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Employment at Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the most stylish, fastest-growing sports accessory brands on the market today. Their shirts and pads are worn by college and professional athletes across the country and around the world. Even more remarkably, they are a relatively new company. When thinking of such a fresh atmosphere, you might consider an Under Armour application.

Under Armour has gained its relevance and worldwide status in only 21 years, having been founded in Washington, D.C. in 1996. This company provides the exciting, innovation-driven work life of a startup with the stability of a successful global business. A fun environment working in retail, design, or sales awaits every possible Under Armour applicant.

Under Armour Application

The first step of the Under Armour application is to create an account. This involves picking a username and filling out a password. The password must have one capital letter and one non-alpha character and must be filled in twice. Users must also input their email address, which the company uses to contact a person if they forget their password.

Once the account is created, you must fill in a basic form which creates your applicant profile. This profile contains necessary information such as your address, phone number, email address, and specific skills that you possess. The page with the profile allows you to upload a resume and cover letter. Then, you take this profile and access the job search portal.

Job Search Portal

The job search portal allows the applicant to search for jobs all across the country. You can search for jobs by keyword, job field, country, state, and city. A service at the bottom of the page allows you to enter your email address and receive tailored new job alerts.

Once you select a job, the website will display a description of the position along with any associated requirements. There is a button that will import your employment information from Linkedin over to the Under Armour application.

Job Areas

  • Corporate: These jobs exist across the country and comprise all aspects of Under Armour’s business. They may include business IT partner, account manager, or senior media analyst.
  • Distribution: This branch of the company deals with getting products from wholesalers to retailers and from development to the showroom floor. Jobs include warehouse teammates and industrial engineers.
  • International: The international jobs that the company offers are the same as domestic jobs but located in other countries. These positions involve building the Under Armour brand in countries that do not already have the product.
  • Internship: Under Armour offers a variety of courses to help build their growing workforce. These positions include digital marketing and product development,
  • Retail Field: This field is by far the largest in the company, with over 500 positions available at any time. Retail employees stock and serve the stores that sell Under Armor products across the country, and jobs are offered at every level from management to part-time employees. Positions include seasonal sales teammates in California, part-time stock teammates in New Jersey, and a store manager position in Oklahoma.


The Under Armour application itself begins with necessary identifying information, some of which can be filled in from the applicant’s resume or profile. This information includes name, date of birth, and address.

Some of this information can be imported either from the resume or a person’s Linkedin profile. Details like full name and birth date are required, while others are voluntary.


A uploaded resume and cover letter are required for every Under Armour application. Resumes must list a person’s employment history, education, and other achievements that may qualify an employee for the job they are applying for.

Cover letters introduce an employee to a company and may offer a summary of much of the information in a resume, along with a review of why they are applying to work at the company.

Employment History

Then, the application requests a detailed analysis of the individual’s employment history, including if they have ever worked at Under Armour before and what positions they had at other companies. Applicants must enter salary information and list their desired salary.

Those familiar with Under Armour’s application process recommend that applicants list as many details about their employment history as they think are relevant. Any gaps in a resume or employment history may throw up a red flag for the person reading the application.

Self-Identification and Unique Status

There are sections for self-identification, a reasonable accommodation notice, and an area where one can list whether they are a veteran. Those who can show that they are a veteran will receive preferential status in the hiring process.

A legal waiver caps off the first portion of this extended application. This waiver must be signed for any form to go through processing.


The next portion of the Under Armour application is a series of questions.

  • Under Armour asks about work eligibility and if a person will need their visas sponsored by the company.
  • The application then asks about previous employment at the company and the dates when an individual worked for this company.
  • Then, the company asks about any non-compete agreements the individual may have signed in the past. If a person has signed non-compete agreements, the entire text must be reproduced in the area for the application to be accepted.
  • Finally, there are questions about the ability of a person to complete the tasks of the job and a question about working nights and weekends for managers.
  • Other applications have slightly different questions about customer service or accounting.

Minimum Age for Employment

The minimum age for employment at Under Armour is 18 years old. Part of the verification process for new employees is verification of their age to make sure they are over 18. For retail positions, there are often no experience or education requirements. Applicants without experience or a high school degree are sometimes hired to introductory sales and stocking positions. However, completing a GED or a college degree will significantly increase your chances of landing a retail job.

These achievements may also lead to a higher chance of securing a wage higher than minimum wage. Corporate and distribution positions require a degree plus at least a year of experience even for entry-level positions.

