Bloomingdale’s Application

Employment at Bloomingdale’s

Whether you are looking for seasonal work, retail and customer service experience, or a position in retail management, Bloomingdale’s has a place for you! They offer a simple online job application process.

This article will take you through the steps necessary to complete your Bloomingdales job application. You will also find information about working for Bloomingdales and tips for your interview day.

Bloomindales Application

Navigating to the Bloomingdales career page will allow you to build your online Bloomingdale’s application.

The company hires employees on a rolling basis in the following departments:

  • Retail Sales;
  • Store Management;

The retail sales department offers the following positions:

  • Retail Sales;
  • Cosmetics and Beauty;
  • Outlet Sales;
  • Asset Protection;
  • Food Service;
  • Direct to Consumer/Fulfillment.

The store management department includes corporate positions and offers the following positions:

  • Restaurant Manager;
  • General Manager;
  • Merchandise Director;
  • Group Sales Manager;
  • Business Manager;
  • Sales Manager;
  • Division Sales Manager;
  • Operating Assistant
  • Corporate positions (including Human Resources).

The technology department at Bloomingdale’s offers the following positions:

  • Software Engineering and Technology;
  • Business Analyst;
  • Customer Experience;
  • Developer;
  • Development;
  • Information Technology;
  • Internet Production;
  • Operations & Field Services;
  • Product/Project Management;
  • QA Testing;
  • Site Merchandising.

When you decide which department you would like to apply with, simply click on their icon on the website. You will see the departments listed in the middle of the careers page, you may need to scroll down to see all the departments.

Selecting a Job

Next, you will need to select the job for which you would like to apply. You can sort the available jobs by department, sub-department, and location. When you have found a position that interests you, select the purple Apply button on the right-hand side of the page.

Creating a Profile

Selecting the job and clicking on the Apply button will lead you to the screen where you can create your profile. You will need to select Create an account as a new user. This will allow you to enter your email address, select a username, and enter a secure password.

Once you have created your account, there are 11 steps to completing and submitting your Bloomingdale’s application.

1. Importing Your Profile

Here you have the option to import your profile data from your Indeed or LinkedIn network profile. You can also import your information using a resume. Simply select the upload option and follow the prompts to upload your document. If you prefer, you can also enter your profile information manually.

2. Uploading Documents

If you do upload a resume, you will be directed to a second page where you must click Save and continue to upload your documents.

3. Providing Contact Information

This page contains all your basic information such as your name, address, contact information, etc. Make sure all this information is correct before moving on. If you uploaded a resume or profile, these fields should be pre-populated. But there are some drop down tabs you must select before you will be able to move on to step 4.

4. Work Status

On this page, you will certify your legal working status. You will also certify your age here. You must answer these questions completely and honestly to avoid problems with your Bloomingdale’s application down the line.

5. Work Experience

You must verify that your work experience is complete and correct. Make sure your position and company names are entered properly, especially if you imported data from a document.

6. Education and Salary Requirements

This page will ask you to select your highest level of education completed. You will also select your desired salary and indicate if you are negotiable or firm on your salary rate.

7. Equal Opportunity

You may select your equal opportunity or opt to not provide this information. You must make a selection, even if you are selecting to not provide this information, before you can go to step 8.

8. Tax Survey

Here you have the option to participate in a tax survey that will be provided to program supervisors and hiring managers. Your decision to complete this survey has no bearing on your application or potential for hire. If you do select to complete the survey, you will be redirected to another page and brought back to the application when you have finished. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete.

9. Disclosure Statements

Here you simply need to read over the statements provided and accept each one. You also need to check that you consent to a background check.

10. Electronic Signature

When you have viewed all the disclosure documents, you will be prompted to provide your electronic signature in the box below.

11. Submitting Your Final Bloomingdale’s Application

The last step is to verify that you have included all necessary information and have attached all appropriate documentation for the position to which you are applying. If everything looks right, you can submit your application with a simple touch of a button.

Minimum Age for Employment at Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdales will hire teens who are 16-18 years of age for seasonal and retail positions, especially during holiday seasons. Entry level positions are open to those with little or no retail experience. Also, the company values retention and employee promotion.

Younger employees and those new to retail should apply for retail assistant and similar in-store positions that will allow them to learn the skills necessary to move up through the company’s structure.

Bloomingdale’s Hours of Operation

Most Bloomingdales stores have hours of operation 7 days a week. The exact hours vary by state and location. They also depend on if the store is in a mall or an outlet strip.

You can find the hours of your local store by visiting the Bloomingdales store locator website.

