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Hennes & Mauritz is one of the most respected fashion brands in the world. Unlike other fashion houses it offers great clothing articles at reasonable prices. This Swedish multinational retail-clothing company has won the hearts of thousands of women, children, teenagers and men who have a good sense of fashion. H&M stores can be found everywhere around the globe. At the moment, the company owns stores in 53 countries which it operates with the help of 116.000 employees.

If you are thinking of applying for a job with the company you should learn a little bit more about the H and M history. Did you know that the first store was launched in 1947 in Vasteras, Sweden? By the end of 2012, the company was already operating 2.629 stores around the world. According to reports, H&m.com is the second-largest global clothing retailer behind Inditex (ZARA’s parent company).

As you would expect from a respectable fashion brand, everything is controlled by the main offices. The Sweden offices foresee production, merchandising and the design process. It will only give the green light to clothing articles that live-up to quality standard. Production for the company is ensured by over 800 factories from Asia and Europe.

H&M is one of the leaders in clothing retail stores around the country.  If you think you are a good fit for such a job you can fill out an H&M job application and test your proficiency in retail clothing store know how against others who are going for the same position.  What makes you stand out in retail?  Are you good with people and with displaying clothing so that people will be interesting in buying it?  Filling out an H&M online application for employment will defiantly be the deciding factor on how well you will do as an employee of the company.

Fashion enthusiasts are usually very excited about starting out their career in the fashion industry with such a prestigious company. Retailers will also be satisfied with a position within one of the world’s largest retail companies for shoes, apparel, bags and clothes. Because the company has so many stores available around the world, you can take advantage of countless of employment opportunities that will help you make your retailing career blossom. But before you rush into submitting your H&M application, you should read the following tips for applying for the job, work perks, responsibilities and interview tricks.

H&M Application – Employment at H&M

People who love working with people will want to fill out an H&M employment application no matter what kind of experience they have had.  This is a good first job for people who want to really learn the ropes of retail and get their feet wet in fashion as well.  The H&M job application form is pretty straight forward with asking personal information questions, what you do now for work or if you’ve had previous employment.  You will want to be as clear and direct as you can on the application so that you can stand out from others.

Without a doubt the fastest way of securing a H&M career is by dropping by the store. While it may be true that applying online is more convenient, some job openings displayed online are no longer available and they may end up confusing and wasting your precious time. If you are truly serious about job openings at H&M you should follow the news shared on the official website. Simply go to the “Career & H&M” section of the site (which can be found at the bottom part), and start browsing through available jobs. You can use the H&M store locator feature to find stores that are closest to you.

H&M Online Job Application

With your H&M job application you will want to show off your special skills and talents by filling in the sections asking about such things with that information.  The H&M application online doesn’t offer a huge area to talk about your personal goals and skills but it should be enough that you get your point across.  You will be able to show off for the hiring manager who reads your H&M application online form that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make the customers happy and that you will go above and beyond what is asked of you to ensure that your job is done well the first time you are asked to do something. This is only one of the things that you can show through your jobs and employment form online.

Minimum Age for Employment at H&M

As with other retail related jobs you will have to show that you are at least 18 years of age or older. When you are filling out your job application online you will give your birthday and Birth Year then when you come in for your interview you will have to show the proper identification with the same matching Birthday so they know that you are of the proper age.Job-seekers under the age of 18 will not be considered for employment.

H&M Store Hours

Most of the retail stores are open during the days of Monday through Saturday from 10am in the morning to 9pm in the evening.  On Sundays the store is open from 12pm Noon in the afternoon to 6pm in the evening.

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sunday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Entry Level H&M Careers and Income

Available H&M Jobs: department manager, sustainability auditor, distribution manager, sales advisor, visual merchandiser, store manager positions, visual key holder, benefits & compensation administrator, business controller, financial analyst, garment technician, purchasing responsible, quotations merchandiser, business and price analyst, buyer, sales adviser, customer care representative, assistant store manager.

There is really only one entry level position offered at H&M and that is a sales advisor position.  That means that you will be working with the people, helping them to find exactly what they are looking for. Helping them to try on clothing and also giving advice on accessories that might go with what they have picked out.  You will be folding clothes and also checking them out and working the cash register and anything else that the management team offers you to do during your shift. You will be making the minimum wage offered in your state but if you have prior experience working in retail you might be able to make a bit more money when you start working.

