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Baja Fresh Application – Employment at Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh online application for employment is according to the company your first spicy taste of a career in the dynamic Mexican food industry. The company has been operating since 1990 and has over the years built a stellar reputation in terms of both quality and value. Unlike most Mexican food joints in the industry, Baja Fresh operates under the motto of “No Microwaves, No Can Openers, No Freezers, No Lard, No M.S.G., No Compromises” – giving some idea of the company’s commitment to quality and freshness. As of today, there are over 250 restaurants and outlets covering a good 29 states across the country, with the HQ having recently relocated to Cypress California. As could be expected from such a household name, career opportunities are enormous and abundant with Baja Fresh and the journey begins with the simple completion of the online application form.

Baja Fresh Jobs Available

You can submit the Baja Fresh application form found online for almost any position the company offers, which include servers, line-cooks, kitchen managers, cleaners, table servers, supervisors, marketing staff, HR coordinators, team leaders and restaurant managers. The list varies significantly depending on the outlet and takes on a whole new dynamic when incorporating the executive posts at head office.

Minimum Employment Age at Baja Fresh

The Baja Fresh job application online can be completed and sent in by anyone of 16 year or older.

Baja Fresh Store Hours

The actual opening hours of the stores varies significantly depending on the size of the outlet, its location and how busy it is during the week. Generally speaking though, most will be open from around 10am until at least 10:30pm seven days a week.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Baja Fresh

  • The Baja Fresh online application can be found via the main website on the careers page – the link to the page can be found below.
  • The Baja Fresh job application form can be supplemented with a CV to give the application a little extra weight. Applicants are also advised to consider taking a CV in by hand should they be unable to submit theirs online.
  • The Baja Fresh name is one of fast-paced living and freshness, therefore prospective employers will at all times be on the lookout for those displaying similar traits.
  • Versatility is of huge importance in the food service industry, so preference will always be given to those who can convey their intention and ability to put their skills to use all across the restaurant, rather than a single department only.

Most Common Positions at Baja Fresh & Income Information

The Baja Fresh job application opens up an innumerable array of doors in terms of possible career paths, with dozens of positions on offer for both existing staff and new recruits. Generally speaking, new employees signing up for the first time will take on the role of front or back of house team members, for whom daily duties include such things as taking orders, waiting tables, taking care of cleanliness, cash handling, answering calls, working the line in the kitchen and general housekeeping. Those with a knack for the day-to-day essentials will soon find their duties expand to include supervision and deployment of team members and various administrative tasks. For entry-level team member positions, hourly wages vary but usually come in around the $8 mark – executive and management roles however will usually attach a salary of at least $40,000 or higher.

Baja Fresh Benefits

A Baja Fresh application for any advertised post will come with its own unique array of benefits for those successful. Right off the bat to complement the already competitive hourly rates of pay, team members will benefit from award-winning training in the food service industry, some of the most flexible working hours imaginable, regular overtime options, healthcare options, retirement plans, ongoing opportunities for advancement and of course – preferential access to some of the best Mexican food in the world today. What’s more, there are various incentive schemes in operation across the company and regular bonuses are paid to management figures, demonstrating the company’s commitment to rewarding hard work and dedication.

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