Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza has 1300 location in the U.S. and Canada. This chain offers freshly-prepared pizza, but the employees do everything but bake it – customers do that at home. Papa Murphy’s application on locations is always looking for team members, managers, and part-time promo people called Shaker Boarders.

Papa Murphy’s Application, Careers, and Jobs: How to Get Hired by This Take and Bake Pizza Chain

The company’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza offers freshly made pizza that you take home and bake at your leisure. The cooks and team members at Papa Murphy’s compile all the ingredients you order into a delicious pie, but it’s up to you to bake it.

Customers choose from gluten-free, thin, original, fresh pan or stuffed crust. Toppings include all the usual suspects – tomatoes, feta cheese, onions, garlic, mushrooms, black olives, zucchini, peppers, and even pineapple. You can even order an S’mores dessert pizza.

Job openings include team or crew members who prepare food and work the cash registers, store manager, assistant store manager, corporate and regional positions, and part-time promotional employees called “shaker boarders.” This can be done by completing papa murphy’s application online or directly to the store.

Company History

Papa Murphy’s formed in 1995 after two take and bake pizza chains, Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s, merged.

This takes and bakes restaurant chain rank fifth among U.S. pizza chains with more than 1300 stores in the U.S. and Canada. The chain has its headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.

This pizza chain offers various fundraisers through its franchises. Arizona franchises give customers five dollars off family pizzas when they bring in stuffed animals. (Arizona Highway Patrol officers give stuffed animals to children who’ve suffered through traumatic situations.)

Papa Murphy’s won Technomic Inc.’s 2016 Consumer’s Choice Award for Best Quick Serve Restaurant.

Jobs At Papa Murphy’s

Interested in working for Papa Murphy’s? Check out what might be available for you to apply using Papa Murphy’s application.

Team Member

papa murphy's application preparing pizza
A team member takes orders, prepares pizzas, rings up the register, and answers customer questions. You’ll need to earn a food handler’s card within two weeks of being hired if you don’t have one already.

A team member learns how to grate cheese, dice vegetables, ball, mix and sheet dough and perform other food prep tasks according to the company and federal sanitation standards.

In addition, applicants 18 and over can work as a team member. A few ads for team members state that applicants shouldn’t have piercings or “offensive” tattoos visible while working.

Other Needed Requirements

You will need to lift 45 to 50 pounds comfortably, check in all delivered supplies and food products as necessary, rotate stock, write a prep list, and help open or close the restaurant.

The ads for team members vary according to the franchise owner’s preferences, but the descriptions listed many of the ads we checked. Consider filling out a Papa Murphy’s application at more than one restaurant – and in-person instead of online – in your area for a better chance of being hired.

A team member may also be referred to as a prep person, crew member, or food service crew member depending on the franchise.

Shaker Boarder

You’ve probably seen folks standing on a street corner holding a flexible plastic sign advertising an open house, health club or other establishments. Papa Murphy’s is well-known for hiring uniformed crew members who hold similar signs by crosswalks or sidewalks near a restaurant.

Additionally, Shaker boarders must be extroverted and respond to pedestrians or drivers about Papa Murphy’s specials or promotions if asked. A shaker boarder must also perform cashiering or prep duties as requested by the restaurant manager or shift supervisor.

To apply for the shaker border position, you may fill out papa murphy’s application. You must also be able to stand, move and bend for the entire work shift, and hold and maneuver a five foot, five-pound sign for several hours. You must be at least 16 years old to apply for this position. Most shaker boarder shifts are three or four hours long.

Shift Supervisor

A shift supervisor oversees the operation of a particular shift. As a shift leader, you’ll make sure all team members are in uniform at the assigned time, and check the accuracy of orders, food prep, and cash handling.

You will take care of paperwork and daily bookkeeping at the end of the shift. You’ll also train team members, handle emergencies, and resolve customer complaints.

As long as you have a high school diploma and six months experience in a quick service restaurant (as a cashier, counter or prep person), you’ll have a good chance of landing this position.

Store Manager

papa murphy's job application store manager
If you have management experience, preferably in a quick-service restaurant (QSR), you can fill out a Papa Murphy’s application for Store Manager.

