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Forever 21 is known as a trendy and current fashion retailer for women, men and girls (it’s OK to be under or over 21 to buy their clothes!). Forever 21 currently operates over 480 stores under the banners of Forever 21, Forever XXI,  Love 21 and Heritage 1981 in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America. They sell clothing, footwear, accessories (such as jewelry, bags, belts, etc.) and beauty products. Forever 21 is a fast-growing and positive company that offers a fun and casual workplace with many career opportunities. An entry into the available Forever 21 careers is a positive step in your working life that will provide you with a rewarding and challenging future career.

Forever 21 Online Job Application

A Forever 21 job application form can be found online at the Forever 21 website for job vacancies in any location across the United States including the corporate headquarters (select the “Careers” link at the bottom of the webpage). To search for job vacancies, you can enter job specific keywords or select vacancies by location and/or category (i.e. Retail – In Store, Retail – In Field, and Visual Merchandising or in various corporate roles such as Marketing, Strategic Planning, etc.). Each listed job vacancy details information on where the job is located, if it is full time or part time, the job description, requirements, responsibilities and the required education level. At the bottom of the job description page is a “Submit your Resume to this Job” button to click to submit your Forever 21 application. There is no Forever 21 application PDF to apply with, just the direct online method described above.

Minimum Age for Employment at Forever 21

To be able to work at Forever 21 in the United States, you must be at least 16 years old. During the Forever 21 online application process, you will be requested to confirm that you are of an eligible age to work for the company.

Forever 21 Hours of Operation

The hours of operation for Forever 21 stores varies from one location to another. This can be dependent on if it is a standalone store or one that operates in a shopping mall where the operating hours are set by center management. Generally, the operating hours are 10am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday with slightly shorter hours on Sunday being 11am to 6pm. To confirm exact times for a particular store, it is best to check on the Forever 21 website by clicking on the “Store Locator” link at the top of the webpage and then entering the applicable search information for your local area. The hours of operation at Forever 21 stores will mean that your Forever 21 employment application will involve working a flexible schedule to suit the store you apply for.

Entry-Level Forever 21 Careers and Income

An application for Forever 21 entry-level job vacancies, such as a Sales Associate, will begin at the minimum wage applicable for your state (each state has their own legal minimum wage). Forever 21 store entry-level positions are listed on the job vacancies webpage and the Forever 21 application form as “Sales Associate” and will be either a full-time or part-time position. The job responsibilities for this entry-level position will include sales, customer service and maintenance of store presentation. All the required training, coaching, etc., needed to complete the applicable tasks and to comply with company policy and procedure will be fully provided by Forever 21. This training provides the necessary skills to ensure the store is well maintained and that sales are adequately completed for the store to remain profitable.

Forever 21 Careers in Management

By applying for a management position with a Forever 21 application online, you gain a fantastic opportunity for ongoing development and an excellent career. The company is always looking for skilled and hardworking people to join their workforce. They offer training and leadership programs to develop the management skills of existing and new staff that show potential in management to further strengthen the team structure of Forever 21 and to provide the best possible customer experience and profitable stores. The aim of the company is to support employee career goals in a fun, team-based work environment with strong core values. A career in Forever 21 management may start as a Visual Merchandising Manager, Assistant Store Manager or as a Store Manager. A Forever 21 Store Manager is expected to work varied hours and the applicable salary ranges from $35,000 to $59,000 per year plus sales bonuses. The total salary will vary depending on work experience and the associated cost of living in the location of the store.

Basic Tips for Applying at Forever 21

•   On the Forever 21 website, click the “Careers” link at the bottom of the webpage and then click the “Current Openings” link. You can then select job vacancies by entering keywords or by selecting a location and/or category (i.e. Retail – In Store, Retail – In Field or corporate roles such as Accounting/Finance, Purchasing, Operations, etc.).

•   The list of job vacancies at your selected location will then be displayed. Click on a job vacancy listing link to view the job description, responsibilities and education requirements for the position.

•   To submit a Forever 21 application online form for a job vacancy, select how you heard about the job from a drop-down box, then click on the applicable “Submit your Resume to this Job” link at the bottom of the job description.

•   Then, if you are a first-time user, click on the “Create Your Resume Profile!” link and following the applicable instructions to create a profile and upload a resume . If you are a returning user, you simply need to enter your username and then a password to continue.

•   Your profile information will include general, contact and employment information along with diversity information.

•   Once all the required information is complete, you can submit your Forever 21 job application form and start your path to a new career with Forever 21.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Forever 21

If your Forever 21 application is for a management role, it is highly important that you ensure your resume is current and professionally formatted. The resume you submit should highlight your contact information, employment history, work experience, achievements, skills, education, qualifications and reference contacts. If you do not already have a resume on file, there are many types of  templates you can find online or from word processor programs such as Microsoft Word.  The resume information you submit should also be customized as much as possible to make it totally relevant to the job vacancy you are applying for. This will make your resume stand out from other candidate applications. In addition to your resume, you will be required to answer an online questionnaire for the Forever 21 recruiters to determine your specific work experience and skills applicable to the role you are applying for to ensure you meet all the required criteria for the position and are the best fit for the job.

Benefits at Forever 21

Your successful Forever 21 application will offer you a number of great benefits in addition to your compensation and a casual work environment. Forever 21 offer benefits that can include a 401(k) retirement plan, a bonus scheme, profit sharing (for corporate employees), medical insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, paid vacation leave, sick leave, in-store discounts and employee assistance programs. The company will also provide suitable training programs and work experience to further develop your career to provide the opportunity for promotion and the chance to work up to a management position.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Forever 21

It is best to be well prepared before you attend an interview with Forever 21. Learn as much as you can about the company, what it does and some of its history to help you establish a great impression during the interview. This research allows you to display knowledge on the company and shows you are truly interested in working there. You can also then relate your skills to the company and how they will contribute to its further success. You can conduct your general research on the internet and get company specific history along with facts and figures on the Forever 21 website. Some interesting facts in the history of Forever 21 include the following:

•   Forever 21 started with one 900 square foot store in Los Angeles, California in 1984.

•   By 1989 Forever 21 had 11 stores with an average size now expanded to 5,000 square feet.

•   1995 saw the first store opened outside of California in Florida.

•   By 1997, Forever 21 had 40 stores located across the United States.

•   By 1999, the company was operating in many malls and store size had increased to 9,000 square feet.

•   2001 saw the opening of Forever XXI flagship stores.

•   By 2005, store locations had increased to over 355 across the United States.

•   In 2008, Forever 21 averaged opening 90 new locations each year.

•   The culture of the company is fun, casual, dynamic, energetic and team oriented while supporting diversity in the work place and the community alike.

Your Forever 21 job application is an opportunity to start a fantastic career in a fun, casual work environment with a great supportive culture and benefits such as discounts on the latest fashions. They offer the chance for career development and the possibility to gain promotion to a management position which could lead to corporate and overseas opportunities, too.

To access the Forever 21 Online Application directly, click here.

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