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How To Apply for a Career With Wawa

Some areas have a Sheetz; but everywhere else on the East Coast looks to Wawa as the premier gas station and convenience store. Started in 1964, this company offers the area stellar service, excellent food, and valuable career opportunities. If you want to know how to apply for a career with Wawa, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a lot more to this company than meets the eye — and a few surprising facts prove corporations can be kind-hearted. If you’re looking to apply to one of their locations, here’s what you need to know about Wawa careers, jobs, and applications.

What Opportunities Do They Offer?

Wawa offers job seekers both career opportunities and entry-level positions. Their working conditions are considered favorable, and they have solid employee benefits, their workers own 40 percent of their shares. Some positions are available on the corporate side of the company, but most jobs can be found inside their locations.

*Editor’s note: This article was written before the current health issues. Wawa is still in operation, as an essential services provider. Here is what they are doing for essential employees during this trying time:

We continue to focus on supporting our associates during this time, who have truly come to the forefront to serve our communities. This is and continues to be our priority and we have taken steps to recognize their hard work with additional pay and by continuing to review and update our paid time off policies to be more flexible and supportive, and to minimize the impact to them should they be affected by COVID-19.

Nothing is more important to us than doing our best to continue to support our incredible associates and maintain our Wawa family now and for the future.

Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens

Most positions include entry-level (not requiring much experience) customer service work. They can have a demanding workload from week to week with hectic schedules.

Most employees must work both weekends and holidays, but they also offer a pay increase in the first 90 days on the job. Some locations also function as full-service gas stations, which means employees may need to fuel vehicles at the pumps.

There are numerous customer service positions available, as well as fuel associates — who take on the bulk of physical labor for the company.

The corporate end of the business often requires a degree. However many employees find that they can work their way up to management with or without a college education.

What Are the Jobs and How Much Do They Pay?

You must be at least eighteen years of age and have a reliable mode of transportation for consideration. A high school diploma or GED is not necessary to work at a Wawa location.

It does, however, look better on your application if you do have a diploma or the equivalent.

There are a number of positions where the minimum age drops to sixteen, high school students are welcome to apply.

Customer service is an excellent field that provides you with valuable skills necessary to make yourself more employable in the future. Here are some of the position most individuals apply for.

Customer Service Associate

These employees are responsible for ringing up customers, preparing food, and general cleaning of the store.

The position relies heavily on customer interaction, making personable skills a valuable asset when applying for the job. You’ll be speaking with customers from the moment you punch in, to the moment you punch back out.

Expect lifting up to 50 pounds, working on your feet during the shift, and both second and third shifts. Employees in this position with greater seniority often work the daylight shifts. The third shift, however, comes with the highest rate of pay.

Wages may vary by locations, with busier stores often offering higher pay.

Fuel Service Assistant

Wawa careers include full-service fuel stations

Fuel attendants are responsible for handling the classic full-service gas stations. They pump gas for customers, process their payments, and keep the fueling area clean. In this position, expect to lift up to 50 pounds at a time as well as bending and walking.

Employees in this position lift the five-pound fuel handles anytime a customer pulls up to the pump, too. While pay rates are similar to customer service associates, tips for excellent service as a fuel attendant are more likely.


There are three types of manager at Wawa consisting of shift manager, assistant manager, and general manager. Shift managers take charge when upper management is not around. They keep track of employees and ensure that operations run smoothly both day and night.

The assistant manager often completes any remaining work from their general manager, and also monitor customer service associates. Just like the shift manager, they too must ensure that operations run as smooth as possible.

General managers, or head managers, maintain relationships with Wawa’s vendors, develop sales plans, and oversee all merchandising. All managers work on an hourly basis, with possible bonuses for hitting sales goals.

How to Apply

All applications for Wawa are online, and remaining active for a total of 90 days after their submission. Filling one out starts with a basic profile that allows you to return and apply again quickly once the 90 days have expired. Give yourself about 30 to 40 minutes in order to complete the application in its entirety. Click here to go to their application page.