You will also be responsible for all the functions of a single restaurant.

A store manager is in charge of all daily operations in the restaurant, including, but not limited to:

  • Inspecting equipment, supplies, and food products to ensure sanitary standards are met
  • Tracking team members’ hours, food waste, sales, and inventory
  • Ordering supplies and food products as needed
  • Checking vendor deliveries for accuracy
  • Training, interviewing, hiring and evaluating team members
  • Monitoring daily bank deposits and cash drawers and investigating any variances
  • Posting weekly schedules
  • Assisting at the back and front of the restaurant when necessary

Store managers work 40 to 45 hours a week. Applicants should also have a high school diploma or GED, a ServSafe certificate, two to five years as a supervisor and experience managing a quick service restaurant.

You must pass a credit check and criminal background check, have excellent computer skills, and the ability to write profit and loss reports, food and labor cost analysis and other store financials.

Assistant Store Manager

An assistant store manager is a conduit between a shift supervisor and the store manager. You will take on all the shift supervisor responsibilities and a few additional functions.

Some of the assistant manager functions include:

  • Compiling labor and inventory reports
  • Weekly sales reports
  • Helping new team, members learn company procedures, food prep and cashiering
  • Supervising employees and overseeing store operations when the Store Manager is absent or on vacation
  • Making bank runs to retrieve deposit bags and pick up change

Furthermore, assistant managers are expected to train and prepare for promotion to a Store Manager position. Apply for this job using papa murphy’s application if you have one or two years QSR experience and are a high school graduate. You’ll need basic computer and math skills. If you ace your interview, you’ll undergo a credit and criminal background check before you are offered the job.

Support Center/Corporate

Corporate jobs at Papa Murphy’s are located at their headquarters in Vancouver, Washington or various regional offices. Check the Papa Murphy’s application on their website, sites like, or a professional recruiter in the restaurant field (or your specialty) for more information about these openings.

Here are a few sample corporate openings to give you an idea of what’s available for marketing, financial, and retail professionals at Papa Murphy’s.

Market Coach

A regional Market Coach helps franchise owners maximize sales, profits, and promotion to build a successful store. This corporate position is structured to provide new franchisees with the tools they need to adhere to all Papa Murphy’s policies and promote their business in a crowded field.

A Market Coach needs five to eight years experience in quick-service restaurants, a college degree (or the right amount of education and marketing/restaurant experience), and a ServSafe certification.  You will travel up to three-quarters of your work time in this position, visiting DMA, or designated marketing area.

Other Included Tasks

People hired for this job will visit new stores, attend Grand Openings, and train franchise owners on PMI products and operating systems too. They’ll also advise new franchise owners on Real Estate and recommend possible locations for new restaurants.

Additionally, you should have a working knowledge of foodborne illnesses and their causes to spot any potential problems in food preparation at new stores. Business-wise, you’ll work with balance sheets, profit, and loss statements. And also, deal with real estate brokers and groundbreaking for new franchises.

Store Planner

A store planner works out of the Vancouver, Washington headquarters. Store planners use computer-aided design software. This is to make detailed drawings of fixtures and floor plans for new stores as well (or to remodel old ones).

This position requires two to four years designing commercial space or planning retail or food service establishments. The company prefers candidates who have architectural design experience, and a background in interior design is an advantage.

Applicants should have expertise in AutoCAD 2016 or more recent software, as well as AutoDesk Revit. They’ll also need excellent mathematical capabilities. The ability to use fractions, ratios, percentages, proportions and apply them to the planning of new stores is crucial. You’ll also need a firm grasp of solid and plane geometry, trigonometry, and probability/statistical inference.


The benefits for Papa Murphy’s employees depend on the position worked. Crew members get half-price pizza. There are paid sick days at some franchises (the amount depends on your job title and how long you have been employed by the company) according to some employees on Other team members write that there are no paid sick days at company-owned stores.

Company-owned stores offer health, dental and vision insurance for some positions. Several employees report that there is a 401K plan if employees are over 21 and meet certain conditions.

Take your time when you complete a Papa Murphy’s application to increase your chances of being called in for an interview and hired. Incomplete or sloppy applications may wind up in the cyber or real-world trash bin.

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