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Employment at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is one of the world’s largest financial services corporations and its main aim is to make the world a better place through finance. In its 90 years of experience, Morgan Stanley has grown stronger and stronger and it currently operates in as many as 42 countries bringing some of the world’s brightest and most innovative thinkers together with the sole purpose of changing the world one client at a time. Whether the client is a tech wiz who can revolutionize the industrial world or a scientist who has the cure for a seemingly unbeatable disease, Morgan Stanley can turn their projects into reality by employing finance. So if you feel like you want to change the word and make it a better place, look no further and send in your Morgan Stanley application today for a chance to use your financial skills for amazing purposes.

Morgan Stanley Application

Due to the size of the Morgan Stanley Corporation, the job application process is conducted strictly on the Morgan Stanley careers portal. This means that you can only send your Morgan Stanley application online because the company does not provide a downloadable jobs and employment form.

In order to access the Morgan Stanley application portal, you need to go to the Morgan Stanley official site and click on the Morgan Stanley Careers button in the menu from the bottom of the page.

You will be immediately redirected to the Morgan Stanley Careers Portal,, where you can read about some of the greatest Morgan Stanley employees. You can find out about their journey at the company and about their views on business and finance.

Then you can proceed to search for the ideal Morgan Stanley career for you. You have these 3 options to choose from:

#1 Morgan Stanley Jobs for Students & Graduates

Whether you are still a student or if you have just finished your education, there is a place for you at Morgan Stanley.

You can find the ideal program for you by going through the Program Finder from the Morgan Stanley careers portal:

  • Choose your location and your education level and then click on the Search Then, you have to choose three of your top skills from the following list: computer programming, interpersonal skills, quantitative tasks, analytical skills, communication skills, articulating complex ideas, working under pressure, project management, emotional intelligence, mastery of basic financial concepts.
  • Next, you need to select three adjectives from the following list that you think people would use to describe you: focused, determined, risk aware, enthusiastic, adaptable, takes initiative, driven, motivated, collaborative, or resourceful.
  • Next, you have to choose from the following interest areas: resource markets from aluminum and zinc, trading to support Firm and investor funding, economics and company fundamentals, client accounting and management, fast-paced; macro-drive; global debt markets, client driven stock and options transactions, capital offerings and client financial solutions, innovative for the public sector and not-for-profits, modelling strategic client solutions and dynamic computer science and quantitative projects.
  • Depending on your answers, you will be guided towards the best departments for your specific needs. We got Investment Banking, Investment Management and Wealth Management, what about you?
  • Then you can use the Morgan Stanley job search menu at the bottom of the page to find the best program for you.

#2 Morgan Stanley Jobs for Experienced Professionals

  • You can use the search engine on the Morgan Stanley application portal to find the ideal position for you via the Morgan Stanley job search engine.
  • Put in your location, the Program/Division that you are interested or use a keyword to find your ideal Morgan Stanley job.
  • Look closely at the results that the Morgan Stanley careers portal finds for you and click on the jobs that seem most interesting to read a full job description.
  • When you finally choose one or more Morgan Stanley jobs that you want to send Morgan Stanley applications to click on the Apply Online button to begin the process.
  • First, you will need to create your profile on the Morgan Stanley application portal. You will have choose a username and password to secure it.

The Morgan Stanley application includes 7 steps

  1. Upload your Resume/ CV

In this step of the Morgan Stanley application you need to provide your resume and then the Morgan Stanley careers portal will extract the data for the most part of the following steps.

If you do not wish to attach a resume, you can simply fill out the rest of the Morgan Stanley application form and provide the necessary information manually.

  1. Personal Information

Most of this information will be extracted from your resume if you provide one, but you still need to make sure that all the fields are properly filled out and complete the necessary.

If you choose to fill out your Morgan Stanley application manually, then you will need to provide your full contact details for this step of the form.

At the end of this step, you will also have to fill out some sections regarding any current/ previous employment position you have/ have had with Morgan Stanley or one of its subsidiaries, your gender, ethnicity and military status, the means you have heard about the Morgan Stanley job through and the salary that you expect to receive.

