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Employment at Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a forerunner in the fashion industry with a variety of clothing options for men, women, and children. The company began as a small coat shop in 1968. Since then, it became a fashion chain generating more than $7 billion in annual sales. Below you can find a guide for a Calvin Klein application, if this company from the retail field just gave you a smile.

Calvin Klein is always looking for talented people to join their team. From design to sales, there is something for every skill level. The company hires people to work in their stores around the world. Calvin Klein prides itself on valuing community, diversity, human rights, and the environment.

Calvin Klein Online Job Application

The Calvin Klein form is on their careers website. As there are Calvin Klein stores all over the world, you have lots of options regarding open positions and work locations. There are two separate application processes to follow depending on if you want to work for the company in the United States or if you would like to work for them in another country. You should scroll to the application guide for the option that applies to you.

1. International Calvin Klein Application

To start your request, you will need to create your account with Calvin Klein’s application system. To start this process, you will want to select your desired position and click the Apply button at the top of the page. Make sure you pay attention to the country and city in which each post is located.

Calvin Klein has a relatively simple and fast online application process. Before starting your Calvin Klein application, be ready with the following:

  • Resume;
  • Email address;
  • Phone number (where recruiters may reach you);
  • Mailing address;
  • Date of birth.

After navigating to the Calvin Klein application, you will need to accept their privacy policy before beginning your request.

Entering Your Information

The next step is to begin entering your contact details. This information will be used by recruiters to contact you to confirm your interest and set up an interview.

It is important to note that on the Calvin Klein application you will need to change the country selection before entering your phone number and address, as this company is international. Also note that when you enter your date of birth, you will need to enter it in DD/MM/YYYY format (day of the month first), not the MM/DD/YYYY format that is used in the U.S. If your date of birth is not entered correctly, you will not be able to move forward with your application.

The next step is to confirm that you have permission to work in the country where your desired position is available. If you are still in an immigration process with that country, you may select Yes and be sure to let your recruiter know the status of your paperwork when they contact you. Please note that you will not receive formal employment documents until you have legal permission to work in that country. So, you should plan your applications accordingly.

The Calvin Klein application page will then prompt you to indicate if you are applying for a non-internship position. If you select Yes, you will need to enter your most recent employment information. You will enter your most current salary and the salary you are expecting from your new position.

As you complete each page of your Calvin Klein application, you need to answer each question and make sure every field is completed. The application only consists of three screens before submission. Pay attention to each page and make sure you follow and specific directions for your desired position.

Attaching your Resume

After you complete your information page, you will be directed to the attachments screen. Here you will upload a copy of your resume and any other documents you want to include. You may want to consider attaching the following:

  • Cover letter detailing your qualifications;
  • Any professional certifications or awards;
  • Proof of any educational degrees listed on your resume (transcripts or diplomas).

You are only able to submit one application at a time through the Calvin Klein application system. If you want to apply for multiple positions or different stores, you will need to submit a separate application each time. This will require you to upload or enter in your resume information for each application as well.

The final screen is where you certify that you are ready to submit your application. Make sure any documents that you want to attach were included on the previous page, as you cannot change anything once you submit.

Once you pass the submitting stage, you can expect to be contacted by a recruiter within a few days to weeks, depending on each store’s timeline. You can communicate with the local store directly to check the status of your application if desired.

2. The United States Calvin Klein Application

To search for a Calvin Klein position in the U.S., you will want to visit their U.S. careers page. Once on this page, you can review the company values (the same as the international company) and search for open positions in the state of your choosing.

You can search for retail store positions or corporate positions within the enterprise. Once you select a position, you will begin your Calvin Klein application. PVH manages three distinct brands including Calvin Klein in the U.S. Keep this in mind while you are looking for open positions.

The website directly links to the Indeed platform to make applying quick and easy. Just upload your resume and type in a customized cover letter detailing your qualifications for the position. Submit your application at the bottom, and a representative will contact you to set up an interview.

Corporate applicants can apply using LinkedIn profiles instead of Indeed.

