Smoothie Store Job Applications

Smoothie Store Jobs

Back in the 50’s, having a milkshake or malt along with a burger and fries at a soda shop or drive-in was all the rage for young people and students. Today’s health conscience young people and co-eds prefer something that is delicious as well as nutritious and portable. Nothing fills the bill quite like a smoothie. Whether morning, noon or night, there’s a smoothie for every taste. Nowadays people want their vitamins, minerals, and supplements, such as potassium, magnesium, protein, and electrolytes, and they want it in a delicious, portable form. Smoothies offer a fresh servings of various fruits and vegetables in a creamy, dreamy cup of goodness. If you love a good smoothie, chances are you will love preparing them as well. Being able to make and serve something you love to others will give you a great feeling, and provide a very comfortable work environment.  What better perk is there than being able to sample your delicious, fruity creations while being paid to do it? You might even have the opportunity to sell some of your very own creations. If you love a good, healthy smoothie and are looking for a job, a smoothie store nearby is probably looking to hire you right now.

Smoothie stores have capitalized on the current health craze, and the number of them is increasing daily. You can find smoothie stores in the food court of your local mall, or along with other shops in town. Today smoothie stores are very popular on or around college campuses, which is really convenient if you happen to be a student. As an added bonus, smoothies are enjoyed by all ages and social classes, and while making them you are sure to meet many new and interesting people. Wherever you live, chances are you won’t have to travel far because, since they are so delicious and nutritious, smoothie stores are popping up everywhere. Smoothie stores are always filling new openings. So if you love smoothies, enjoy promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering customers great service, a great new job may be just an application away.

No job is all peaches and cream, and a job at a smoothie store is no exception. In addition to creating the healthy treats, there are many other tasks you may be required to do. Just like at any retail food service outlet, you may have a hand in working a cash register, prepping food, ordering and stocking ingredients, keeping work areas tidy, and the general cleaning required to run any business. There are also a host of management duties, and if you love smoothies and have a knack for organization, smoothie stores also hire many managers.

A job at a smoothie store will generally afford a flexible schedule, which is great for students or others seeking supplemental income, and may be full- or part-time. Most jobs are entry level, but prior food service or retail experience may help. Wages may vary from store to store, but most stores offer competitive pay, and some may offer benefits and chances for advancement. Most smoothie stores today are open year round, but depending on where you live some may be seasonal.

If you love a good smoothie and think you might enjoy making them, a job in a smoothie store might be perfect for you.  Making them fresh for others will allow you to share your love of the delicious and nutritious drinks with others. Contributing to the well-being of others will result in a great deal of personal satisfaction. The increasing number of health wise consumers can make working in a smoothie store a wise decision. Your perfect job may be just around the corner. Working in a smoothie store may make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Apply today!

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