Expect questions about your education, a multiple-choice personality questionnaire, and why you want to work for Wawa. If the store you are applying too doesn’t have an opening at the time, neighboring stores may review you for hire.  

After you apply

Wawa encourages all applicants to stop into the store* they’ve applied to. Speak with the manager on-site about employment for the best chance of being hired. *Editor’s note: Call ahead, to find out their current policy on this.

General managers have the final say on who gets hired, having access to the pool of online applicants. If selected for an interview, dress in clean, nice clothing. Wawa also encourages you to make eye-contact during the interview.

If you’re applying for the customer service position, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have exceptional people skills. The best way is through your personal interaction with the manager. The interview process is designed to determine the best applicant for the job.

Expect the entire hiring process to take at least two weeks. During this time, it never hurts to contact the manager and thank them for considering you for the position. This is an excellent way to stand out from other applicants.

What Benefits Come with the Job?

Any Wawa employee working more than 34.5 hours a week is eligible for full benefits offered by the company. There are financial perks like a 401(k)-retirement plan, medical coverage that includes dental and vision, and life insurance.

Paid time off is another perk of working for Wawa. However, their commitment to educational assistance is something that you should look into if you’re considering pursuing a college education.

Other benefits include: disability coverage for on the job injuries, wellness screenings, and on-the-job coaching at no additional cost to employees. Plus, you have access to discounted merchandise while on the clock.

That’s impressive for a chain of gas stations; it’s mainly due to their employees having such a significant say in company decisions.

Other Information You Might Want to Know

Wawa has its own non-profit organization called the Wawa Foundation. In just under 5 years, Wawa’s foundation has given $50 million to charity.

They also grant money to hospitals, food banks, and military charities. Finally, they also partner with the Special Olympics — planning services for a variety of events that raise awareness for different conditions.

It isn’t often that a company is so invested in its employees. But, the charity outreach displayed by Wawa is exceptional inside and outside of its industry. This is a company that cares about your wellbeing; and one that you can feel good working for at the same time.

Where else can you get that kind of job satisfaction these days?

Working for Wawa

Wawa careers, jobs, and applications are as straightforward as they are competitive and beneficial to both employees and charities. Whether you plan to make a career here in management — or are just dipping your toes into the workforce for the first time — this chain of gas stations is an excellent place to work and a sensational company to be a part of.

Remember to give yourself enough time to fill out your online application. Then, make eye contact during the interview, and give a follow-up phone call to thank them for considering you. That helps you stand out from the crowd. If your 90 days do expire, don’t panic. You can easily reapply anytime.

Champs Application

Working in a retail store is one of the best first jobs to have for many young people. The hours are flexible so that you can work around school, and it pays well. If you work in a mall, then you can greet your friends and other people you know who are hanging out. You can fill out a Champs application if you're looking for a job in a mall-based retail store.

What is Champs?

unpaired shoe lot

Image via

Champs is Champs Sports, which is a retail store that specializes in selling athletic shoes and some apparel. They sell name brands like:

  • Nike

  • Adidas

  • Puma

  • Under Armour

  • New Balance

  • Reebox

Usually, they sell name brand apparel for the shoes they sell. So, if they sell Adidas shoes, they may sell Adidas tennis wear or jogging suits. They also sell baseball caps and knit hats from companies like New Era. 

Champs History

sneakers in different colors

Image via

The history of this retail store goes back over 140 years to the F.W. Woolworth company. The Woolworth's stores were among the first five and dime stores to appear in the United States. Along with a lunch counter, people could buy toiletries, hair care products, gifts, and other small items at the store. 

In 1963, Woolworth's began to expand its operations by acquiring the Kinney Shoe Corporation and later rebranded it as FootLocker. In 1974, FootLocker Inc. founded Champs Sports, which today is one of the largest athletic and apparel retail stores in the world.