Minimum Requirements to Work with Calvin Klein

You must be at least 18 years old to work for Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein Working Hours

Your work schedule will depend on the location and position you want. Corporate hours are slightly different than retail locations and vary by state and country. Your availability will also be a factor in determining your working hours. Calvin Klein offers full time and part time employment. The company also offers comprehensive benefits to qualified employees (qualifications for advantages and benefits provided will also vary by location).

Income Expectations

  • How much you will make working for Calvin Klein depends on your position. Retail jobs usually average between $9-11 per hour.
  • Manager jobs vary from $29,000-46,000 per year depending on the level of management, experience, and location.
  • Designers with Calvin Klein can make as much as $ 76,000 annually.

Calvin Klein offers competitive internships at multiple levels, all of which are paid. Hourly wages for interns vary slightly but are comparable to minimum wage rates. These courses are also eligible for college credits. You can select courses from this page.

Career Options with Calvin Klein

Listed below are some of the available career opportunities through Calvin Klein.

  • Retail Associate;
  • Retail manager;
  • Floor Associate;
  • Store manager;
  • Account Executive;
  • Company Paralegal;
  • Designer;
  • Pattern Cutter;
  • Floor Supervisor;
  • Stock Associate;
  • District Manager;
  • Human Resources Coordinator.

There are many avenues to explore with Calvin Klein. With the array of options offered by the company, there is something to match most experience levels.


You should note that modeling for Calvin Klein is highly competitive and is managed through an entirely different process that what the one we detailed here.

Models interested in working with this brand will need to work through their modeling agency or representative to secure an interview through their selection process.

Basic Tips for Applying with Calvin Klein

One thing to consider before beginning your Calvin Klein application is the company’s mission to deliver high-quality fashion while respecting all aspects of diversity and humanity. The company is making a push for increasing diversity in their recruiting efforts to remain competitive in the industry. The company’s core values are:

  • Individuality;
  • Partnership;
  • Passion;
  • Integrity;
  • Accountability.

What to Expect from the Interview

The Calvin Klein hiring process is typically a single meeting held by one person with one applicant at a time. The meeting usually takes about an hour. Applicants will meet with a human resources representative to complete forms the same day in the case of a callback. The callback timeframe is usually about three days. The Calvin Klein personnel may contact some applicants later if they place them on a waitlist. Those applicants could be contacted months later, depending on hiring needs and offers.

Most of the Calvin Klein interview questions evaluate your ability to work as part of a team and your future career aspirations. Hiring managers ask issues such as:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What do you like/dislike about retail?
  • What were your past jobs?
  • What can you bring to the Calvin Klein team?

The Ideal Candidate

As one of the leaders in the fashion industry, Calvin Klein retailers look for applicants with a strong personal style and an outgoing and engaging personality. Most of the open positions are in the customer service department. These jobs require constant interactions with their clients and workers need to be comfortable making product recommendations that will match what the customer wants and needs. Employees will need to be able to work with multiple customers at the same time while maintaining an elevated level of professional service.

The ideal candidate should bring their resume to the interview, rather than expecting the hiring manager to have it on hand. You should wear fashionable clothing, either Calvin Klein fashions or similar styles during your interview.

Benefits of Working for Calvin Klein

Aside from being able to work for one of the most famous fashion companies in the world, employees of Calvin Klein enjoy many benefits:

  • Medical Insurance;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Domestic partner benefits;
  • Corporate Wellness Program;
  • Discounts on clothing;
  • Professional development;
  • College scholarships for children of associates;
  • Educational assistance programs for employees.

Frequently Asked Calvin Klein Applicant Questions

Below you can find some of the most commonly asked questions from those completing their Calvin Klein application and their answers.

  • When do I find out if I got the job? Calvin Klein usually makes their hiring decisions during the last interview session.
  • What should I know going into my interview? The company is looking for professionals who know the brand. Currently, jeans and underwear are their top-selling products worldwide.
  • What is the dress code for working at Calvin Klein? Some positions require a full suit. However, for most jobs you only need a white top with blank dress pants.

Working for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is looking for employees who will promote their core values. Their workforce is increasingly diverse, and the company values individuality as highly as professionalism.

Employees report a friendly and professional organizational culture that works to promote from within and develop talented employees professionally. If you want a career in the fast-growing fashion industry working with an expanding brand, Calvin Klein is an excellent choice.

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