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Panera Bread is a bakery café that specializes in providing freshly baked bread and pastries to thousands of consumers across America. Panera Bread has expanded rapidly since it was founded in 1981, and there are now more than 1,100 locations across the country that deliver fresh, artisan breads to the nation. Working almost 2,000 bakery-cafes across 45 states in the US and Canada, at Panera Bread the staff is constantly trying to expand solutions and add personnel with diverse background skills, values and mindset. As a mutually beneficial relationship, individuals work through self-improvement, while in return the company is constantly providing successful organizational operations.

Panera is consistently voted as one of America’s favorite casual bakery chains, and it’s easy to see why! If you would like to be a part of this success story, complete a Panera Bread online application and open up a world of opportunity.

Panera Bread Job Application

Upon founding the organization, almost 30 years ago, the leaders began adopting a mission to offer customers and employees as well with a warm and pleasant environment. Job seekers looking for Panera Bread careers might find success looking for controlling jobs or available positions based on hourly pay. Corporate support centers and manufacturing Panera Bread jobs also exist for determined applicants. Panera usually opens new points of work at a rate of around 15 bakery-cafes per six years, and this creates a constant demand to form new employees.

While associate jobs paid per hour may require workers to become employees of all ‘trades’, preparing recipes, taking orders and providing meals to customers, specific Panera Bread jobs such as chef or catering manager may require tasks that are more concentrated.

Each position greets entry-level applicants looking for part-time and full-time roles into the restaurant industry. Candidates looking to value their supervisory skills, customer support or cooking food backgrounds may choose to engage in controlling Panera Bread jobs. Job hopefuls might access career applications online by using the organization’s professional web pages.

If you would like to apply for a job at Panera Bread, you can do so by completing the Panera Bread employment application online at their careers website. Now there is no need to even leave your home to apply for a job, you can be immediately considered for employment with just the click of a mouse. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Panera Bread careers website today.

Official site:

Minimum Age for Employment at Panera Bread

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Panera Bread.The company entry-level candidates who are 18 years and older, while a few of the supervisory Panera Bread jobs may need candidates who are at least 20 years of age. Young candidates may land affiliate positions on an hourly basis with the potential to advance to management roles upon obtained experience.

The cafe market chain frequently must hire inspired employees for its entry-level positions of group members. Primary job responsibilities for Panera affiliates include cooking meals, cleanliness and customer support. Panera Bread team affiliates operate cash sign up, as well.

Candidates with strong interaction skills and experience in the cafe market may gain a preferential treatment over the Panera Bread candidate selection procedure. Training usually includes the hands-on business presentation, as well as spoken and visual training over a period of a week or two.

Panera Bread Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri:  9am – 9pm

Sat and Sun:  10am – 9pm

Although Panera Bread jobs rarely need evening labor, employees seeking non-traditional time may engage in overnight chef positions, which need presence late into the evening to morning hours. Positions often offered to interested candidates are listed here at www.panerabread.

Entry-Level Panera Bread Careers and Income

Available Panera Bread Careers: baker, café associate, team member, cashier, manager, assistant manager, maintenance technician, junior staff accountant, Panera gift card program manager, catering assistant, analyst, accounts receivable specialist, maintenance mechanic, officer manager, payroll coordinator, dough manufacturing facility manager, office manager, creative services project lead, shift supervisor etc.

Even if you have never worked in a casual restaurant before, the Panera Bread application online can help you to find a perfect job – Panera has a range of entry-level jobs available that don’t require any prior experience. Positions include:

Team Member, Cashier, Baker, Maintenance Technician, Café Associate, and Catering Assistant.

The average yearly salaries for some of the most popular entry-level jobs are:

Cashier – $19, 800 / year

Team Member – $24, 000 / year

Baker – $26, 500 / year

Café Associate – $24, 200 / year

Maintenance Technician – $22, 000 / year

Café Affiliates – Job Description and Duties

Panera Bread affiliates earn, on average, a salary and compensation of $9.50 per hour. Most cafe affiliates start out earning just above the minimum wage. Experienced Panera Bread employees can earn $12.00 per hour, depending on their work place. Aside from base payment, many Panera workers are offered excellent job advantages.

Employment beneficial offers provide access to several discount rates on refreshments, advantages plans and healthcare coverage. Panera Bread affiliates may also advance into various career-oriented positions, such as management jobs and supervising roles. Pay ranges and worker benefit accessibility usually vary by different Panera work places.