Champs has over 545 stores in the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. When you buy something from Champs, whether online or at a store, and it's the wrong color or size, you can return it at FootLocker, which is their parent company. If they don't have shoes to replace them, you can reorder a pair through them.

Positions at Champs

clothes store interior

Image via

At the company, you can apply online to work as a:

  • Sales Associate

  • Stock Associate

  • Sales Lead

  • Management Trainee

  • Assistant Store Manager

  • Store Manager

As with most companies, they prefer taking applications online and may not have applications available in the stores. However, you can check with a store near you to find out if they take paper applications. To find job openings and apply them, go to their website Then you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click career opportunities on the left side.

If you want to work in a store, select "Retail Sales" from the options but remember, since FootLocker owns them, as well as other businesses, you will need to refine the search on the site. To the left, there is a drop-down called "Brand." Click the "+," and it opens to reveal all the store names and you will see Champs listed first.

Put a check in that box to see all the openings at Champs. For opportunities closer to your location, put the name of your city or the zip code in the box, and then, search by the "most relevant" or the "most recent" openings. Once the results appear, select the one that you like and click the job title.

Job Descriptions 

woman walking in hallway

Image via

To work an entry-level job at Champs, either as a Sales or Stock Associate, potential candidates don't need to have experience. However, applicants can have up to three years' experience for these entry-level jobs if they have a work history. The minimum age to work at Champs is 16. 

Sales Associate

three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard

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Since you'll be working with customers, either on the sales floor or on the register, you should feel comfortable and confident working with people. Sales Associates should also take the initiative to start and complete tasks with minimal supervision and be willing to work flexible hours. 

They may be assigned to work nights, daytime, weekends, and any holidays the store is open. The store is open for most holidays, except Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Sales Associates can expect to make $8 to $11 per hour.

Stock Associate

A Stock Associate works with the shipping and receiving department, so they make sure the incoming orders are accurate and received correctly. Then, they stock the shelves, so the Sales Associates can tell if they have the merchandise to serve the customers they get in the store. If an item is out, but still available, then they can help place an order online or through the warehouse. 

People who apply to work as a Stock Associate should have six to nine-months experience in a retail environment. They need to be able to climb stairs, ladders, kneel, and reach to pull items off the shelf or hand truck weighing five to 30 pounds. 

Even though they don't work directly with customers, they should be able to work well with others and without immediate supervision when necessary, as well as flexible schedules. A Stock Associate will make about the same pay as a Sales Associate, which is $8 to $11 an hour.

Sales Lead

person holding pencil near laptop computer

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The Sales Lead is a supervisory position, and they are responsible for making sure the customers have a pleasant experience while inside the store. They will also help management with merchandising, sales, visuals, and operational activities and goals. In addition, they can act as a liaison between the management staff and the employees. 

A Sales Lead should have a minimum of one-year retail experience and be comfortable dealing with both customers and employees. They also need to have a flexible schedule to work nights, weekends, and holidays possibly. A Sales Lead may make a little more than a Sales Associate, so their pay may be between $8.50 to $11.50 an hour.

Management Trainee

This position gets candidates ready to become Assistant Managers at the store level. They are responsible for making sure that customers have a positive shopping experience at their store. They are also responsible for training sales associates and leaders to serve them. 

The trainee needs to have excellent customer service skills, product knowledge, and the ability to assist the management staff with their duties. To qualify for the position, candidates need at least one-year experience helping customers in a sales setting. They should also be comfortable engaging with customers and other employees while on the job.

Candidates should also have strong analytical, cognitive, and mathematical skills, as well as decision-making and problem-solving skills. They should also have high levels of trust, values, integrity, and ethics. The pay for a Manager Trainee will be around $10 to $12 an hour.

Assistant Store Manager

person writing on white notebook

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The job responsibilities for an Assistant Manager with Champs are similar to that of a Management Trainee. They should have at least one year of experience in a sales environment dealing with customers. Along with have good product knowledge that they can teach associates, they should be able to supervise them as well.

