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HomeGoods Application – Employment at HomeGoods

HomeGoods has been a chain that operates quality, home furnishing stores that TJX Companies manage. It has over 270 stores in the U.S. Applicants who want an employment opportunity in the retail industry have access to precious career opportunities at HomeGoods. The HomeGoods application is always open to entry-level associates as well as full-time professionals. If you want a job now, simply apply online.

HomeGoods Jobs Available

From time to time, HomeGoods hires workers for various positions in their various outlets. The positions are Assistant Store Manager, Department Supervisor, Distribution Center General Warehouse Associate, Decorative Home Product Development Specialist, District Secretary, Financial Analyst, District Loss Prevention Manager, Front-End Control Officer, Financial Control Analyst, Legal Secretary, Loss Prevention Detective, Merchandise Associate, Part-Time Merchandise Associate, Merchandise Coordinator, Regional Human Resources Manager, Sales Associate, Regional Training Manager, Store Detective, and Store Manager. You have a variety of career options for which you can fill out a HomeGoods job application online.

If you are just getting started with the job search, the career website will provide you with all the information you may need to apply online for a job at this company. Search job type if looking for a certain opportunity. Company procedures to follow are fairly simple. Simply complete the search terms, and you will get everything regarding your search. 

You can select find your next job tag at the bottom and provide your email address so you can be eligible for a job alert. You can easily click on the unsubscribe link if you do not want to receive emails from the company anymore.

You can also join the talent community if you are interested in being informed about career path opportunities as they arise. You need to provide all your information by completing the form, and you will be informed when jobs are available.

Minimum Employment Age at HomeGoods

To fill out the HomeGoods job application, you must be at least 18 years old.

HomeGoods Store Hours

HomeGoods opens business every day as follows: Monday – Saturday, 9:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.; Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Important Tips to Apply Online with HomeGoods

The HomeGoods online application can be found on their official website today. Application for employment opportunities is always open for interested, motivated job seekers. The form is very straightforward; it does not require any technicalities before you can fill it out. Simply enter your personal details. Supply contact information and a valid e-mail address and phone number through which you can be contacted, most especially if a phone interview is being considered. No required information should be left blank while filling out the HomeGoods online application form. You must fill in every essential detail as requested. Ensure that all supplied information and details are valid and correct. Your application should not contain any form of error. Errors will give you a bad rating in the view of the Personnel Manager when checking your application.

You will be required to offer knowledgeable service and have good customer experience practices. It might entail demonstrating good interactions between you and your customers. You will ensure that you ring customer purchases accurately and offer changes and returns just as the operating procedures state. Cross-training might also be required to ensure you can work in multiple areas to support the company’s needs.

If you really want to position yourself as a qualified candidate for employment, it is advisable you get an e-book entitled “7 Secrets To Getting Hired.” It’s a free report which is available for download.

Most Common Positions at HomeGoods & Income Information

HomeGoods seeks to hire for various job options in many of their business outlets. Jobs are available for many positions: Sales Associate, Merchandise Coordinator, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Supervisor, Cashier, Merchandise Associate, and Store Detective.

Here are details on common positions and the average pay associated with them.

  1. Sales Associate – Hourly                            $7.81/hr
  2. Assistant Store Manager                            $42k – $58k
  3. Merchandise Coordinator – Hourly             $10.69/hr
  4. Store Manager                                           $62k – $67k
  5. Merchandise Coordinator                           $11k – $12k
  6. Supervisor                                                  $48k – $52k
  7. Assistant Manager                                      $48k – $52k
  8. Cashier – Hourly                                         $9 – $10
  1. Merchandise Associate – Hourly                 $8/hr
  2. Store Detective – Hourly                             $9 – $12

HomeGoods Benefits

Employees at HomeGoods could qualify to access many of the benefits packages being provided by the company. These come as added benefits to their annual pay or their hourly pay. Employment benefits that are provided for qualified associates are a wide variety of insurance coverage (dental, medical, vision, life insurance), a 401(k) retirement plan, paid vacation, sick leave, holiday pay, bereavement leave, a group auto insurance plan, store discounts, and a college savings program.

As an employee, you can be part of a unique experience we provide for those working for us and the customers that support us. The treasure hunt shopping experience we give to our customers can be rewarding for both the customer and those who assist them. If you have solid customer service skills, then you are at an advantage as we encourage a positive store culture.

Every time a customer walks into a shop, they will be on a discovery expedition, and you can be the one guiding them. Work benefits do not just mean a good salary and great benefits but also job satisfaction, which you will get from HomeGoods.

When working for this company, the opportunities are never-ending, with a wide range of products and experiences in many different ways. In the many forms of merchandising and new technology applied in these retail stores, you can see that.

For the career seeker, this is great because we have an opportunity for those who want to work in marketing or finance. If you are more technically inclined, find a career in technology that can be quite fulfilling in this diverse environment.

Any business relies on its associates to bring it to life, and that is what you as an employee can do. With our core values of honesty and open culture, we can stay true to that with the help of each member of the workforce community.

You can contribute to our policy to provide value to our customers while building yourself up in your unique talents. At Home Goods, we work towards our goal of a better life and a better future for everyone in every community.

The new talent that joins our company is only the beginning of building a good career in the company through many training programs. We provide training for all employees throughout the organization in all departments, including aver store, distribution center, and corporate offices.

You will never be left behind when you join us because we will develop any talent you may have to make you better. embrace the unique perspectives and differences of our team members.

By joining this company, you join this inclusive workplace that values the individual and the group in the company’s workforce. Many community revitalization programs provide a way to give back to the loyal customers that kept this company going through the years.

This is also a way to allocate a resource to community members in many different ways for a healthy community in every city. Annual sales are not just for the benefit of the company owners but also for the development of different communities.

Working for HomeGoods can be quite rewarding, and you can also apply for jobs at internationally-located stores. This means you can become a global traveler with more than 4000 stores in as many as nine countries worldwide.

This is a workplace where people are valued for their minds, diversity, and experience, no matter their background. In this company, we strive to create a diverse community of people who can feel at home at any time.

Fill out the HomeGoods online application for employment for a retail job that will enhance your career. The competitive pay scales and the exceptional work benefits are not far from a HomeGoods job application form that awaits you now.

Jobs at HomeGoods come with flexible scheduling, paid job training, and career advancement opportunities. You are assured of fairness; we consider everyone who applies regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, disability, age, marital, military, gender identity, and expression or national origin. We also offer reasonable and reliable accommodations to individuals with disabilities who are qualified and are in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To access the HomeGoods Online Application directly, click here.

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