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Harris Teeter is the wholly owned additional brand of The Kroger Co. The shopping retail chain was established in 1960 by the Northern Carolina grocery entrepreneurs W.T. Harris and Willis Teeter. The company functions thanks to over 200 shops and one fuel center in several states, as in the Columbia District. Harris Teeter careers also offer jobs in shopping, frozen meals and perishable distribution facilities in Greensboro, NC and Indian Trail, NC, and a milk factory in High Factor, NC. It is located in Matthews, NC with roughly 26,000 affiliates to its side.

Official site: www.harristeeter.com

Harris Teeter Application

Employees are taken care of as if they are the members of a large family around the country, just as much as it does for the clients and the stakeholders. There are a large number of job possibilities available for new candidates as well as profession hunters who are already employed in the company.

A series of number of amazing Harris Teeter employment benefits are provided to most workers, particularly to those who are full-time and expert employees. These persons are also taken to a great lifestyle of being friendly, beneficial and sincere to clients and the stakeholders, since Harris Teeter’s business and social liability strategies have a tight plan of offering just top quality items and services. These aspects are on top of being among awesome persons who are like close relatives while working expertly.

Minimum Age for Employment at Harris Teeter

The organization does not seek the services of anyone who is 15 years of age or younger. Since there are many safety issues that have to be taken into consideration, workers who are 16 and 17 years of age might be limited to only certain tasks.

Harris Teeter Hours of Operation

Most stores operate according to the following schedule:

Monday – Saturday: 6 AM – 11 PM

Entry-Level Harris Teeter Careers and Income

Available Harris Teeter Careers: bagger, meat clerk, store manager, pharmacist, inventory control specialist, food and services director, seafood clerk, produce clerk, sandwich artist, human resources associate, maintenance technician, pharmacy technician, customer care representative, sanitation janitor, manager, division manager, transportation expert, warehouse clerk, dairy clerk, frozen foods clerk.

Official site: Harris Teeter Careers

The Harris Teeter professional opportunities are found in the following areas:

  • Stores
  • Warehouse
  • Division Managers
  • Shop Managers
  • Transportation
  • Pharmacy
  • Hunting Farms
  • Corporate
  • New Stores

The following list has particular details about every department

Store Harris Teeter Careers

Such entry-level jobs can help candidates to get employed by Harris Teeter, and possibly lead to Harris Teeter long-term professions. These roles do not require a past experience. The lists below describe the store jobs. Applicants should get in touch with their regional store to get details on job obligations.

  • Cashiers
  • Bagger
  • Office Assistant
  • Client Support Clerk
  • Clean Foods/Deli-Bakery Client Support Clerk
  • Shop Accountant
  • Generate Clerk
  • Dairy/Frozen Food Clerk
  • Meat/Seafood Clerk
  • Shopping Clerk
  • Flower Clerk

Baggers – Job Description and Duties

They are often employed for part-time jobs and have easy tasks and other assisting positions in the shop. They bag the food, assist clients in carrying the purchased products and recover shopping trolleys from the vehicle parking lots back to the shopping area.

They must be fast, friendly and helpful to the clients. Excellent interaction skills, strong working values and an enjoyable mind-set benefit the baggers. Most local stores pay lowest wage.

Clerk – Job Description and Duties

Like baggers, clerks communicate regularly with clients and provide the best happiness and housing to the customers. Some of their duties include planning, storing of the racks, monitoring cleanliness of products, and showing areas.

Clerks are allocated on different projects based on the division or shop. They also help the cashier during prime time or as needed. Some affiliates, like the ones in the various meats divisions, are wanted to help cutting, cleaning and packaging purchases. Produce clerks are assigned to organize fruits and vegetables shelves.

Candidates must be able to do hard physical work and be comfortable to perform on foot the majority of the time. Commitment and ambiance are ideal features of an individual. Starting payment is at about the lowest wage, while further experience will lead to a salary of $10 per hour. Nevertheless, this is one of the best entry-level Harris Teeter careers.

Harris Teeter Careers in Management

Several jobs of managing stores are available at places around the country. The shop administrator and division administrator positions are usually employed by the local shopping store workplaces. Harris Teeter also provides special tasks to a manager-in-training program to its current worker share.

Outside candidates with appropriate background in the same area and market can also be hired for the position. The supervisors are the management on the floor and of the division allocated to him or her. They are accountable in monitoring, choosing and coaching entry-level employees in addition to handling and looking after business functions.

Managers are allocated to look after connections with clients and providers, stock control, arranging of staff, solving disputes and issues and driving the sale tactics of the shops. Store supervisors typically have the management aspect of the tasks and division supervisors, on the other hand, are assigned to bring out particular job responsibilities. The Harris Teeter salary and compensation for management can offer wages which range from $25,000 to $70,000 per year.

Department Managers – Job Description and Duties

Being a control group participant means that candidates would be accountable for utilizing 50 to 350 individuals and assuring that many thousand dollars’ worth of advanced high-tech place and devices is completely efficient to operate.