An Assistant Manager should be able to deal with customers and employees confidently and make sure customers have an enjoyable shopping experience. They need to have skills like:

  • Financial Analysis

  • Mathematical

  • Problem-solving

  • Cognitive

  • Decision-making

  • Merchandising

They should also be able to help managers fulfill their duties in the store as well. Along with having high levels of integrity, values, ethics, and trustworthiness, Assistant Managers need to have flexible schedules. Pay for this position is around $24,000 per year

Store Manager

A candidate for Store Manager should have at least two years of experience with sales in a customer-oriented environment. They need to have extensive product knowledge and be able to lead their team to increase sales and provide excellent customer service. 

They should also be able to meet company-wide standards for recruiting, hiring, visual merchandising, store operations, and customer service. Managers need to be able to maximize profitability by meeting and exceeding those standards too.

Managers need to have excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills, as well as be able to train associates and other management staff in product knowledge. They should be confident when dealing with customers and employees and be able to work any schedule they need to, including nights, weekends, and holidays. 

Store Managers answer to the District Manager and can expect to make about $45,000 per year or more. 

Filling Out Application

Woman holding application form

Image via

After locating the position for which you wish to apply, click the job title on the openings results page to read the responsibilities and qualifications for the post. Then, if you decide to apply for the job, go to the top of the screen and click the red "Apply Now" box. If you want to fill out the Champs application later, click "Save Job," so you can come back to it at a later time.

The first page asks for your email address, and then you can click "Next" after entering it. Clicking next will take you to the Candidate Profile page. Along with filling out the information, it also allows you to upload your resume or CV if you're applying for a management position. 

You can also link your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Microsoft accounts to the profile page. However, you should be cautious about doing this if you have pictures or posts on Facebook that you wouldn't want a supervisor or manager to see. Then, you can upload your resume or CV from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive for their consideration.

Create a Login

Log in sign

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Applicants will need to create a login name and password so that they can access the application anytime they need to correct some information or check its status. After doing that, then they can begin inputting their personal information, like their name, address, and telephone number(s). 

The application also asks for the last four digits of the applicants' social security number and whether they are willing to relocate. Since Champs has stores throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands, you can apply for jobs in other states or territories. 

If you're relocating for school or moving with your family, then you could apply for openings at your new location too. After answering the question about relocating, you can add your education information. It asks for the highest level of school you've completed, so start with that school and work backward. 

You don't need to put anything other than your high school information if you haven't gone to college. Next, there are boxes to include your work history. If Champs will be your first job, leave the boxes blank, and then add information in the summary box about applying for your first job.

Once you include your work experience, the application asks for the preferred compensation, the days and times applicants are available for work, and the language(s) that they speak or are proficient. For instance, you may not be fluent in Spanish, but you may speak and understand enough to help customers, so you should include that knowledge.

Finally, read the acknowledgment at the end of the application and indicate that you agree to the terms, then submit your profile. Instead of waiting for a call for an interview, wait seven to 10 days to give the application time to be processed. Then log in to the website to check the status of your application or call the store to which you applied. 

Ask to speak to the hiring manager, then once they are on the phone, ask to check the status of your application. Some managers will tell you that they will call you back once they receive the application, but ask them to check to see if they already have it. If so, ask for an interview. They can either schedule a meeting or tell you 'no.' 

If you get an interview, do some research about Champs Sports before you go to it. The research will help prepare you to answer some of the questions that a manager will ask you during an interview. 

After putting in your Champs application, don't wait for more than a week to 10 days to follow-up on it. Read this information for other ideas about following up on online job applications, so yours doesn’t get lost in the others they receive.

Starbucks Application Form

With its iconic green logo reflecting many world mythologies, Starbucks has developed its very own global story. The coffee giant has over 30,000 locations around the world in malls, stand-alone shops, airports, and grocery stores. If you want to be a part of the exciting world of coffee, you can complete a Starbucks application form. 

