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Sporting Goods Jobs

Do you hate being confined in a room at a desktop dealing with piles of documents and multiple tasks in a sedentary office job? Do you prefer working outdoors? No problem at all. You should fit the profile for sporting goods jobs.

These types of jobs are lucrative if you can translate your devotion to, knowledge of and aptitude for sports into a career. You can step up the career ladder as long as you care to and can make as much as you want. Here are just some of the jobs you can consider in the field of Sporting Goods: manufacturer’s representative, sporting goods store manager, sporting goods salesperson, and small business entrepreneur with your own sports store.

However exciting these jobs could be, they come with special eligibility rules, which candidates should be able to meet. First and foremost, employees in this field need to be enthusiastic and energetic people. For example, they must be physically able to reach, lift and carry an item of 50 pounds maximum, to climb ladders, stoop, bend and spend most of work time moving. These are particular sporting goods store requirements.

In addition, workers in this business should be forearmed with a proper knowledge of sporting goods, namely fishing tools, hunting accessories, archery outfit, guns, etc. They must also never forget about customer service for a moment and have the ability to work well with others. Sometimes working days get so hectic that employees have to deal with hundreds of customers, which is tiresome. No matter in what situation employees are, they have to keep their temper and share a pleasant, smiling attitude with people who come to consult. Every day you will meet people with different personalities. Employees should also keep the sporting equipment neat and arranged.

Managers in this industry must carry out the following tasks as well:

They should plan daily operations, direct employees to achieve a daily goal and then evaluate the results.

As a manager, they should work closely with staff and assign timely duties to them. Conducting rational market research and carrying out SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) assessments is a vital part of managerial duties. When required, sporting goods managers should recruit and train newcomers and potentials. Problem-solving skills under tense situations is a very important asset for both managers and other employees.

As regards to material motivation, here is a common package of benefits an ordinary employee may receive: competitive salary, excellent perks, medical/dental /life insurance, 401(k) pension plan, employee discount and paid vacations. When qualifying you to receive these and extra benefits, companies take your prior working experience into consideration. Any related previous experience will be highly appreciated. On average, people involved in sporting goods jobs make $50,000 yearly.

If you are interested and thinking of making a career in sporting goods jobs, this site has some amazing things you need to be aware of before making your way towards job interviews.

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