Service Industry Job Applications

Service Industry Jobs

A service industry is any industry that provides a service rather than goods. Examples of service industries are as diverse as home cleaning, banking, construction, pest control, and even medicine. Usually when people talk about service industries, they’re thinking about people that provide services to the average consumer, such as plumbers, carpet cleaners and personal accountants. Obviously, the range of jobs available within the service industry is tremendous, comprising everything from minimum-wage entry-level work right up to brain surgery.

If you are interested in finding work that doesn’t require a lot of experience or education, then consider some of the following service industry jobs:

  • Food service: Restaurant workers, caterers and cooks all provide various food services.
  • Cleaning service: Professional maids clean people’s homes, while housekeepers and janitors clean commercial spaces of all sorts.
  • Hospitality industry: Hotels employ thousands of workers. If you’re looking for seasonal work, this is the place to check first.
  • Relocation service: If you’re strong, or if you like to pack, you might consider a job with a moving company, helping other people pack, unpack, load and unload their household goods.
  • Computer services: If you can get a job serving an apprenticeship as a computer repairer or if you know enough to join computer support services, you could have a lucrative career ahead of you.
  • Beauty service: Although you need some training, becoming a hairdresser or cosmologist can give you a decent living with a minimal schooling.
  • Child care service: Do you love kids? Did you babysit your way through high school? Day care centers, sitter services and after school programs need to hire energetic, loving adults to care for their clients’ children.
  • Delivery service: Companies like UPS need truck drivers, package handlers, couriers and sales associates. Many jobs are entry level.
  • Temp service: Telephone and computer skills are all you need to work at a temp agency, which could potentially lead to full-time office work. If you enjoy doing a variety of things, a temp agency is a good place to get working.

These are only some of the great opportunities available through various service industries. You should decide what you’re good at, what you’re interested in, and where you would like to invest yourself towards a potential career. Using this website, you can identify hundreds of potential companies to which to submit your resume. Pick something that you think you’ll enjoy doing.

The benefits of working in the service industry start with the basic ability to help people. There’s always lots of growth potential, and many directions you can take your career starting with that basic job experience. Many positions allow you to earn tips, which can increase your income. People who enjoy interacting with others are particularly good at giving good service; you should be friendly, outgoing and have a nice smile. Many service industry jobs require a level of trade school training and some require advanced degrees. If you find you like the industry you’ve joined, find out if your employer will help you pursue further education so that you improve your employability and pay. Many executives in service industries started out as the guys washing the dishes, cleaning the carpets or driving the delivery vans. Your limits are set only by your ambition and work ethic.

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