Working at Starbucks

Starbucks building

Image via

If you are looking for an entry-level job to begin building your resume, Starbucks is an excellent place to start. Employees need to be at least 16 years old, and they do not need any experience at any previous place of employment. However, some locations prefer hiring experienced employees, especially those who have worked in the service or food industry. 

Starbucks is all about making customers happy. No matter what location you visit, a latte tastes the same. Starbucks employees have to work in teams and get along with colleagues. Starbucks offers a respectful wage, discounts, and benefits to its employees. 

When you complete your Starbucks application form, you will have to tell the manager what positions you are interested in having. Those include: 

  • Barista

  • Cashier

  • Shift supervisor

  • Shift manager

  • Assistant manager

  • Manager

  • District manager

Available Benefits

man wearing black sweatshirt

Image via

Starbucks gives its employees discounts on snacks and drinks while they are working. They also offer their employees opportunities to earn discounts on retail items like coffee, mugs, and keepsakes. They also give employees free coffee to take home to prepare with their coffee makers. 

Starbucks also gives promotion preference to its employees. They promote from within and reward loyalty. Many of their management positions have salary packages with excellent benefits. Starbucks rewards managers who are skilled in communication, organization, and interpersonal skills. 

Starbucks also has open positions at its corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA. Whether you get a job at a local restaurant or the corporate headquarters, you can get benefits. Some Starbucks employees get health insurance, life insurance, 401k plans, paid vacation, and education reimbursement. 

Starbucks Gives Back

woman holding Starbucks tumbler

Image via

Starbucks is more than just a global coffee shop. It is a company that cares about people and their communities. They work with charitable organizations like Conservation International and Feeding America. They also work with ethical farmers, manufacturers, and community service organizations that are more concerned with making the world better than building a bottom line.

When you complete a Starbucks application form and get hired, you can rest assured that you are working for a company that cares about the world and the environment that sustains all forms of life. 

Available Positions at Starbucks

people on lobby

Image via

Since Starbucks locations open early and close late, a mix of full-time and part-time employees are needed. Most of the entry-level positions are part-time, while management fills the full-time hours. There are also corporate positions available at Starbucks Center in Seattle, WA.  

As Starbucks continues to grow, so do the job opportunities at the corporate level. You can find openings online. Available positions are continually hiring experienced and educated candidates to fill positions in several departments, including:

  • Accounting and finance

  • Operations and supply chain

  • Sales and account management

  • Marketing and creative studio

  • Human resources

  • Administrative support

  • Research and development

  • Technology

There are a few positions to fill at all of the 30,000 Starbucks locations around the world. You can find a Starbucks application form at the Starbucks Careers webpage


barista in coffee shop

Image via

If you’ve been to a Starbucks store, you’ve worked with a barista. These are the workers who make your favorite Starbucks beverage. They also prepare food and maintain their workspaces, so they are clean and safe. Most baristas make minimum wage and tips. Baristas should have a pleasant attitude and know something about coffee and tea. 

After tips and hourly wages, baristas often make at least $10 per hour. Baristas not only make delicious beverages, but they also have to clean the coffee machines, dining area, and restrooms. They also have goals to meet with beverage preparation and time constraints.


Not all employees behind the counter make coffee drinks. Cashiers only take orders, serve orders, and ring up orders on the cash registers. They are paid minimum wage. They are often the first people to greet customers, so they must be friendly and have excellent communication skills. 

Starbucks restaurants are busy, so cashiers need to work under pressure and accurately record customers’ complicated drink instructions. 


With so many locations, every employee at Starbucks needs to follow strict corporate standards for preparing food and drinks. Managers at all levels help employees follow recipes and promote sales initiatives. They also make sure that the coffee shop is sticking to corporate operations guidelines. 

Managers have several hats to wear during their shifts. Some take care of payroll and banking tasks. Others work directly with customers during busy shifts. They also help with servicing machines and cleaning the restaurant. Some fill in as baristas, and others find themselves cleaning bathrooms when the need arises. 