Entry Level Bloomindale’s Careers and Respective Income

Entry-level employees can expect to make between $12-15 per hour. Bloomingdales is known for hiring from within for managerial positions. They recommend you work in your current position for at least one year before applying for a higher position.

You also will need your current supervisor’s approval before submitting your application.

Bloomingdale’s Careers in Management

If you are interested in applying for a management career with Bloomingdale’s, you will need to have a combination of retail and leadership experience or demonstrated skills. Successful managers have strong interpersonal skills, are highly motivated, and have good organizational skills.

There are entry level management positions designed for people who have years of experience in retail sales and are ready to start a management career. While department store experience is preferred, it is not a requirement for potential managers.

Benefits of Working at Bloomingdales

  • Employees can expect comprehensive medical and dental programs if they are full-time, eligible employees.
  • Once you are hired, you can speak with a human resources specialist about your options. Available benefits can extend to cover your spouse and dependents as well.
  • The health insurance for Bloomingdale’s employees includes optional participation in their Live Healthy Wellness Program. This program offers screenings, lifestyle coaching, tobacco cessation programs, flu shot clinics, and a nurse hotline.
  • Employees also have the option to enroll in a 401K and a flexible spending account to help prepare for a successful financial future.
  • Other employee benefits include paid time off and sick days, tuition assistance, employee discounts and employee recognition programs. These benefits are usually offered to full-time employees after an initial probationary period.

Basic Tips for Your Bloomindale’s Application

You should complete your Bloomingdale’s application carefully to avoid issues with processing your paperwork accurately if you receive a position. If you are applying for a management or corporate position, you should be sure to include all records of education and trainings including diplomas, transcripts, and certificates, in the attachment section of your application (step 1).

When submitting your Bloomingdale’s application, you also should double and triple-check to make sure you have included all relevant work experience. If you are an entry level applicant with limited or no work experience, you should list any school activities or community service you have completed under supervision in place of paid positions.

A successful Bloomingdale’s application also provide thorough contact information. Hiring specialists may reach out to you via email or phone call, so making sure you have provided both will help ensure your application is processed in a timely manner.

Bloomingdales Interview Tips

The following tips will help you on the day of your interview with a Bloomingdales hiring manager:

  • Dress professionally. Black pants and a white or neutral top are commonly worn by Bloomingdales employees in department store positions. You may also prefer to dress in a suit with a blazer depending on your style.
  • Bring your resume. This always shows a certain level of organization and preparation, even though you uploaded your resume to your online application.
  • Answer all questions completely. Feel free to use examples from previous work experiences to show your knowledge of the topic discussed.
  • Ask questions. Employers are impressed with those who come prepared with questions of their own about the company or expectations.
  • Always thank your interviewer. Be cordial and friendly. At the end of your interview, it is okay to ask about the timeline from this point.

Frequently Asked Bloomingdale’s Interview Questions

The questions you will be asked will depend slightly on the position for which you are applying. But some frequent questions asked are listed below:

  • What is your estimated salary?
  • What is one fashion trend that you never want to see come back?
  • Why our company?
  • What is a single page app and what are its disadvantages? (technology)
  • Who is your style inspiration?
  • What impression do you have of Bloomingdale’s?
  • What is your five-year goal?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Tell me about a time you had to report a Manager/Supervisor/Leader for the sake of your job. How does your experience qualify you for this job?
  • How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

Some people will complete a phone interview first followed by an in-person interview. Most candidates are contacted for an interview within a week or two after submitting their application. Job offers can be made on the spot, a few days, or even a few weeks after, depending on the needs of the company and how quickly they need to supply staff. Your hiring manager should be able to tell you how long you should expect to wait to receive a job offer after your interview. Sales positions frequently consist of a group interview. Managerial positions include a timed activity.

Working at Bloomingdale’s

After submitting a solid Bloomingdale’s application and being offered a position, you can expect to begin work as soon as Human Resources processed your paperwork. Your experience will consist of a period of training (depending on your position and experience) and a probationary period.

Employees have shared positive experiences with working for this department store, despite a decline in department store success in recent years. If you would like to look at a thorough collection of company reviews before submitting your Bloomingdales application, you can find them online.

If you are looking for an exciting and modern retail department store experience, Bloomingdale’s is a positive and employee-driven company that will treat you like more than just an employee. While no company is perfect, Bloomingdale’s welcomes feedback from their workers and has systems in place to improve in a constantly changing market. Submitting your Bloomingdale’s application is the first step in starting a splendid work experience.

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