Management decides the success of the shops under their power. Management employees can anticipate possibilities for fast progression.

Department Administrator Trainee – Job Description and Duties

The first step in being a Division Administrator will be the Division Administrator Trainee. This system makes the individuals ready for their responsibilities and requirements for a Division Administrator. The system needs an individual to understand every operation within their allocated department and the abilities necessary to lead efficiently their affiliates.

Once hired as a Division Administrator, candidates can increase their information through on their position experience. When studying first-hand about the groceries businesses, there are abilities that candidates will understand. During their Technological coaching stage, they learn all the job abilities necessary to function in their particular department.

Management individuals will learn everything from providing the client to executing the daily department features. In the Soft Skills coaching stage, they will understand how to deal with individuals, pressure and change.

Store Administrator Trainee – Job Description and Duties

The first step in being hired as a Shop Administrator is being a Shop Control Trainee. In this position, candidates will be qualified with the Management Development System. The objective of the Management Development Program is to prepare the staff for the responsibilities and requirements of an Associate Shop Administrator.

The Management Development System itself will need all potential supervisors to understand the functions of every division. It contains general management sessions, studying first-hand about the business and an alignment stage that gives an introduction to the entire store functions.

Workers will learn about the client and affiliate interaction, marketing, advertising and store operation. The Financial stage contains studying about the flow of documentation and computations or research required in retail store management. The various Meats and Fish stage includes management candidates studying various skills and techniques while learning under the guide of a Meat/ Fish Administrator.

Once placed in the management position, you can increase your knowledge thanks to the job’s experience.

Other Harris Teeter Careers

Pharmacy Harris Teeter Jobs – Job Description and Duties

Company’s drug stores are dedicated to offering the very best client support by guidance on every new item prescribed, as well as being in touch with the client’s 48 to 72 hours after taking an anti-biotic prescribed for their children. Regular health tests and special offers are planned at their shops such as bone strength and solidity tests, blood sugar/ cholesterol levels assessments and flu vaccines, as well as some other special offers to client.

There are now 190+ suppliers, with over 100 of them that own Pharmacies, and more positions being added every season.

Transportation Harris Teeter Jobs – Job Description and Duties

The organization is in need of expert drivers. These drivers transport the merchandize to shops in several states with very few to no overnight stays. Last years, the transporters have driven over 15 million miles and to deliver over 63,000 supplies. The grocer’s vehicles and trailers are expertly managed, and the drivers are reasonably paid. Examine the business web page to discover out about present transport opportunities.

Warehouse Harris Teeter Jobs – Job Description and Duties

The groceries provide factory tasks in clean surroundings motivated by a client focused environment. Submission center affiliates provide an average of two million cases each week to their shops. With more than 1.6 million sqft, the distribution facilities utilize the latest factory technology. Associates get above average payment, excellent benefits and the possibility for progression. Examine the business web page to discover out about present transport opportunities.

Corporate Harris Teeter Careers – Job Description and Duties

Harris Teeter is a major grocer since its workers perform as a group to offer unrivaled quality or customer support to its clients, and devoted affiliates working in the shops, submission facilities and factories that are reinforced by a high quality group in the business workplace.

The Corporate Office is situated in Matthews, Northern Carolina and provides profession opportunities in a number of divisions and professional areas, such as bookkeeping, advantages, recruiting, computer, loss protection, marketing or promotion and other departments.

Hunter Farms Careers – Job Description and Duties

This is a corporate-owned firm, state-of-the-art service milk factory in High Point, NC. The place is the third biggest milk production in Northern Carolina. The Hunter Farms functions 24 hours a day, and has procedures regarding milk products and ice cream. The products are commercialized in Harris Teeter shops under their own brand, and to external clients such as fast food dining places, food support suppliers and other retail store functions.

New Stores – Job Description and Duties

The organization wants to hire the best Associates in the shopping market. It does this by fulfilling inventiveness and effort, as well as offering its workers with the possibility to learn or grow. New shop jobs will be promoted on the New Stores professional web page. Candidates must check the site frequently since there is ongoing development and the details will go through continuous upgrading.

Basic Tips for Applying at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter likes candidates to use the on the Internet application. Candidates are required to seek jobs through the Harris Teeter online application for a number of reasons. One of them is that a Harris Teeter application in the online environment offers a clear and immediate method of monitoring the ideal persons and the job possibilities which have been used for by every applicant.

This gives an advantage to both the organization and the prospective worker. The company is able to decide which of these jobs are producing interest and which of the prospective workers are enthusiastic about these positions. The candidate is able to finish the free applications, make several applications for various jobs and is able to monitor digitally the whole procedure.

Another advantage of an application on the Internet is that there is never a query of having to finish documentation or having a software missing. The immediate application generated on the company’s website makes it needless to submit the applications by hand or to produce a computer typed resume.

Even the necessity to obtain an application is gone since all of the applicant’s details is saved in the company’s data source, and will not be missing.

