Tractor Supply Co. offers a multitude of products for everything. In general, they have products for home improvement, lawn and farm animal care. The company is a leading retailer business in the United States. They market and provide tens of thousands of individuals a stable career. For instance, they hire both entry-level and experienced applicants for a wide variety of positions. If you meet the company standards, your chances of landing the job are strong.
Knowledge about tractors is not a need to work in the company. On the other hand, there is a lot of different departments to work in and fill the gaps. If you feel you like to work for this company, check the information available on Tractor Supply Co. website. You can check the careers, jobs, and the tractor supply application section of the website.

What Opportunities Do They Offer?

In general, Tractor Supply Co. offers a long list of both part-time and full-time positions at all of their locations. For instance, there are an equal amount of front-end customer service jobs as there are behind the scenes opportunities for the experienced as well as the entry-level worker. Diverse teams handle several aspects of the business including:

  • Filling inventory
  • Distribution
  • Management
  • Retail sales
  • Customer service
  • Sales representatives
  • Warehouse stocking
  • and Team leadership

The company puts a heavy emphasis on honesty and teamwork throughout their divisions, as written in their mission statement.

Their main two focuses are on retail values and overall operational success.

Employees that show proficiency in both aspects are often moved into managerial positions, showing a high degree of in-house promotion. Although the majority of positions remain open to entry-level applicants, managerial positions usually require a high school or equivalent education as well as some industry experience when applying. It also doesn’t hurt to have a background in the agricultural industry or know your way around farming equipment when applying for any position.

What Jobs Are Available and What Do They Pay?

Applicants must be at least 16 years old to fill out a tractor supply application and possess the ability to lift heavy products. Not every position requires more hands-on labor, but some do require an ample amount of physical exertion. Here are some of the regularly applied for positions.

Store Team Member

These are the employees who work one on one with customers to satisfy their needs. Store team members need to be knowledgeable about products, have a positive attitude, and display integrity at all times. This position will require you to juggle multiple tasks at a time from running the cash register to operating forklifts and assembling store displays.

You may be required to return items to their correct location, which goes hand in hand with knowing how to point a customer in the right direction for the product they need. Team members are expected to meet specific sales goals, making customer service skills essential to the position. The average hourly pay rests around eight dollars an hour.

Sales Associates

These individuals double down on the customer service end of the company. They are required to know about the products Tractor Supply Co. sells in detail so that they can answer customer questions and lead them to the best product for their needs.

Depending on the location, this job may be a part of the store team member’s duties. If not, think of the position like the helpers found at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They are somewhat similar in nature, but the products sold are vastly different.

Distribution Center Workers

These are the stockers, the warehouse workers, the behind the scenes employees of the company. They handle incoming and outgoing shipments to a multitude of stores and might be responsible for correctly labeling larger items for customer delivery. If you’ve worked in a warehouse previously, then you know exactly what this job entails.

Distribution center workers must be able to lift heavy equipment, operate forklifts, and be knowledgeable about safety practices in the workplace. Expected salary is approximately $10 per hour.

Store Team Leaders

Team leaders work closely with store managers and assistant managers to help operations run smoothly. These workers are to set an example for employees and ensure that team members stay in line with corporate policies.

This position requires workers to maintain operational, sales, and merchandising objectives. If applying, you should be able to carry 50 pounds regularly, adhere to a flexible work schedule, and motivate your team to meet their goals as well. Wages start at eight to twelve dollars an hour.


This is a fast-paced position that requires individuals to take risks from time to time. It requires industry experience as well as a diploma or equivalent education unless promoted from in-house. There are operational, retail assistant, and retail store management positions at Tractor Supply Co.

Operations managers work at the company’s various distribution centers.

They supervise employees, make the most of warehouse space, and keep track of equipment. You’ll need at least five years as an operations manager to obtain this position, and a college degree is preferred but not always required.

Retail store managers make all of the hiring decisions.

They also supervise team members to work to increase store sales. They are responsible for the cleanliness including the store as well as monitoring inventory. On the other hand, retail assistant managers focus on the customer service and retail supervision end of the store.

Both retail management positions require a minimum of two years’ experience, and applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a related field stand a better chance of landing the job. In general, they also might require relocation depending on where a manager is a must. To enumerate, operations managers make around $35,000 annually, retail store managers earn roughly $53,000 annually, and retail assistant managers receive hourly pay between $12.00 and $15.00.

Store Receiver

This is an entry-level position open to any applicant over the age of 18. Store receivers are responsible for the accuracy of inventory, receiving equipment, and shipment freight. Applicants should be able to carry 50 pounds but must also be able to push and pull up to 200 pounds. Equipment is often provided for heavier loads.

Computer skills are a must for store receivers, as they need to accurately track outgoing and incoming inventory in the company’s system. Problem-solving skills are a plus, as is the ability to work nights and weekends. Expected pay falls between $9.00 and $13.00 an hour based on experience.

How Can I Fill Out A Tractor Supply Application?

Tractor Supply Co. requires an online application. To be sure, you may request an application in person at the store where you wish to work at. The website also recommends that in-person applicants bring a copy of their resume because they are fill-out in the event that no openings exist at the time.
You can track the status of your application online. First, log in to your personal profile which you create at the start of the process. In reality, the company will still select who they feel is the most qualified for any given position. Therefore, always follow up your application in-person or thru phone call.

Are There Any Benefits?

The company promotes part of their benefits as the opportunity to learn valuable skillsets, grow personally, and learn to work with a highly motivated team. They do offer ample promotional opportunities for career growth as well.

The company has a lot of benefits to offer to their employees. For example, qualified associates also receive employee benefits when working full-time. Packages often include a 401(k), medical coverage and life insurance. Likewise, educational assistance programs are also available.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

If you plan on applying, First, familiarize yourself with their website. It contains information on careers. Then, you can check their product information to help you land the job.

Working for Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply applications, jobs, and careers are straightforward but highly demanding. Indeed, the seriousness that comes with working around heavy machinery is not taken lightly. The company expects exemplary performance from their employees. First of all, make sure you read each position and their requirements. So, applicants who review what is essential for employment have a high chance of landing the job

Entry-level and experienced positions available.

In general, the company offers positions to entry-level and experienced applicants. Although, the company offers a competitive salary promotion in-house is a difficult process. The jobs provide something for everyone in the industry. Do you have what it takes to become a part of their high-energy and hard-working team? First, you can fill out your tractor supply application online. List all important information about the position you are applying for. Third, follow-up in a week for good measure. Manager and executive positions need experience.