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 Employment at A’GACI and A’GACI Careers

A’GACI is a trend setting, fresh and dynamic fashion store that focuses on junior apparel. The company designs and sells unique clothing pieces likes dresses, cardigans, tops and swimwear for women. It even has the Agaci plus size fashion line for well-rounded women. It operates nearly 50 locations across the United States, as well as a major online store. The company is always searching for entry-level employees, fashion experts and managers to fill important positions. This is excellent news for people without any background or experience in the field.

A’GACi prides itself on remaining true to its most important customer: the bold trendsetter. Because the store mainly sells junior apparel, it also exudes a youthful vibe. The nationwide fashion line also has two sister brands (O’Shoes and Boutique Five) and its online store. Agaci stores are in need of confident, crazy-talented, fun and enthusiastic employers who are interested in becoming part of the trendiest clothing line in America. On its official website, the company mentions that the room for growth is endless. In other words, even entry-level employees can make their way to the top positions in the company.

Before you write your Agaci Job application, you should ask yourself if you have what it takes to succeed within the company. The retailer is always searching for passionate fashion enthusiasts that can provide excellent customer service on location, re-stock products, offer their knowledge and complete sales.

Official site: www.agaci clothing.com

A’GACI Job Application – Employment at Agaci

Entry-level A’GACI careers represent the bulk of fashion consultant jobs for apparel and shoes. Agaci careers for entry-level employees are very similar to other retail jobs. The duties of a new employee consist of POS systems operation, re-stocking racks and shelves with merchandise, keeping the store clean, helping clients with their questions and creating a fun environment for people.

Because the assigned tasks are very simple, potential workers do not require extensive retail experience or education. They do, however, require to be highly motivated and charming. The Agaci clothing store is always looking to hire associates who can easily speak to customers. As a matter of fact, the company states on its website that it wants workers who “possess the ability to speak with customers as if hosting parties”.

Job Requirements for Entry-Level Employees:

  • Maintaining a high level of energy and good work ethics
  • Greeting and treating clients with enthusiasm
  • Making sure that the store is clean at all times
  • Protecting company assets against vandalism or theft
  • Policies and procedures compliance
  • Performance measurements (including sales/hour productivity)
  • Promoting merchandise and monitoring inventory
  • Helping clients find the fashion articles they need

Before sending in your Agaci job application you should take a look at their Careers page on the official website.

A’GACI Online Job Application Tips

For fashion enthusiasts, Agaci careers represent a perfect launching pad for future jobs. This is because the company has excellent work-ethic and it offers the opportunity for talented and dedicated employees to advance to a higher position. In addition to this, Agaci clothes are renowned all over the United States, even by fashion houses.

This means that aspiring fashion designers can learn a little bit more about how the fashion world works, and gather points for their resume before applying for a different job. Agaci careers can also last a lifetime provided that you reach a manager or co-manager position within the firm.

Your Agaci job application is extremely important. It is the first that the employer sees. Keep in mind that there are tens, if not hundreds of people applying to this fashion store every year, so you must make sure that your job application stands out. A few basic rules for creating a successful Agaci online application include proper grammar and spelling and a brief description about yourself and your experience. Take your time with every piece of information that must be filled in. Don’t skip anything.

For the Agaci store, the application process is very easy to complete. Simply go to the Careers tab on the store’s homepage and take a look at the open positions. You have found a suitable job you have to create a personalized login at the onset of the Agaci application process. You can either upload your resume (which will resolve some pre-employment questions) or simply fill in the application, which takes around 30-60 minutes to finish.

If you have special talents that are relevant to the Agaci stores, make sure to mention them. In this competitive market it is the little things that count. In general, you do not have to wait for more than three weeks to receive a reply from Agaci stores. The hiring process is quite simple: you may be contacted via email or phone-call for pre-employment procedures. Although it may be useful to make a follow-up call one or two weeks after sending in an application, it is not advised to go to the store and talk to the manager in person, unless requested to do so. Managers work very busy schedules, and applicants should remain respectful with their time.

Minimum Age Required for Employment at A’GACI

As we already mentioned the Agaci clothing store cares more about the personality of a potential employee than his background. Individuals of 16-years and older are allowed to apply for a job as long as they meet the most important criteria: enthusiasm and youthful vibe.

Agaci Clothing Store Schedule

Like most retail stores, the Agaci store also works according to a schedule. Employees are usually required to work in shifts, regardless if they are full-time or part-time associates.

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sunday – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Entry Level A’GACI Careers and Income

Available jobs: Floor supervisor, Assistant Manager/Co-Manager, Packer/Receiver, Warehouse Clerk Inbound, Human resources director, office assistant, buyer, visual merchandiser, buyer merchandiser, fashion consultant, manager etc.

Compared to other retail chains, Agaci stores offer a wide range of jobs. For the experienced job seeker, this company may not sound like the best choice salary-wise, but for the entry-level job seeker, for whom environment and career advancement matters, it represents the perfect opportunity to gain new experiences. There are countless of Agaci careers that you can choose from, and they range from part-time employee positions to full time opportunities in retail and corporate positions.

