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  OfficeMax Job Application Online

If you are searching for a great job how about filling out an OfficeMax Job Application because they are an amazing company to work for.  They have some of the friendliest and knowledgeable staff in their stores and are willing to work with people all day long.  If you are a people person and love helping people with your knowledge and skills then try give an OfficeMax online application for employment a try.  You can fill out an application in the store or online it doesn’t matter most companies are switching to the online medium because that is how most people are searching for jobs these days.

OfficeMax Application – Employment at OfficeMax

When you are filling out the OfficeMax employment application you should be as honest and straightforward as you can be.   Filling out all the information that is asked and making sure that you do not forget any spaces that are given.  With the OfficeMax job application form there is plenty of space which will allow you to not only answer the questions but also to add in personal details so you can really make the application your own design.  So that you can stand out from other people who are filling out the same application, be yourself but be thoughtful and clear in your filling out of this application.

OfficeMax Online Job Application

Knowing that your OfficeMax job application is going to be seen by a hiring manager should really give you the motivation to be clear and detailed about what you have done in your past for work.  You want to show them on your OfficeMax application online that you have the potential to be an asset to their company.  That you have the drive and motivation to be a team player and also that you are very good at working with the public.  With your OfficeMax Application online form you will be given that very opportunity to show that you have all the skills and potential to be exactly what they are looking for in a team member.  That you are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill the requirements of your job and to make the customers happy.

Minimum Age for Employment at OfficeMax

When you are filling out your job application online you must be able to prove that you are at least 16 years of age or older to get a job working for OfficeMax.  You must have picture identification or a passport showing when you were born.  There are other forms of identification that you can use but you will have to check with your local OfficeMax before you know for sure.  Do not assume that what you have will do, Call or come into one of the stores beforehand.

OfficeMax Store Hours

The OfficeMax stores are open Monday Through Friday from 8am in the morning through 9pm in the evening. On Saturdays they are open from 9am in the morning until 9pm in the evening. On Sundays they are open from 1pm in the afternoon till 6pm in the evening.  You will have to check which holidays they are closed in observance of.

Entry Level OfficeMax Careers and Income

There are many entry level positions that you can choose from when you want to work for OfficeMax.  Those positions include; Retail Store Associate, Sales Associate, Cashiers Services. You can also pick from working in the Furniture Department, Technology Department, and Copy Department.  These positions are available to anyone who is willing to learn the ropes or those who have worked in departments such as these before for other companies similar to OfficeMax in the past.  You will be making the minimum wage for your state to start out with unless of course you’ve got experience beyond the entry level and then you may be able to start out making more money than minimum wage.

OfficeMax Careers in Management

If you have management skills and are looking for a position in management at OfficeMax there are many different levels of management as well.  You can be a Department Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and Accounting Executive or even in the Business Development management position.  Depending on what area of the store that you would like to work in will depend on what you really like doing and have done in the past.  You will not make an hourly wage instead you will be making a salary which varies depending on both the position and how much experience that you’ve had previously.

Basic Tips to Apply Online with OfficeMax

If you’ve filled out an OfficeMax application then you will eventually be called by one of the managers who do the hiring.  You will want to put your best foot forward and really impress them with not only how well-spoken you are but also what you will bring to the table and how you will excel in your job.  The hiring manager will really ask you questions about your OfficeMax online application and then they will also ask you random questions about who you are.

Advanced Tips to Apply Online with OfficeMax

You will really want to study any kind of material that the company has to offer about what they do day to day. You can find these things online usually and even watch videos of people who work for the company to see what they have to say about working for them before filling out an OfficeMax application.  You might want to really do some background work so that you bring that knowledge to the table if you are serious about working for the company, and then fill out your OfficeMax online application.

OfficeMax Benefits

When you have a successful OfficeMax application, you will find that they offer for full time employees everything from Healthcare, Flexible Spending accounts, Disability benefits, Employee Assistance Programs, Savings Plan Also they will provide you with Life and Accident Insurance.

Useful and Interesting Facts about OfficeMax

OfficeMax make headquarters is located in NaperVille, Illinois.  There are over 900 retail stores and online stores across the country to help service retail customers, Government agencies, Small Business and Large Business.  OfficeMax was once known as Boise Cascade Corporation and was actually opened in 1931.  In 2004 they successfully changed their business from a Manufacturing company to what is known as an Independent Office Product Distribution.  Which is pretty neat if you think about how hard and how long the company has been opened which in all reality it actually started in 1913?

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