Harris Teeter Application Process

Harris Teeter has created an extensive career website for job hopefuls. You can access it here. On the left side of the screen you will have various career categories including information about benefits, career areas, department management, pharmacy careers, corporate careers, hunter farm careers etc. We have already discussed about the main Harris Teeter career areas above, but if you want to find out more information about them you can check out the original website.

Choose a job category that you are interested in and at the bottom of the page you will see a link that redirects to Harris Teeter employment opportunities. The search engine enables you to filter results according to Job Field and location. Each listing includes information such as Requisition ID, Store and information on working hours. You can apply directly by clicking on ‘Apply’, Add to Job Cart’ for later inspection, or click on the job link for more information about it.

Before you can apply to the job you must read the company’s disclaimer and create an account (or connect with your Google or Yahoo account). Read through the job requirements and add a resume sample if you wish to receive higher consideration. Once you have filled out all the fields you can submit your Harris Teeter jobs and employment form.

Harris Teeter Application Status

You should hear back from the company within two weeks from applying. If two weeks have passed and you still haven’t receive a reply you can check with hiring managers in person or through a phone-call. Following-up is a great way to show managers that you are still interested in the job. However, you should make sure that you don’t come across as desperate. Exercise politeness at all times and try not to call during break hours.

Benefits at Harris Teeter

The groceries’ chain provides excellent advantages to their affiliates. These solid plans have been created to offer the protection and security to affiliates and their loved ones. In addition to a good base wage and an eye-catching motivation system, the organization provides the following set of benefits:

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Reliant Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Worker Lifetime Insurance
  • Additional Life Insurance
  • Additional AD&D Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurances
  • Short Terms Disability
  • Long Terms Disability
  • Versatile Spending Accounts:
    • Reliant Care
    • Health Care
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Worklife Solutions (EAP)
  • Legal Benefits
  • Academic Assistance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Pension and Benefits Strategy, such as 401(k) plan with related organizational contributions
  • Affiliate VIC Card Discounts
  • Hugh G. Ashcraft Foundation

Harris Teeter workers are qualified for identification within the business Affiliate of the Month and Service Prize applications.

Harris Teeter Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

To apply for the positions at Harris Teeter, candidates should thoroughly evaluate the job information for the respective tasks. Next, they must simply select the correct “apply for job” web links. From there, the users will be guided to the business Taleo professional website. Job hunters will have the choice to execute primary job queries or make their own job profiles in order to apply for several positions at a time.

There is no need to have a computer application for the Harris Teeter jobs on the Internet since the details have already been taken. Once the prospective employees’ Harris Teeter applications have been downloaded into the program, a cautious evaluation of the applicants’ experience and credentials will be made.

Individuals who are a good fit for these jobs they are interested in may be approached by a phone discussion. In any occasion, the best applicant or candidates can be contacted to make an in-person meeting. This discussion is normally performed at the regional Harris Teeter shop.

It is suggested that the applicant brings a duplicate of the resume to the job meeting. A conversation regarding the Harris Teeter application will take place.

Frequently Asked Harris Teeter Interview Questions

Several questions might be asked to figure out if the applicant is appropriate for the position. If the meeting goes well and the candidate looks to be a great person for the respective position, the individual will be planned for a second job discussion.

At this second interview, wage concerns will likely be discussed in detail. An introduction to the Harris Teeter tasks might be offered so that the candidates will be completely aware of all prospective job possibilities.

Interested applicants will find the web page as a great resource of details to aid them. Job results, places and tasks are published and modified consistently on the web pages. Divisions and product details are also available for users to study and inform themselves about the organization and can help greatly when they are questioned about it during the meeting.

Forms are there to download for everyone who wants to have a job at Harris Teeter. The certified off-line and online applicants will be approached within a few days up to a week for a planned discussion. A client support administrator is also available for prospective candidates who like to follow-up the meeting after 7 days of posting them.

The discussions are mostly planned at a third-party place. Moreover, it is very important to appear during the time frame that you both decided on.

After you get an invitation for an interview, be sure to arrive some minutes earlier, so you can clean up and get yourself ready for it. Have semi-formal or informal outfits to look good and try not to consume something rigid that can have an impact on your system during the meeting.

Highlight the client support background and display your enjoyable and beneficial behavior to the interview panel members in order to take a favorable position. Some of the common professional questions are “Have you ever been in the food market or retail store industry?”, “In which areas are you trying to improve” and “What strong points do you have that are eligible for you to work here?”

Examples of Interview Questions (we will not provide interview answers but you can find out what other candidates responded on career websites such as SnagaJob and Glassdoor)

  1. Have you ever been in the food market or retail store industry?
  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  3. What strong points do you have?
  4. What are your weaknesses?
  5. Do you enjoy working alone or as part of a team?
  6. Which areas are you trying to improve?
  7. What would you do if you caught one of your colleagues stealing from the store?
  8. How would you handle a difficult customer?
  9. Why did you choose Harris Teeter?
  10. What motivates you?

These are only a few examples of questions that might be asked during the Harris Teeter career interview. For more information about the company’s hiring process please check out the company’s website.

Official website: www.harristeeter.com

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