Associate – Job Description and Duties

As employees who are most likely to interact Panera customers, all hourly-based affiliates must possess confident and friendly characters. Associates have the responsibility of designing snacks, building side dishes, making soups, preparing bakery products and operating cash signs up.

Candidates for this Panera Bread career must also perform well as part of groups, function good in fast-paced surroundings and be capable to lift up to 30lbs. Associates generally get an on hourly pay between $7.00 and $12.00. Click on Panera Bread team member’s job description to see a full description of the position, along with worker interview videos.

Overnight or Day Baker – Job Description and Duties

To be sure that the store remains supplied with fresh cooked goods, overnight bakers work until sun rise to prepare for nearing days of business. In the meanwhile day bakers make sure that the location has replenishment throughout all business time.

Previous baking, café or overnight background is helpful toward candidate consideration, although is not necessary since training occurs after hire. Candidates must be available during Saturdays and Sundays and have a clean driving record with reliable means of transport.

Those who look for overnight and day baker Panera Bread jobs should also take be at least 18 years of age. All overnight and day bakers can get between $8.00 and $15.00 per hour.

Panera Bread Careers in Management

The Panera Bread job application form can also be used to apply for positions that require some more experience. There are a wide range of job opportunities for those looking for management positions, or positions as trained professionals. These include:

Shift Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Staff Accountant, Panera Gift Card Program Manager, Catering Coordinator, Human Resources Manager, Programmer Analyst, Communication and Personal Technology Manager, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Office Manager, and Dough Manufacturing Facility Manager.

Following are the average yearly salaries for some popular management positions:

Assistant Store Manager – $38, 000 / year

General Store Manager – $49, 000 / year

Shift Supervisor – $25, 600 / year

Catering Coordinator – $27, 000 / year

Bakery Market Manager – $49, 000 / year

If you can see yourself working in any of these positions, complete a Panera Bread job application today.

Catering Manager – Job Description and Duties

Guaranteeing the successes of on-the-road service, the catering manager provides big on-site breakfast and lunchtime purchases to small business owners with the help of affiliate groups. Responsibilities include advertising sales and production of personalized meals, but also the delivery, installment and planning.

Candidates must have personal cars, a perfect driving record, maintain neat performances, provide company and clear interaction and positive behavior. Catering planners have flexible working time and can accept gratuity next to receiving salaries of $9.00 to $12.00 per hour.

Management – Job Description and Duties

With liability for the functioning and growth of every bakery-cafe, supervisors manage 30 to 50 affiliates in fast-paced and customer-centric surroundings. Daily duties will include taking stock, arranging, cleaning, planning and making the inventory.

Candidates must have powerful interaction abilities, understanding of policy, procedures and the ability to develop, manage and assist affiliates. Two years of managing background in addition to constant occupation, powerful company abilities and excellent client support experience may also be suitable. Managers have a yearly salary between $32,000 and $50,000.

Basic Tips for Applying at Panera Bread

Candidates may apply on the Internet by accessing the company professions website listed at the bottom of the home page. Applicants start by typing a zip code and selecting a mile radius affordable for travel to the job each day. On the career page, available on Panera Bread Careers, you will also see a list of new Bakery-Café openings. Applying to these newly opened locations will increase your chances of getting hired.

Click on the “Search for Jobs” option to begin the application process. The website’s search engine will allow you to filter results according to Career category, location, Brand and position. You have two options in the search engine: Details and Apply now.

The details section for Panera Bread jobs will tell you more about the positions, its responsibilities, requirements and benefits. If the conditions feel suitable you can click on the apply button. You will immediately be redirected to Panera Bread’s Taleo section. Click on the “Apply Now” button again to begin the application process.

Keep in mind that you must create an account or log in with your Yahoo! Or Google account before you can begin the Panera Bread application process. You can also attach additional documents such as resume, cover letter or recommendation to increase your employment opportunities. It is also possible to apply for several positions at the same time.

By choosing a place, you will increase the possibility of discovering a list of Panera Bread jobs to select from that are convenient for you. After searching through and choosing a Panera Bread application, the candidates will make their make own profile and fill out the jobs and employment form.