The questions about your gender, ethnicity and military status are not mandatory; you are free to choose not to disclose this information and you Morgan Stanley application will not be discredited in any way.

  1. Education & Experience

If you upload a resume, this information should be transferred automatically to the Morgan Stanley application form.

If you choose to fill out your Morgan Stanley application manually, you will need to supply all the necessary data for this section.

  1. Questionnaire

This section of the Morgan Stanley application form includes four questions meant to assess whether or not you are legally allowed to work as part of the Morgan Stanley division you have chosen.

  1. Additional Attachments

This is the section where you can attach any additional document that you think would complete your Morgan Stanley application, such as a cover letter, some references and even transcripts, if these are relevant.

  1. eSignature

By supplying your online signature to the Morgan Stanley application form, you are providing your consent to the terms and conditions.

  1. You’re Done

When you complete the Morgan Stanley application form, you will be notified that your employment form has been submitted successfully.

#3 Morgan Stanley Jobs for Financial Advisors

If you are interested in one of the Morgan Stanley jobs in Financial Advising, you should use the Morgan Stanley job search engine at the bottom of the page to find the ideal Morgan Stanley career for you.

Browse the available positions and according to their application status, begin filling out your Morgan Stanley application for Financial Advising.

This Morgan Stanley application form only includes 4 steps:

  • Personal Information: In this section of the Morgan Stanley application form, you need to supply your full contact and personal information
  • Qualifications and Education & Work History: This part of the Morgan Stanley application is focus on your academic and professional qualifications. It consists of an extensive assessment of your qualifications in the Finance sector, which is followed by the Employment Experience and Education History
  • Questionnaire: This part of the Morgan Stanley application form is focused on your legal ability to work in the United States. It also includes a section where you can type in/ paste your At the end of this section, you will be able to submit your Morgan Stanley application form
  • Confirmation: You will receive confirmation of the successful submission of your Morgan Stanley application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Morgan Stanley

The minimum age for Morgan Stanley employment is in line with the hiring laws of the country or state where the company operates and as such, it differs from one location to another.

Morgan Stanley employs the highest rated professionals, but it also offers amazing opportunities to bright young minds because Morgan Stanley believes in its employees.

One of the company’s mottos is “Our people make us who we are” precisely because Morgan Stanley chooses people who share the company’s core values and who are able to detect a project’s true potential and make it rise through financial wisdom.

Morgan Stanley Hours of Operation

Morgan Stanley abides by standard corporate hours, but since you cannot plan a brilliant idea or the exact moment when you might have a breakthrough in a project you have been working on for weeks on end, the schedule generally remains flexible and open.

If you need to find out the hours of operation for a specific location or for the Morgan Stanley headquarters, just consult the Morgan Stanley client services page, and get in touch with the department you are looking to contact.

Entry-Level Morgan Stanley Careers and Income

Morgan Stanley offers plenty of chances to bright minds who have what it takes for a career at the company. The Morgan Stanley internship program is meant to allow the most promising students to experiment life in a world class finance company.

The best Morgan Stanley interns who show potential for the finance industry are eventually chosen for Morgan Stanley careers, so the internship program is an amazing starting point. The Morgan Stanley internship salary stars at $8.00 per hour for most candidates, but this rate is then increased in line with the development of the employee.

As such, the Morgan Stanley salary for an Intern can increase to $35.00 per hour if the services he/she offers are sufficiently appreciated. The average Morgan Stanley salary for this position remains at $15.50 per hour.

Morgan Stanley Careers in Management

A Morgan Stanley manager is a visionary, a person who can assess the true potential of a project in record time and who can create and lead a team of specialists who can achieve financial greatness for the clients of the company.

Morgan Stanley managers personally select the members of their teams and then proceed to orient them towards the best suited projects for their abilities. Then, the managers will oversee the development of the projects, all while working on their own.