The good news is that H&M offers a multitude of employment opportunities for more experienced job-seekers. Even entry-level hopefuls who managed to secure a sale associate position can one day move through the ranks and even become managers. Let’s take a look at the most important positions for which H and M jobs are available:

HM Career as Visual Merchandiser:a visual merchandiser has to exactly what the name suggests – to arrange outfits in a way that they will appeal to customers. To be considered for this position you must possess excellent organizational skills. Other job responsibilities include updating corporate sales materials every season and helping out customers with their purchases. The Visual Merchandiser has more responsibilities than the entry-level sale associate, therefore, he will also receive better wage and non-wage perks. If you want to start a HM career as visual merchandiser you must hold a high-school diploma and proof of at least two years of retail merchandising experience. College degrees are also appreciated, but not necessary. H&M visual merchandisers usually earn somewhere between 20.000 and 25.000 dollars per year (this means an hourly pay of approximately 15.00$)

HM Career as Sale Associate:This is the typical entry level position. Anyone has a chance to be considered for this job as long as he/she displays a positive nature, availability to work long hours and energetic personality. H&M is looking for structured individuals who are eager to develop and help clients. For this purpose, excellent intercommunication skills are required. The sale associate should also know how to operate a cash register and information about all clothing articles in the store. Besides regular tasks, the sales advisor must also greet customers, stock shelves and maintain store cleanliness. Do you think you are suitable for such a career? Then head on over to the official portal, use the h&m store locator to find the closest store and submit your H&M application online. The typical salary and compensation for a sales advisor is around 9.00$ per hour.

HM Career as Sales Advisor:It is an universal truth: women and men love fashion, so much so that they are willing to spend hundreds of dollars per month for it. Your job as a sales advisor is to help them make educated decisions regarding clothes. The position of sales advisor is one of the most important one at www.hnm.com. To be a good fit as Sales advisor you must demonstrate multi-tasking skills and lightness of feet. Of course, customer service and intercommunication skills are a must. People who have a friendly, positive personality and sense of style will definitely be considered.

You must understand that working at the store means that you are representing H and M. In other words, your outfits should inspire customers. You may also be required to handle incoming garments and make the store look attractive. Does this sound like something you would do? Then send in your H and M job application as soon possible.

HM Career as Online Customer Service Agent:Do you have a positive nature and great communication skills? If the answer is yes, then the online customer service agent may just be the job for you. Your main mission here is to answer questions and make friends. Good customer service is all about building strong relations. This is the only way to ensure that customers keep coming back. Job-seekers who wish to apply for this position must be able to work well under stress and in a fast-paced environment. They must also take responsibility for their actions and use their own initiative. Remaining updated on current sales activities, strategies and campaigns is also vital. In general, online customer service agents win minimum wage salaries and work their way to the top. Does this sound like something you would be good at? Then don’t wait any longer. Submit your HM application on www.handm.com.

HM Career as Associate in Logistics: If you can work in a fast-paced environment with endless opportunities, then this is the job for you. Of course, this also means that you will have more responsibilities from day one. H&M is looking for motivated individuals who are eager to develop. The logistics associate must unload and sort garments that are shipped every day by containers. They must also keep the premises clean and well maintained. Lastly, the logistics associate must be aware of all sales activities and campaigns. Apply for this position on www.hnm.com.

H&M Careers in Management

There are many careers in management working for H&M including things like Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager and Visual Merchandise manager. Then you have the more technical positions including Designers, Buyers, Visual Key Holders, Financial Analysts, and Pricing Analyst and then you’ve got the Compensation Administrators.  All of these positions give a salary pay instead of going with the hourly pay that a sales associate would get paid.

The H&M Corporate Office in Stockholm, Sweden is a place of vibrant activity. The company is always eager to hire uncommonly gifted individuals who can contribute to the Visual, Interior, IT, or marketing sectors. Typical management roles include department and store manager positions. Department managers H&M careers include responsibilities such as overseeing operations, while store managers have to oversee all operations of H&M locations. Leadership qualities and organizational skills are vital to be considered for hiring. A department store manager usually earns around 35.000$ per year, while a store manager will earn well over 60.000$ per year.

Basic Tips to Apply Online with H&M

When you are filling out the H&M application please make sure that you are filling in all of the spaces that are provided to you.  Do not skip questions or else your application will be incomplete and that could interfere with you getting the job that you are after.  When you are doing the H&M online application it’s a very good idea that you actually cruise around the website for H&M and see what they have to offer, what their policies are and what their mission statement is.

It is also a good idea to read the “tips before you apply” page on the www.h&m.com official site before applying to a job. This will get you around the hassle of H&M US online application. There is also a FAQ section that you should visit to find answers to your questions. According to the company’s policy, before you submit your H and M job application, you should also polish your resume. Do some research on the company’s background and mention only the skills and background work experiences that are relevant to the fashion industry. It’s better to know what you’re getting into than applying without any idea of what you are getting into. By conducting research of available positions and requirements in advance, you will be able to make an educated decision and pick the most suitable job.

Focus on your strengths and highlight your retailing experience (if any). Whatever you write down in your application, should mirror the company’s requirements and vision.