No matter what managers are doing, their ultimate goal is customer satisfaction for every single person who walks through the door. All managers must be at least 18 years old with some leadership experience at restaurants or retail shops. Starbucks pays assistant managers around $25000 annually, and managers can make up to $60000 annually. 

Tips for Applying

man standing in front cashier

Image via

If you are interested in working at a coffee shop, you should complete a Starbucks application form. They can be found online and at individual locations near you. If you want an entry-level job, an application is enough to show interest and get hired. But, if you want a corporate or management position, you should include a detailed resume and cover letter with your application.  

Starbucks prides itself on consistency, so you should carefully edit and revise your application, so it is filled out accurately before you submit it. 

Once you have submitted your application, Starbucks encourages you to check on the status of your app. By doing this, you show your drive to succeed. Managers are likely to hire candidates who indicate they want to work. 

Jamba Juice Job Application


Employees at Jamba Juice have been preparing delicious and nutritious menu options for almost 30 years. They use plant-based ingredients without added sugar to offer healthy choices to their customers. If you want to work at this exciting restaurant, visit your local mall and complete a Jamba Juice job application.


Working at Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is an employer that hires people as young as 16 years old. Most Jamba Juice locations are inside of shopping malls or large grocery stores, so their hours are based on those locations. Jamba Juice needs team members during the hours of 6:30 AM and 9 PM.

Before applying, you should know what position you want. There are several choices on the local Jamba Juice job application, including:

  • Team member

  • Shift leader

  • Assistant manager

  • Store manager

  • Regional manager


Jamba Juice Gives Back

jamba juice workers wearing a fruit costumes

Image source: flickr

Jamba Juice might be known for its healthy smoothies and menu items, but the company dedicates time and money to fitness. It gives to the Team Up for a Healthy America program to provide athletic equipment to the kids who need it the most. You can also learn about healthy living through the Jamba Juice blog.


Available Positions at Jamba Juice

jamba juice store soft opening

Image via flickr

Jamba Juice locations hire employees to fill several types of positions. Most people work with food preparation and customer service.


All employees at Jamba Juice are on their feet during their shifts, so it is helpful to be in good health and have some stamina. There are also positions to be had at the corporate level. They include supply and distribution as well as call center positions.

Jamba Juice hires managers to oversee stores in various regions, but those jobs are at the corporate headquarters in Texas. The majority of Jamba Juice jobs are at the smoothie shops around the US and the world.

Team Members

Master Of Blending Arts

Shift Leads



Tips for Applying

If you are interested in working for Jamba Juice, you should fill out a Jamba Juice job application at your local restaurant. When you do this, you should show that you are positive and upbeat and fit the Jamba Juice way of life.


If you have any prior experience working in restaurants or in customer service, be sure to showcase that on your application. While Jamba Juice has several entry-level positions, having some experience separates you from other applicants. 

Managers call candidates within two weeks, so it can be helpful to call or stop in to chat with the manager before the two weeks is up. If you make a call or stop in for a chat, you should do it during slower hours, not on busy weekends and evenings. Be polite and friendly when you speak to any employees at the location.

Featured Image: Image via flickr
Icons source: flaticon

Panda Express Job Application

The largest Asian restaurant chain in the United States is Panda Express. The restaurant is best known for its delicious orange chicken as it defines the blend of the US and Asian cuisine. The restaurant chain was once only found in mall food courts, but now new stand-alone locations are popping up all over the country and in Latin America. 

Working at Panda Express

group of people eating on restaurant

Image via

Before completing a Panda Express job application, you should know what the company expects of you as an employee. Most locations are open from 10 AM until 9 PM Monday through Saturday, with shorter hours on Sunday, usually 11 AM until 6 PM. Some location hours are predetermined by their sites, like shopping malls, sports arenas, and airport terminals. 

