask many adults what their first job was, there’s a good chance that many of them would say they began working as a teenager at their local ice cream shop. To this day, this remains one of the best jobs hiring at 16. What better way to spend the heat of summer working with your friends at your local ice cream or gelato shop, sampling ice cream along the way?

Many ice cream shops often rely on high school students to serve as the bulk of their workforce, so there’s a good chance of securing employment. That’s because they are usually open between Memorial Day and Labor Day, a time when students are typically not in school. Ice cream shops provide an excellent opportunity to begin working without the burden or homework and exams.

Working for a Small Business

If you are looking to gain experience in how businesses operate, consider reaching out to a small business to see if they are hiring. Those interested in a career in business, or are perhaps considering designing their own product, could find this job beneficial when they are 16. The odds are that when working in one of these positions, you’d have access to a wide variety of job duties and opportunities.

Working in this type of position could also help further your career aspirations in the long run. That’s because when working for a small business, you’ll likely have much more of an ability to connect and build a relationship with your employer. By doing so, you could not only have a job whenever you’re home, but you also open the possibility of full-time employment upon a specific graduation.

Food Deliverer

If you are capable of driving alone, you could perhaps consider a job as a food delivery person. This is another excellent job choice for teenagers because you can work after school and on weekends. You’ll also likely pocket all of your tips when working as a food delivery driver. Be sure to do your homework before applying for one of these jobs, as hiring requirements range between 16 and 18 years of age.

Library Assistant

For students who worry about the burdens of handling their first job, working as a library assistant could be the perfect opportunity. This job is relatively low-stress and does not require much social interaction. Those with social anxiety may find this to be the ideal chance to gain valuable job experience without the need to interact with others, which at times could be overwhelming.

Highly-organized teenagers should consider applying for this position, as they’ll likely spend much of their time putting books back on the shelf. You may find multiple libraries within a fifteen-minute drive of your home, each of which may have potential job openings. A library may be more willing to work with a teenager who expresses a desire to learn. Plus, you’ll have access to an unlimited book supply.

Data Entry Associate

Those with an interest in computers or with a love for mathematical equations could find it worthwhile to work as a data entry associate. Various businesses solicit the services of data entry associates, ranging from banks and accounting firms to medical offices. Ask around town to see what companies could be in need of your services.

Camp Counselor

Those who are interested in working with youth could find it beneficial to contact a summer camp in their area for employment as a counselor. These positions are perfect for teenagers who are in search of summer employment. Individuals in these positions are often outgoing, personable, and reliable. You’ll specialize in connecting with children and serving as a mentor or role model.

Working as a camp counselor will provide invaluable job experience. One of the skills you’re most likely to acquire are problem-solving skills. Each day will be a new day full of challenges, and you’ll quickly gain experience handling situations on the go. But, it will be incredibly rewarding as you foster relationships with younger students that have the potential to last a lifetime.

Go Local

One of the best ways to find jobs hiring at 16 is by looking local. Often, small, family-owned businesses are much more likely to hire younger candidates than corporate entities. Consider trustworthy family-owned companies in your area for who you would like to work. Try looking at their website for a job application, although you’ll likely have to visit the location itself for an application and interview.

Additionally, consider asking friends, family members, teachers, coaches, or other people with ties to the community. There’s a good chance that they know of a local business who is hiring. They may have the ability to refer you to this company, which could help move your application to the front of the pile and increase the likelihood of your hiring.

Start Your Own Business

If you do not have any luck finding a job hiring in your area, you could also consider forming your own business. Doing so would likely involve providing services for others in your neighborhood. For example, many teenagers offer to provide lawn and gardening services in the spring and summer or shovel driveways in the winter.

Other jobs where people could hire you on a case-by-case basis are as a babysitter, a house sitter, a car washer, or a dog walker. Furthermore, if you are an exceptional student, you could consider offering tutoring services to students in your school for a price. All of these are industries with a need. You could find it very worthwhile to provide these services to others in your community.