Pet Store Job Applications

Pet stores offer a very unique retail position. Not only can you do the traditional selling and stocking jobs that many retail locations require, but you can work one-on-one with animals. You can care for animals being housed at the store as well as help others find the pet that would be ideal for their home. You may also have the opportunity to care for other people’s pets by helping them find products to keep them happy and healthy or providing services such as grooming or basic health analysis. If you are the type that loves working with animals and you would like the opportunity to put this skill and passion to good use, a pet store online application for employment can send you on your way to a challenging but rewarding career with plenty of room for upward mobility if you would like to stay with the company long-term.

Pet Store Jobs Available

You may submit a company application form for any of the following positions: Accountant, Aquatics Specialist, Assistant Manager, Cashier, Direct Sales Manager, Distribution Center Supervisor, Dog and Cat Department Manager, Ecommerce Web Analyst, Grooming Trainee, Kennel Supervisor, Learning Program Manager, Maintenance Manager, Part- or Full-Time Sales, Payroll Coordinator, Professional Groomer, Retail Store Manager, Sales Associate, Salon Manager, Stock Clerk, and Warehouse Worker.

Minimum Employment Age at Pet Stores

The company job application online is available to applicants ages eighteen or older, though some retail positions allow those who are sixteen or older to apply.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Pet Stores

  • Those interested in working at a particular store in their area can often find a pet store online application which can be submitted electronically for their consideration. Select the position that you are interested in and fill out the necessary information. Many stores also offer a printable version of this application that can be submitted locally.
  • Management, human resources and other higher-level positions often require a resume, references or cover letter to be submitted with your pet store job application form. Electronic versions of these materials can be submitted online or you can turn in hard copies at the location where you are applying based on which version of your application you are using.
  • Positions such as grooming or pet care may require certifications or training in order to take on these tasks. Many sites have training programs available for those who would like to earn these skills while they work at the pet store. Information about these opportunities will be available at the company’s web page.

Company Benefits

Pet stores often offer full- and part-time employment which you can use to set your hours on an appropriate schedule for your lifestyle. Those working full time will usually be offered benefits including paid holidays, disability and health insurance. Some stores also offer retirement benefits such as access to a 401(k), which employees are welcome to take advantage of. Many locations will also offer employee discounts on any products that you may need to care for your own pets. Locations may also offer training programs that allow you to earn new skills such as grooming or specialization in maintaining specific types of pets. Your pet store application will have information regarding these opportunities and what you must do in order to become eligible for these programs.

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