Under Armour Hours of Operation

Most Under Armour locations are open from 10:00 AM-8:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 AM-7:00 PM on Sundays. The work hours for corporate positions and positions at the company headquarters vary.

Under Armour’s flagship location in Baltimore, for example, is open from 5:00 AM-9:00 PM, Monday through Friday; 9:00 AM-3:00 PM on Saturdays; and 9:00 AM-1:00 PM on Sundays.

Entry Level Careers and Respective Income at Under Armour

The primary entry level careers at Under Armour are sales associates and stocking associates. These positions can be either part-time or full-time, with full-time jobs earning full benefits.

Most entry-level employees start out at a wage of $10 an hour for retail positions and $15 an hour for higher-level marketing and design positions.

Under Armour Careers in Management

At Under Armour, management is a high-demand and rewarding position like with most other retail jobs. Management positions at Under Armour require 2-3 years of general management experience. Job postings often suggest that expertise comes from retail jobs, but retail management is not necessary. Other requirements of a manager include technological proficiency, ability to work a flexible schedule, and the ability to move or handle merchandise up to 25 pounds.

Assistant store managers make an average of around $41,000 per year, while store managers make about $56,000 and associate managers make approximately $12.80 an hour. Store managers could eventually be promoted to regional managers who oversee many stores. But these positions require more years of experience and near-constant traveling.

Benefits of Working at Under Armour

Under Armour provides several benefits that extend past most retail and sales jobs.

  • Full-time employees at the company are eligible for health insurance, disability insurance, and dental and vision coverage.
  • The 401(k) program at the company allows for a full match up to 3% of an employee’s earnings and half of a dollar-for-dollar match on the next 2%. This plan is more generous than most other companies that only match on the first 3% of a person’s salary.
  • Charles Schwab runs the employee-owned stock plan, where employees can contribute up to $2,500 per year buying Class C Under Armour stock at a discount.
  • The company offers discounts on their products with a buy-one-get-one-free discount being the most common.
  • For employees who qualify, there are also tuition reimbursement programs that help employees that are students while they work for the company and free training programs that help employees hone skills that are useful to the company.
  • Being an athletic company, it makes sense that Under Armour also provides many different health and wellness benefits to its employees. Under Armour offers a tobacco cessation program to help its employees stop smoking. There is also a 24/7 health advocate service.
  • For specific locations, Under Armour provides a nutrition-focused cafeteria serving fresh produce and healthy meals, along with an onsite gym. This onsite gym is open more extended hours than the store is open and is free to use for employees.

Basic Tips for Applying at Under Armour

Many retail jobs are interchangeable with the skills in use. Customer service and attention to detail can be helpful for selling everything from calendars to pools. Under Armour’s niche focus means it is a little different and requires a separate discussion. Anybody who wants to work at Under Armour needs to have a basic familiarity with athletics. The job will consist of frequent interactions with athletes and an understanding of what athletes need to succeed.

Your application should reflect at least some experience with athletes, play sports, or the sports business. Applicants should also be familiar with customer service and brand management. Under Armour is famous for a brand with a reputation for toughness and durability on the athletic field. Applicants must be willing to bring the kind of energy and thoughtfulness required to handle the many requests of its athletic customers.

Under Armour Interview Tips

An Under Armour interview will be like any other interview, in that the interviewer expects the applicant to have done their homework beforehand. Be ready to know and understand about Under Armour’s business. Many Under Armour interviewees report questions about their athletic history and the field that they are applying to. Applicants interviewing for a role in sales will be asked about their broad experience in sales and how they can bring their ideas into a dynamic, forward-thinking company. If you are considering an application, know that the employers at Under Armour have considerable experience in the field and will want smart, sophisticated answers to their questions. Applicants will be asked about challenges they have faced and their greatest strengths and weaknesses.

As a unique brand, Under Armour also asks a few questions that may catch an unsuspecting applicant off-guard. These include if the applicant can handle working around attractive colleagues wearing workout gear, or if they watch some of the television shows that Under Armour sells equipment to promote. Make sure that you do not stammer and have a careful, well-planned answer to one of these questions.

Working at Under Armour

Employment at this company can be an exciting opportunity to work with customers and a brand beloved around the country. Once you slog through the application process and pass the interview stage, you can start getting to know how athletes work and how the company’s products meet their needs. If you are interested in this business, start your research now and learn more about the salary and job opening information you need to get started.

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