Zumiez Application: Everything You Need to Know to Land the Job

If you are an action sports enthusiast, then you probably know of the name Zumiez. When you are passionate about these sports, there is no better place to work than this company. It focuses on providing the ultimate in clothing, equipment, and gear for those who love action sports. Being able to work in such an environment is a dream come true for someone like you, so you should fill out a Zumiez application today to start your career.

However, before you put pen to paper, you might want to learn a bit more about the company and what to expect as you apply for a position. This will help you to make the best first impression and start with the company on a good note.

Zumiez Background Information

Zumiez is an American clothing store focused on apparel and clothing for action sports, such as skating, snowboarding, motocross, and surfing. Thomas D. Campion founded the company in 1978, and the first store opened in Seattle, Washington. Initially, the stored sold clothing for young men and women, but changed its focus to sportswear, specifically active and extreme sportswear, in the 1980s. This was also when its name changed from Above the Belt to Zumiez.

The company focuses on young men and women between the ages of 12 and 24 who are active in action sports. The products sold by Zumiez include tops, bottoms, and outerwear. Zumiez also sells accessories, such as caps, belts, bags and backpacks, and sunglasses. The footwear products are action sports related athletic shoes and sandals, which cater to all tastes and needs when it comes to this kind of product. Zumiez sells equipment, too, such as skateboards and snowboards, and gear, such as boots and bindings. All Zumiez products come from respected brands that are well known by those practicing these sports.

The success of the stores is mainly due to the subculture it promotes and to the fact that it manages to quickly discover the new trends in the business. Whatever the sport, customers are sure to find many options for clothing and equipment at Zumiez.

There are over 500 Zumiez stores in the United States and Canada, most of them located in malls. The number of stores is constantly growing at a steady pace. There are also over 6,000 Zumiez employees, and this number is always growing, too.

The Zumiez Application Process

When you have an interest in Zumiez careers, the best way to learn about open positions or fill out a Zumiez application is directly on the company’s careers page where there is access to the online application form and information about current openings. Since this is updated regularly, it offers the most up-to-date information.

There are several types of Zumiez careers available, depending on where you want to work and what kind of position you desire. You can work in a store, distribution center, or home office. You can also find careers in web fulfillment and customer care. The most popular and available positions are those in the retail stores, which are mostly located in shopping malls.

Once you know which position you want and choose your location, you can click on the link to get to the online application. If you aren’t sure about which position to apply for, you also have the option of exploring positions available in sales, customer care, distribution, or at the home office.

Once you are ready, you will click the link that says external applicants. This will lead you to the Zumiez application site where you will need to create an account to begin. To do so, you will provide an email address and create a password. You will need to follow the directions to completely set up your online account.

After you create your account, you can upload your resume. Make sure to create a professional resume that highlights the skills that relate to the job for which you want to apply.  You will then need to give all your personal information, including name, address, phone number, and zip code. After providing this mandatory information, you will state your work availability and what type of schedule you want, such as only on weekdays or on weekends.

The next part requires you to give details about any previous work experience, including the names and contact details of supervisors. After filling in this information, you will provide information about your desired wage, your willingness to relocate, and about any foreign languages you might speak. You will also answer the following questions:

  • Have you ever worked for Zumiez before?
  • Are you at least 16 years of age or older?

After answering them, you must confirm and submit your Zumiez application.

You will then provide some information the company needs for legal reasons. This is all voluntary and includes disclosing your gender and race and veteran status. Of course, you can choose not to provide this information without any negative impact on your Zumiez application.

If you want to apply for a store position, then you will also continue to a pre-screening process, which includes the following questions:

  • Are you at least 16 years old?
  • Can you lift/push/pull/carry at least 35 pounds?
  • Can you stand/walk for up to 10 hours a day with limited breaks?
  • What is your current/most recent G.P.A.?
  • Have you been involved in any clubs, teams, or groups in the last three years that may be relevant to this position?
  • Have you ever been in a leadership type role?
  • Is engaging the general public to determine their needs and wants something you’d enjoy doing?
  • If asked to, can you speak to your strengths and weaknesses?

The final step of the Zumiez application process is to fill the tax screening questionnaire. This part requires you to give your Social Security number. After completing this final step, your Zumiez application is complete.

Important Zumiez Employment Information

Before you apply for a position with Zumiez, you should understand some important things about the job and the company. This will help you to ensure that this is the right career choice for you.

First and foremost, you have to be the right age. The minimum age at which you may start working at Zumiez is 16, but each state has its own labor laws and regulations, which could alter this. In addition, some Zumiez careers do require some prior work experience which you would not have at 16 years old. There are also some Zumiez careers that require a minimum age of 18, so always check the age requirement for the specific job before applying.

Another essential thing to note is the Zumiez hours of operation. Zumiez stores are typically located inside shopping malls and generally, follow the mall’s hours of operations. Standard hours from Monday through Friday may differ from those on the weekend. The schedule may also vary during holidays. Do note that Zumiez stores are closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving. Each store will usually have a higher demand for workers evenings and weekends. If you think you can handle this type of schedule, you should submit your Zumiez application today.

Most Popular Zumiez Positions

The most popular Zumiez careers are those located in stores. They include salespersons and managers. Sales careers are easy to obtain because they don’t usually require any work experience or special education. They are a typical entry-level job.

New hires receive all the training needed to do the job. The schedule is usually very flexible, as well. You will typically have a choice between working part-time or full-time and have the opportunity to advance over time to a management position.

Salesperson job description and salary

Before you can submit your Zumiez application, you should try to become more familiar with the position and its requirements and benefits. Salespersons keep the store running and serve customers. In this position, you will greet customers, assist them in their shopping, enter purchases in the computer system, and collect payment.

