Play It Again Sports Application

Employment with Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports is an exciting company devoted to helping sports and activities lovers find an affordable, dependable way to participate in their favorite past times. Play It Again Sports is a place where you can sell your used sporting equipment or buy equipment that you need at a lower price than new merchandise. You don’t need to make an appointment to bring in your gear. Also, stores are stocked with used materials to ensure there is something for almost everyone.

Working for Play It Again Sports is an opportunity to help play sports more accessible in your community. It is also a chance to use your sports knowledge while gaining valuable retail experience in today’s growing market.

The guide below will help you create a successful Play It Again Sports application and begins an exciting chapter in your retail career.

Play It Again Sports Application

Play It Again Sports has over 400 stores throughout the United States and Canada. The company is starting in 1983 and has used a franchising model to promote community development and involvement.

If you are ready to start your Play It Again Sports application; you will need to download a copy of it, fill it out completely, and bring it to your local Play It Again location. You can find sites and download the application by using this page. If you know where your local store is and you just need the application, you can download it here. Play It Again Sports stores are frequently hiring new employees.

As you sit down to work on your paper Play It Again Sports application, you will want to note the Equal Opportunity Employer clause found on the front page of the application. You do not need to turn this page in with your application, but you should review it for your records.

The first step in filling out the application is to provide your personal and contact information. This includes your date of birth and social security number. This information will be used to process your request and track the status of your employment. Play It Again may also initiate a background check, and your information will be necessary for that process as well.

You must indicate your work available on the next section of your application. You should note any scheduling limitations such as classes or family obligations in this part of your application. This will make the scheduling process easier if you receive a job offer.

Experience Data

Next, you need to write on your application if you have been hired by the company before and if so, what were the circumstances. If you have ever used a different name (maiden names, etc.), you need to provide that information as well.

The next section asks you to certify that you can complete the job requirements with reasonable accommodations. Working for Play It Again Sports may require standing, sitting, lifting, and moving heavy equipment. You will also be expected to interact with customers who are looking to buy or sell their gear. If you feel you can perform these duties, select Yes. If you have any experience in the military, you should also indicate this information before moving to the Education section of your Play It Again Sports application.

You will need to provide a full education history for your Play It Again Sports application. List names, years attended, and degrees/diplomas/certificates earned at each educational institution.

The second page of the Play It Again Sports application asks you for your work skills. You simply fill in the skills you have in each area listed.

You must next write in your employment history. You may attach a copy of your resume when you turn in your application, but you should also fill in this section entirely.

There is a statement at the bottom of your form asking you to agree to a company background check. You must submit to this check to process your Play It Again Sports application.

Completing Your Application

The final page in the application asks you for three references. These should be non-relatives who can attest to your skills and experiences.

You need to sign off that you understand Play It Again Sports’ terms and conditions of employment. All Play It Again Sports employees must acknowledge that they are at-will employees whose services may be terminated with or without cause at the discretion of the company.

Make sure that you sign and date your application before you submit it to the store location of your choosing. Make sure you are dressed professionally when you turn in your Play It Again Sports application to make the best impression possible. You may be scheduled for an interview right away or contacted in a few days.

Minimum Requirements to Work for Play It Again Sports

There are a handful of needs for Play It Again Sports employees. You must meet these requirements before you apply.

  • 16 years of age or older;
  • Ability to pass a company background check;
  • Strong customer service skills;
  • Basic knowledge of sporting equipment;
  • Desire to learn detailed information about sporting equipment.

Play It Again Sports Working Hours

Play It Again Sports will try to work with any scheduling limitations that you have. Most stores are open from 10 AM until 8 PM Monday through Saturday, and 12 PM until 5 PM on Sundays. Opening and closing shifts may be necessary. Weekend and evening work may also be required depending on the store’s needs.

Income Expectations with Play It Again Sports

The rate of pay is often determined by experience and position that you desire. Two of the most commonly applied for jobs, sales associate and store manager, are described below regarding income expectations.