The typical Morgan Stanley salary for the manager position varies between $68,000 and $170,000 annually, including bonuses. The Morgan Stanley executive director salary ranges from $147,000 to a whopping $611,000.

Basic Tips for Applying at Morgan Stanley

Regardless of your Morgan Stanley career choice, you should fill out the Morgan Stanley application form with diligence, because every single section is important.

You should supply your resume to the Morgan Stanley careers form, so that the Morgan Stanley hiring specialists have an extensive rendition of your education process, your employment history and your most valuable qualification.

However, you should be careful when you fill out the rest of the sections in the Morgan Stanley online application form because this is the main document that will represent you in the Morgan Stanley hiring process.

This entails that you fill out every single one of the sections, regardless of the fact that some of them are not mandatory. A complete Morgan Stanley online application form will represent your commitment to the company and your chosen career.

It is extremely important that you take the time to upload a cover letter to this Morgan Stanley online application form, in which you can provide further explanation as to why you would make a solid candidate for your chosen Morgan Stanley career.

Benefits at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley respects its employees and the best proof of that respect is the fact that all employees receive amazing Morgan Stanley benefit packs. The company wants its employees to be carefree and even a little bit pampered outside work, so that they can focus all of their energy towards the clients.

By eliminating any worries about healthcare and other types of insurance, Morgan Stanley is effectively improving the performance of its employees. Take a look at this list of Morgan Stanley employee benefits:

  • Healthcare Morgan Stanley benefits: medical, dental, and vision plan, prescription coverage, flexible spending account, health savings account.
  • Insurance Morgan Stanley employee benefits: basic life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance.
  • Financial Morgan Stanley benefits: 401(k) retirement plan, stock options, performance based bonus packs.
  • Morgan Stanley Employee Discounts & Perks: employee discounts, employee assistance program, gym membership, mobile phone discount.
  • Paid Time off Morgan Stanley benefits: paid holidays, sick days and paid vacation.

Morgan Stanley benefits access is determined by a wide range of factors and clauses. If you are interested to see the specific Morgan Stanley benefits that you are entitled to in your chosen Morgan Stanley career, you can consult the Morgan Stanley benefit center, where you will be provided with extensive information.

Morgan Stanley Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The first step of the hiring process is sending in your Morgan Stanley application. As you can imagine, a company the size of Morgan Stanley receives an impressive amount of job applications, but the Human Resources department is apt to handle them, so that no promising candidate is overlooked in his/her search for a Morgan Stanley career.

This is why the first interviews will be conducted by the Human Resources specialists, who will select the best candidates for Morgan Stanley employment. If your Morgan Stanley application is selected, you should expect a phone call to schedule your first Morgan Stanley interview.

This might be an online interview or it could be a face-to-face interview with the Morgan Stanley hiring specialists, so you should be ready for absolutely anything.

If you are selected for further assessment, you should expect several more interviews with the Managers of the department that might be group interviews, panel interviews or one-on-one interviews, according to what the Managers decide they need to do in order to make a decision.

Frequently Asked Morgan Stanley Interview Questions

Morgan Stanley interview questions can either be standard ones, such as “Why did you apply to Morgan Stanley?” or “What could you bring to your chosen Morgan Stanley career?” or they could be personalized questions developed by the Morgan Stanley Human Resources specialists.

All of your interview answers will be assessed by both the Morgan Stanley hiring specialists and the Managers of the departments and the final decision will be made according to your performance and that of your contenders.

The preparation you need to go through is rather unspecific. Of course, you need to know what the company’s core values and main goals are, because these might guide you to a certain extent to develop better interview answers.

You need to be on top of your game on the day of the interview. You need to get a good night’s rest before and you need to start your day with a large cup of coffee (or tee) because you will definitely need a boost of energy.

Then you need to find an outfit that is appropriate to the occasion and that you feel confident in. When you leave for the interview, you need to be excited about the job meeting and ready to show Morgan Stanley who you are and why they simply need to hire you right away.

This concludes our guide for Morgan Stanley careers. We hope these suggestions will help you nail the job interview. Good luck.

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