Meta: If you love coffee and tea, completing a Starbucks application form is the first step in getting a rewarding job working at the iconic global coffeehouse. 

With its iconic green logo reflecting many world mythologies, Starbucks has developed its very own global story. The coffee giant has over 30,000 locations around the world in malls, stand-alone shops, airports, and grocery stores. If you want to be a part of the exciting world of coffee, you can complete a Starbucks application form. 

Working at Starbucks

If you are looking for an entry-level job to begin building your resume, Starbucks is an excellent place to start. Employees need to be at least 16 years old, and they do not need any experience at any previous place of employment. However, some locations prefer hiring experienced employees, especially those who have worked in the service or food industry

Starbucks is all about making customers happy. No matter what location you visit, a latte tastes the same. Starbucks employees have to work in teams and get along with colleagues. Starbucks offers a respectful wage, discounts, and benefits to its employees. 

When you complete your Starbucks application form, you will have to tell the manager what positions you are interested in having. Those include: 

  • Barista
  • Cashier
  • Shift supervisor
  • Shift manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Manager
  • District manager

Available Benefits

Starbucks gives its employees discounts on snacks and drinks while they are working. They also offer their employees opportunities to earn discounts on retail items like coffee, mugs, and keepsakes. They also give employees free coffee to take home to prepare with their coffee makers. 

Starbucks also gives promotion preference to its employees. They promote from within and reward loyalty. Many of their management positions have salary packages with excellent benefits. Starbucks rewards managers who are skilled in communication, organization, and interpersonal skills. 

Starbucks also has open positions at its corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA. Whether you get a job at a local restaurant or the corporate headquarters, you can get benefits. Some Starbucks employees get health insurance, life insurance, 401k plans, paid vacation, and education reimbursement. 

Starbucks Gives Back

Starbucks is more than just a global coffee shop. It is a company that cares about people and their communities. They work with charitable organizations like Conservation International and Feeding America. They also work with ethical farmers, manufacturers, and community service organizations that are more concerned with making the world better than building a bottom line.

When you complete a Starbucks application form and get hired, you can rest assured that you are working for a company that cares about the world and the environment that sustains all forms of life. 

Available Positions at Starbucks

Since Starbucks locations open early and close late, a mix of full-time and part-time employees are needed. Most of the entry-level positions are part-time, while management fills the full-time hours. There are also corporate positions available at Starbucks Center in Seattle, WA.  

As Starbucks continues to grow, so do the job opportunities at the corporate level. You can find openings online. Available positions are continually hiring experienced and educated candidates to fill positions in several departments, including:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Sales and account management
  • Marketing and creative studio
  • Human resources
  • Administrative support
  • Research and development
  • Technology

There are a few positions to fill at all of the 30,000 Starbucks locations around the world. You can find a Starbucks application form at the Starbucks Careers webpage


If you’ve been to a Starbucks store, you’ve worked with a barista. These are the workers who make your favorite Starbucks beverage. They also prepare food and maintain their workspaces, so they are clean and safe. Most baristas make minimum wage and tips. Baristas should have a pleasant attitude and know something about coffee and tea. 

After tips and hourly wages, baristas often make at least $10 per hour. Baristas not only make delicious beverages, but they also have to clean the coffee machines, dining area, and restrooms. They also have goals to meet with beverage preparation and time constraints.


Not all employees behind the counter make coffee drinks. Cashiers only take orders, serve orders, and ring up orders on the cash registers. They are paid minimum wage. They are often the first people to greet customers, so they must be friendly and have excellent communication skills. 

Starbucks restaurants are busy, so cashiers need to work under pressure and accurately record customers’ complicated drink instructions. 


With so many locations, every employee at Starbucks needs to follow strict corporate standards for preparing food and drinks. Managers at all levels help employees follow recipes and promote sales initiatives. They also make sure that the coffee shop is sticking to corporate operations guidelines. 

Managers have several hats to wear during their shifts. Some take care of payroll and banking tasks. Others work directly with customers during busy shifts. They also help with servicing machines and cleaning the restaurant. Some fill in as baristas, and others find themselves cleaning bathrooms when the need arises. 

No matter what managers are doing, their ultimate goal is customer satisfaction for every single person who walks through the door. All managers must be at least 18 years old with some leadership experience at restaurants or retail shops. Starbucks pays assistant managers around $25000 annually, and managers can make up to $60000 annually. 

Tips for Applying

If you are interested in working at a coffee shop, you should complete a Starbucks application form. They can be found online and at individual locations near you. If you want an entry-level job, an application is enough to show interest and get hired. But, if you want a corporate or management position, you should include a detailed resume and cover letter with your application.  

Starbucks prides itself on consistency, so you should carefully edit and revise your application, so it is filled out accurately before you submit it. 

Once you have submitted your application, Starbucks encourages you to check on the status of your app. By doing this, you show your drive to succeed. Managers are likely to hire candidates who indicate they want to work.