  • Sales Associates can expect to earn around $9.00 per hour. Associates are responsible for essential customer service functions at Play It Again Sports. These services include processing payments and purchases, stocking and merchandising, and promotion. Associates must also be comfortable determining the value of equipment brought in by customers looking to sell. Those with a passion and knowledge for the sports industry have a higher chance of success with the company.
  • Assistant Managers are responsible for direct operations in Play It Again Sports outlets and is supervised by store managers. Assistant managers earn about $11.50 per hour. They also are responsible for training fresh staff, closing procedures, payments, and purchases as needed, assessing large trade-ins, and ordering new inventory. Assistant managers are also expected to help customers with their questions and concerns about merchandise. A high school diploma is typically sufficient education to obtain a manager position. Assistant Managers are often promoted to Store Managers over time.

Other Careers with Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports offers hourly positions in the following categories:

  • Team Member;
  • Sales Associate;
  • Delivery Agent;
  • Seasonal Associate;
  • Cashier;
  • Customer Service Representative;
  • Sales/Service Clerk;
  • Assistant Manager;
  • Store Manager.

Basic Tips for Applying with Play It Again Sports

Completing and submitting your Play It Again Sports application is a simple, in-person process. Making sure you make a good impression whenever you enter the store to inquire about your application while help your chances of being hired. Make sure you show a strong interest in the merchandise so that managers know you are knowledgeable and personable.

Outgoing personalities usually do well working for Play It Again Sports. The job requires a great deal of outstanding customer service and a strong knowledge of the products sold and bought by the company. If you don’t mind learning new things about equipment with which you may not be familiar, anything you aren’t sure about will just be a learning experience early on in your employment. You will be a sporting goods expert before you know it!

During the hiring process, make sure you are available to return any phone calls regarding your application. Remain flexible in scheduling interviews and make sure you attend every interview on time and prepared. Interviewers may ask you questions like the following:

  • What sports have you played or do you play now?
  • Do you have any experience in retail?
  • Describe a time when you displayed leadership among your peers.
  • Tell me about a time you have worked with a team to accomplish something.
  • Explain a time when you led a team.
  • What can you offer our sales team?

Practicing your responses to these questions will help you seem more polished and prepared during your interview. If desired, have a friend role play with you to help simulate the interview experience.

Benefits of Working for Play It Again Sports

The Play it Again Sports website lists the following benefits to working for their company:

  • Full and part-time positions in many areas;
  • Competitive pay rates for the industry;
  • Flexible schedules that will work around your needs;
  • A generous employee discounts package.

Frequently Asked Play It Again Sports Application Questions

Some common Play It Again Sports application questions are answered below.

  • Is there an online application? At the current time, there is only a paper application. Applicants must complete the forms and bring them to a physical store. Using the steps outlined above will help guide you through the paper application.
  • If I don’t have any retail experience can I still apply? The company does hire people without retail experience. However, you must have excellent communication skills, a solid knowledge of various sporting equipment, and a passion for working with people in a sales environment.
  • Do I have to have previous sports experience? It is highly recommended that you have a background in sports so that you are familiar with the types of equipment that you will be buying and selling. As your job will require you to assess the value of equipment and help customers find what they need, your knowledge base in the field is important.

Working for Play It Again Sports

If you are a formidable team player with experience playing diverse types of sports and a passion for working with people, a career with Play It Again Sports will help you reach those goals. You will have the opportunity to display your knowledge of equipment and sports activities. You will get to interact with a diverse customer base every day. You will have chances for advancement as most franchises prefer to promote from within.

Whether you are looking for a full-time career or a part time job, Play It Again Sports offers a fun and exciting work environment where you can develop your skills. The company boasts a generous employee discount. Moreover, you are likely to see equipment come through the store that you can use in your own sporting activities. If this opportunity sounds like a good next move for you, make sure you use this guide to help you complete a competitive Play It Again Sports application.

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