Fashion Consultant – 23.000$/year

Product Development Manager – 81.000$/year

Merchandise Planner – 70.000$/year

HR Administrator – 50.000$/year

Store Manager – 35.000$/year

Co-Manager – 28.000$/year

Buyer – 72.000$/year

Controller – 73.000$/year

District Manager – 76.000$/year

Employment opportunities with Agaci are endless and extremely diverse. Each store requires between 15 – 50 employees with different qualifications to make sure that high-level customer service is provided. The company is also hiring managerial and corporate experts who can organize teams. These upper-level employees require at least one year of managerial experience to be considered for a position, but they win considerably better than other employees.

A’GACI Careers, Management & Benefits

Applicants 16 and over can apply for part-time and full-time jobs. Individuals can learn more about the required careers that the company has to offer, and based on their skillset they can apply for fitting positions online. Let’s take a look at the most common Agaci jobs:

  • Manager: At the moment there are job openings for floor supervisor, store manager and co-manager. Each of them has different responsibilities, and in order to be considered for any of these titles you will require some experience. The Co-manager hires and trains new associates, opens and closes the store, ensures customer satisfaction and oversees daily operations. Floor supervisors must assist with recruiting and loss prevention and delegate tasks to all entry-level employees. Salaries may vary from 8.00 to 10.00 dollars per hour, depending on experience. There are also openings for intermediate management positions. These workers must attend weekly meetings with store managers and communicate all problems/difficulties of the store. By doing this, appropriate strategies can be implemented by store managers to protect assets, satisfy clients, complete payroll duties, recruit new employees and prevent losses. Co-managers and store managers usually win around 28.000-36.000$/year, again, depending on their experience and effectiveness.
  • District Manager: is in charge of several stores in the same district. Must come up with strategies that will ensure better sales for the store, enough workforce and fresh stocks of merchandise.
  • Fashion Consultants: this is the most common entry-level job opening at Agaci clothing. To be considered for the position you require no background experience. However, you must demonstrate to your interviewer that you are enthusiastic and motivated. Responsibilities of fashion consultants include cleaning, stocking and operating cash registers. Additionally, they will have to keep the store clean and assist clients when needed (by taking measurements, giving advice etc.). The ideal candidate should be willing to learn, always cheerful and energetic. Obviously, the fashion consultant must also demonstrate a sense of fashion (preferably also wear Agaci clothing or Agaci outfits to promote the brand) to inspire customers. In general, sales associates and fashion consultants earn between 6.00 and 9.00 dollars per hour.
  • Warhouse Clerk Inbound: responsible with merchandise and warehouse stocks.

Benefits of Agaci Employment

Agaci is constantly growing and it usually opens several new stores every year. The working environment is extremely upbeat and energetic. Agaci stores also foster creativity and personality, so young folk will have a great time working here. Another benefit of working here are the amazing discounts that you receive on clothes. A regular employee can receive a 46% reduction on clothes, while a seasonal employee benefits from a 20% reduction.

The retail store also offers non-wage benefits for serious employees such as 401(k) retirement and pension plans, competitive salaries, exceptional employment benefits for managers, Agaci clothing coupons, healthcare coverage, and discounted services and products.

All in all, the pay not be the best but, as compared to other retailers, but the discounts are clothes and other benefits are worth it.

A’GACI Interview & Hiring Process Information

Once you have submitted your Agaci online application you have to wait. In general, the company will call back within three weeks with a response. Eligible candidates will be invited to take part in an A’gaci interview. This may be a group interview or an individual one, depending on the number of applicants and job vacancies. There are also orientation meetings, brief probationary employment periods before hiring, one-on-one interviews or phone conversations. Here are a few Agaci interview tips that will increase the chances of being hired.

  • Do not get impatient. Agaci interviews may take between one to five days, depending on the type of job that you are applying for. During this time you must focus on highlighting your skills and positive nature.
  • Show your interviewers that you are a perfect fit for the company by displaying enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Conduct proper research beforehand, and try to anticipate questions. A’gaci interview questions are both simple and challenging. You will have to go through the general enquiries (example: background, education, hobbies etc.), and then, you will have to answer specific questions that will reveal more about your personality and capabilities.
  • As a clothing store, Agaci usually prefers participants with a sense of fashion or who display an inclination towards this industry.
  • During the interviewers you must demonstrate exceptional communication skills (because you will be required to talk to customers every day).
  • The most important qualities of an Agaci employee are social skills, positive attitude and willingness to work. Make sure they exude during every interview.
  • Try not to show too much emotion, but never forget to smile and be polite.
  • You can wear Agaci clothes to the interview, but don’t point this out to the hiring manager.

Frequently Asked Agaci Interview Questions

Besides the regular questions, you might be asked one of the following ones. Make sure you rehearse them before going to the interview:

  1. Why are you attracted to fashion?
  2. What makes Agaci different from other stores?
  3. What would you do if an associate wanted to learn skills to move up? Would you help him? How?
  4. What would you do if you had a conflict with a fellow co-worker?
  5. What would you do to make a customer return to the store?
  6. What is your favorite fashion trend this season?
  7. Tell me about a difficult time on the job.
  8. Tell us more about Agaci as a company.

Other Useful Information about A’GACI

When a new Agaci store opens it can provide with up to 40 job openings. If you are interested in a career with the company you should definitely check the official website (www.agaci clothing.com) often. The company usually posts updates about grand openings there. Alternatively, you can find jobs with the sister lines (for example O’Shoes). In general, Agaci does not negotiate salaries, so you shouldn’t push this issue during an interview. Simply submit your Agaci application online and wait to be contacted by a manager.

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