You need to be able to stand and walk up to ten hours a day and be in good enough physical shape to be able to lift, push, or pull up to 35 pounds. You need to cover the allotted store area and to comply with all the regulations and procedures of the company. You might be required to perform other tasks as directed by your superior, such as cleaning certain store areas or stocking shelves.

Similar to most other major store chains, the salary of this entry-level position at Zumiez usually begins at minimum wage. If you have prior experience, you may start at a slightly higher wage. Do note that you may have the chance to take extra hours and shifts, thus increasing your pay.

Assistant manager job description and duties

Just like any other company, Zumiez needs qualified employees to run the stores. Management careers include assistant manager and store manager. Such positions require a high level of work experience since you will be tasked with making sure the store operates properly and the employees stay on task. Usually, the company prefers to promote from within for these positions, but sometimes they also search outside the company when they cannot fill the position.

Assistant managers are responsible for supporting the store manager in all activities, including managing work shifts, completing administrative duties, supervising employees, opening and closing the store, performing inventory audits, and setting up promotional displays. In this position, you will also assist in keeping the store at the highest standard. You may also assist the store manager during the hiring process.

You need to be able to stand and walk up to ten hours a day, along with being in good enough physical shape to be able to lift, push, or pull up to 35 pounds.

Assistant Managers hourly salaries have a higher rate than those of salespersons and might vary from one case to another due to a few factors, such as your prior work experience and location. There are other compensations you may receive in this position, which include cash bonuses based on your store’s performance.

Basic tips for applying at Zumiez

The easiest way to apply for all Zumiez jobs is to do it online. This will not only save you a lot of time but your application also remains active, which means that if you want to apply for other Zumiez careers, you can do so without having to complete the entire Zumiez application form again.

There are some important things to keep in mind as you fill out your application:

  • Follow all the steps and make sure all the information required is correct
  • Make sure your phone number is correct as the hiring manager will contact you using it
  • Carefully read every question and every section of the form
  • Wait to start until you have enough time to fill out the complete application
  • Make sure you remember to submit the form

Benefits at Zumiez

Zumiez employment benefits include 50 percent discounts for clothing and 30 percent discounts for other products for all employees. For entry-level positions, the most important benefit is a flexible work schedule. Salespersons can also qualify for certain bonuses according to their job performance.

Full-time employees have medical and dental insurance and retirement planning. If you are full-time, you also have paid vacation time, although the number of free days may vary from one store to another and depend on the number of years you have been with the company.

For management employees, the benefits packages are more complex and include life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, dental and medical coverage, retirement plans, and paid time off. Management employees also receive various cash bonuses, which vary according to the store’s performance.

All Zumiez employees receive substantial job training, regardless of their position, and receive great assistance in growing professionally. Submit your Zumiez application today to gain access to these incredible benefits.

Zumiez Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Job interviews at Zumiez are similar to those of other retail stores. It all starts with your Zumiez application, which a hiring manager will review. If the manager thinks that you meet the requirements, he or she will contact you usually over the phone and conduct a very short interview. During this call, you may be asked if you are still interested in the job opportunity, along with a few quick questions.

To prepare for this initial interview and any follow-up interviews, you should read about Zumiez, especially about its products and history. You can do so by visiting the official website. You may also want to find out more details about the position for which you applied. Consider looking on websites where actual or former Zumiez employees talk about their work experience. It could also help if you know a thing or two about the many sports the company targets, and it would be even better if you have a passion for these sports.

After the phone interview, you may be asked to come in for a more formal interview. These are typically conducted by the store manager or assistant manager. During the interview, you may be asked to talk about your prior working experience, availability, willingness to take shifts, and your expectations. The manager will then give you details about the responsibilities of the position and the working conditions, along with talking about the schedule. If you have any questions about the job, now would be the time to ask them.

Although it might seem that Zumiez careers are easy to secure, your behavior during the interview needs to be professional.  The entire discussion should be taken seriously, and all answers should be to the point. All store Zumiez careers involve interacting with customers on a daily basis, so you have to prove you have the right attitude, which should be positive, upbeat, and proactive. The hiring decision will most likely be made on the spot based on the manager’s impression of you during the interview.

Interview tips

Dress nicely. Although the company sells sports clothing and attire, you should not wear such items to the interview. Business casual attire is a good call. Women who wear dresses or skirts should choose some which are not too revealing and also refrain from using excessive makeup.

You should smile often and make it genuine. These careers are all about the customers, and Zumiez employees need to present themselves with a positive attitude. The Zumiez hiring manager needs to be convinced that you are capable of this.

Be calm and in charge. This means not fidgeting or stumbling over your words. Be confident and sure of yourself. Speak with a calm voice at a steady pace, and do not speak too fast or too loudly. Also, never interrupt the hiring manager, and always answer in complete sentences, avoiding using just yes or no.

Make eye contact with the hiring manager. This can be hard for some people, but it shows you are comfortable and respect the person you are interacting with.

Frequently asked interview questions

A Zumiez job interview is not very complicated, but you should still prepare yourself for the process. Some of the most common interview questions focus on the company and the actual job:

  • What was your best customer service experience you have given or had?
  • What makes you smart?
  • Why do you want to work at Zumiez?
  • What do you like to do on your own?
  • Can you work in a fast-paced environment?
  • What do you know about Zumiez?

You may find it makes you feel more at ease if you do some practice interviews before your actual interview. Have someone ask you these questions and practice what you want to say.

We hope that these tips will help you with your Zumiez application. Remember that there are plenty of Zumiez jobs available, so even if you aren’t called for an interview on your first try, you can always try again. Good luck!

Official site: www.zumiez.com

Official career site: Zumiez Careers

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