The State of the Job Market & Employment Opportunities in 2015

The job market undergoes major changes every year. Some years are good, others not so much, but this has never deterred job seekers from applying to the career of their dream. However, in order to increase the chances of getting hired in a desired position, and to secure a good salary, job hopefuls should keep a close eye on the State of the Job Market. For this post we decided to go for a rather unconventional approach: we collected all the important data related to the current state of the job market and presented it under the form of an infographic to help you uncover new employment opportunities for 2015.

A lot has happened last year, and the United States job market seems to finally be recovering. More and more companies are opening their doors to new applicants, salaries are slowly increasing, and unemployment rate has gone below 5.5%. You can find more specific info in our infographic, but here are a few key take-aways you might want to remember:

  • The total number of jobs in this recovery has grown by a whopping 3 percent.
  • As compared to June 2009, in June 2015 there are 9 million more jobs. The private sector has also added 11.6 million jobs.
  • The best paid job continues to be that of Anaesthesiologist (at $235.070 per year), followed closely by Surgeons, Obstetricians, Gynaecologists (averaging $233.150 yearly earnings) and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (at $216.440 per year).
  • If we were to sort highest paying jobs by demand, we would have the following ranking: physician ($212.270 per year), pharmacy manager ($131,099 per year), software architect ($130.891 per year), software development manager and finance manager.
  • Most employees expect 10 things from their employer: good compensation, transparency, flexibility, purpose, autonomy, responsibilities, goals, opportunities for innovation and growth potential.
  • But what about employers? Most of them are looking for qualities such as intelligence, leadership abilities, likability, competence and integrity.

Read the infographic in full for more tips on how to land the perfect job in today’s job market, and how to increase your chances of getting hired in your dream career.

The State of the Job Market & Employment Opportunities in 2015

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