Advanced Tips to Apply Online with H&M

Do your homework and see what it is that the company is looking for in people that actually work for them before filling out your H&M application.  Try to make sure that you actually fit in with the position you are going for and if you do not try to find a position that is more suited to what you not only can do but what you would like to do .  This can turn in to more than just a job for you with a successful H&M online application; it could be a career that you truly stick with the rest of your life and you should treat it as such.

Follow the next tricks and you will definitely have a better time finding a job than ill-informed applicants:

  • Do proper research: we have already mentioned this aspect but we feel the need of stressing its importance. H&M USA inspires thousands of fashion enthusiasts every year. Its company culture is very rich. The only way that you will ever be considered for a job at H&M is if you understand the company’s principles and vision. You should also fit with the company’s spirit.
  • The Application: before applying for a job you must read the ad carefully to make sure that you match requirements. Don’t forget to include all relevant information and papers (for example cover letter, references and resume). Also, you must explain why exactly you are applying for a particular position. Emphasize why you are a very good fit for the company but don’t make your cover letter longer than one page. Nobody has time for that.
  • Check and double check your application. It should be error-free. Applications with spelling and grammar mistakes will be turned down immediately.
  • Wait 24 hours before submitting your application, and re-check it the following day. Ask a friend to read it as well.

H and M Employment Application Status

Now that you have submitted your H and M application on www.hnm.com, all you can do is wait to be contacted. The follow-up will be received via e-mail confirmation. The hiring personnel will take a look at your application and contact you in a maximum of two weeks. You may also be contacted via phone. You can always apply for more jobs and modify your resume online without affecting other application. If you don’t receive an answers in 2-3 weeks you can follow-up via phone-call, visit the store or simply re-submit your application after making some changes to it.

H&M Benefits

When you finish your H&M application you can be sure someone will call you as soon as they want to interview you.  Once you’ve secured your position you can expect to be thrust into a fun and enjoyable fast paced environment with paid training so you get paid to learn what you will be doing in your job. You can be sure they offer a flexible work environment so setting a schedule that is right for you shouldn’t be very hard, especially if you are in school and need to work around that.  Also if you are working full time you can be sure that you’d be able to enjoy their Medical and Dental Programs, Their Employee Assistance Programs and getting a discount on merchandise that is offered in the stores.

H&M Job Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

According to statistics, H&M employs over 94,000 individuals worldwide. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for both entry-level and qualified job applicants. If you are applying for a managerial position you should be prepared for longer, more difficult interviews with managers. They may last anywhere between two and six weeks. For entry-level applications job-seekers will have to submit their H&M job applications online or at the HM locations. If you are called in for an interview you must make sure that you arrive on time.

Although it is not a requirement, it is preferred that you show up wearing H&M clothes. It is a well-known fact that hiring managers prefer candidates who show passion for the brand. Greet your hiring manager with a warm smile and firm handshake. In general, interviews begin with group interviews, and if a candidate is eligible, he will move to one-on-one panel hiring sessions. Always demonstrate confidence (through a firm hand-shake and eye contact), and a positive nature (don’t forget to smile), and you will nail the interview. Persistence and authentic desire for the job are additional traits that are appreciated for H and M jobs. You should also think of preparing several questions for the hiring staff.

Official site: www. H and M jobs .com

Frequently Asked H&M Interview Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked H&M Interview questions. We have read some online reviews, and it seems that most Hm.com jobs require you to answers some of the following questions:

  1. Why are you attracted to fashion?
  2. Why are you interested in Henkels and McCoy careers?
  3. Do you have any experience with the fashion industry?
  4. When you enter a fashion store, what attracts you the most?
  5. How will you encourage a customer to return to the H&M stores?
  6. If you witnessed an argument between two co-workers, what would you do?
  7. Do you work better in a team or on your own?
  8. If you saw a co-worker stealing from the H&M store, what would you do?
  9. What kind of trends do you see at H&M USA?
  10. Should I wear a HM outfit at the interview?
  11. Are you available for work full or part time?
  12. Can you start work immediately?
  13. Can you work during the holidays or weekends?

You are the only one who can come up with the true interview answers. After the interview is finished hiring procedure and formalities will begin. It doesn’t matter if you will be working in a smaller store or one positioned within a mall, because the job description and duties are usually the same. H and M careers are available for both student and full-time workers. Job perks are definitely worth considering, and a career in fashion is extremely exciting. We wish you good luck, we hope that your HM application will be considered and you will start your HM.com careers as soon as possible.

Useful and Interesting Facts about H&M

The H&M Company opened its doors for the first time in 1948 in Vasters, Sweden and it only sold women’s clothing.  In 1968 it started selling men’s clothing after acquiring Mauritz Widforss Assets.  H&M Donates regularly back into the community and in 2011 they did a charity event which went to supply AIDS research and spent 25% to actual individuals who were suffering with the AIDS virus.

To access the H&M Online Application directly, click here.

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