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Panda Express. When you complete your Panda Express job application, you should know what position you would like. Your choices include: 

  • Team member

  • Store manager

  • Recruiting assistant

  • Dishwasher

  • Prep cook

Most of the positions at Panda Express are entry-level and part-time, but the restaurant does have some full-time jobs available, too. The ideal candidate for full-time or part-time work needs to learn quickly, work quickly, help customers, and keep a clean kitchen. 

New hires usually work as team members who work directly with customers. They greet guests and prepare their orders. They also do cleaning tasks in the kitchen, dining area, and restrooms. Busy times are stressful, and top employees stay calm and focused during meal times. 

Panda Express is an excellent place for young employees to gain work experience. But, the restaurant also offers opportunities for advancement. Management likes to promote employees that have shown loyalty to the brand. 

There are benefits available for part-time and full-time employees at Panda Express. Everyone receives meal discounts as well as paid training and time off. Managers and full-time employees receive more benefits including

  • 401K retirement plans

  • Life insurance

  • Paid vacation

  • Healthcare coverage

  • Salary options

  • Stock options

  • Employee perks

  • Scholarships and college reimbursement

  • Bonuses

If you want to complete a Panda Express job application, do it on a restaurant team member interview day. During these days, management at local restaurants expects to see interested candidates and talk to them that day. You can fill out an application at the restaurant or online through the corporate website. 

Available Positions at Panda Express

woman in black crew-neck t-shirt standing near counter

Image via

If you are interested in working at Panda Express, you can apply for several different positions. While there are corporate positions open at their main office in Rosemead, CA, the majority of jobs are at the over 2000 restaurants around the US and the globe. 

Most employees who work in the restaurant spend most of their working hours on their feet, so they should have some stamina and be in good general health. Most employees also work with customers at some point during a shift, so employees with friendly dispositions are highly desirable. 

Team Member

The most common position at Panda Express restaurants is the team member. This entry-level position is responsible for working with customers by taking their orders and running the cash registers. Panda Express pays between $8 and $10 per hour to team members. Team members should be at least 16 years old and have some high school completed. 

Kitchen Team Member

man wearing white dress shirt

Image via

Since Panda Express is a restaurant, kitchen team members are important. Panda Express trains its kitchen team members to prepare high-quality food that meets safety standards and the precise flavor that guests expect at every visit. 

Kitchen team members have to work in a fast-paced environment while being in an open kitchen setting. Customers can see them preparing food, so kitchen team members also have to work with customers occasionally. Panda Express expects candidates to have some high school education and a local food handler certificate.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager works with the store manager but is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Assistant managers train new employees, and they work closely with guests. They also track the financial targets. With benefits and pay, they can make over $50,000. 

Store Manager

woman facing on white counter

Image via

Managerial candidates who complete Panda Express job applications should have some leadership experience working in an office, restaurant, or store. Managers’ responsibilities include creating schedules, hiring employees, and maintaining safe working conditions. The annual salary for restaurant managers at Panda Express is over $60,000.

Recruiting Assistant

This is a corporate position that works with human resources experts. They are the first people who work with new hires as they prepare them for their early days of work at Panda Express. Candidates should have a college degree in a related field. Panda Express pays recruiting assistants a healthy annual salary of around $75,000.  

Tips for Applying

man looking at white digital device

Image via

You can check for open positions at Panda Express’s website: Panda Careers. There you can look for jobs in your area or the corporate office. You can search for specific positions or locations that are near you. 

Applicants can fill out the online application after creating a username and password. However, if you want to work at a specific location, you can fill out a form there, too. You should bring your resume and a cover letter to the site to show that you are interested in the job and you have a professional work ethic. Add a personal note to an online application, too.

To show that you care about getting the job, you should check back a few days after you have submitted a completed application. Hiring managers like to see potential employees show initiative. If you are not able to stop in, then give the manager a call to ask about the status of your application. 

Whether you stop in or make a call, you should try to make a conversation with the manager. Therefore, only call during slow hours, not during busy lunch or dinner times. The manager will want to hire you if you can make small talk and build rapport. 

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