The set of questions requires hopefuls to offer past career details, schedule accessibility and credentials. Candidates should collect current qualifications and additional details prior to starting the search on the Internet in order to make sure the process runs efficiently and without mistakes.

The Panera Bread application process has been made to be quick, simple and convenient for prospective employees who can now complete the application at home. The application form is easy to understand, and all you will need to complete it is basic demographic information such as your social security number, your address and information about your previous employment and education.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Panera Bread

The first few words in your Panera Bread application are probably the only thing that the hiring manager will read. If what you wrote on the Panera application is not interesting the hiring manager will simply move on to the next form. It is essential to create a great first impression. Be concise while being unique. You should give out of the ordinary answers without straying too much from the truth.

The job application will test your personality and background to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the company. You should prepare your documents before beginning the application process. This will significantly reduce the time you spend answering to questions related to your work experience and background. If you are not happy with your Panera application you should wait 48 hours before submitting it and read it again.

Also, if you are applying for several different positions you might want to cater your replies so that they are relevant for the specific position. Panera Bread careers are open to all kinds of people and even lighter resumes will be taken into consideration. A word of advice would be to also trim down the CV so that it contains information which is relevant for the company.

By submitting your Panera Bread job application online you are allowing the company to run background checks and drug screening on you.

Panera Bread Application Status

Hiring supervisors may get in touch with candidates of interest within one week or two upon receiving necessary materials to arrange the interviews. Job hopefuls who also want to visit or call the place and find out about the application’s details are welcome to do so. When visiting in person, the code of professional dress and presence must be right, as career offers and on-the-spot discussions might occur.

When planning to get in touch with the company, applicants should assess the most popular business hours and be sure that they reach out over down time. Potential workers can consider applying for several Panera Bread jobs to make sure their skill sets match up with the abilities defined within the jobs’ requirements explanations.

Benefits of Working at Panera Bread

Panera Bread workers gain experience and decent pay in enjoyable surroundings cooking grease-free food. Employees might also qualify for other job advantages. Both on per hour basis and paid affiliates get career advantages offers including medical, dental or vision insurance policy, flexible spending records, worker stock buy plans, competitive payment, rewards applications, insurance policy coverage, impairment systems and worker discount rates.

Working at Panera Bread doesn’t just mean you get a competitive salary and flexible working hours – you may also be eligible for an impressive benefits package. Benefits offered vary according to the job position, but include medical insurance, a 401(k) retirement savings plan, paid vacation leave and discounts on delicious meals from Panera Bread.

To gain access to these benefits and a career with opportunities for rapid growth, complete an application for Panera Bread on their career website now.

Regular clients may make a MyPanera user profile on the Internet or in person without any change. The system allows its members to earn benefits, win prizes and have access to dishes, tips, discussions and articles. Members simply shop at each place and present their MyPanera cards in order to be able to begin enjoying advantages.

Associates run the cards upon buys, which allows the account to monitor what products clients regularly acquire. Tthis way they offer to compensate their products of preference. Clients get notes after the cards’ swipe as to whether or not benefits remain redeemable. Devoted customers may also monitor their advantages on the Internet by signing into their MyPanera account.

Panera Bread Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The popular bakery chain with an informal environment, Panera Bread, has more than 1,700 locations all over the United States. A top player in the restaurant market, Panera Bread provides freshly and made-from-scratch food prepared by experienced chefs and delivered by careful affiliates.

To ensure the best level of client care, Panera Bread employs devoted affiliates regularly. Panera Bread primarily hires employees at its store level, but its coffee shop locations also provide jobs in support centers or manufacturing. To discover the right workers, Panera Bread runs on a fairly consistent procedure.

Typically, job hopefuls competing for entry-level tasks with Panera Bread go through a short one-on-one meeting session. Often, discussions are performed at open house and hiring events. HR supervisors or shift management generally conduct discussions and keep the procedure informal and friendly. Hiring personnel will ask some standard questions which cover accessibility, transport, education and strong points.

Some discussions may consist of situational concerns that address client care circumstances. With no tricky and overwhelming problems, Panera Bread has these interviews rather simple and straightforward. As a company dedicated to employee fulfillment, Panera Bread also requests meeting situations dealing with payment, interest in professional development and preferred working hours.

This is some very primary guidance, but it will help you out a lot. Carry your outfit well to make a good impression. The more prepared it looks, the better you look. Ensure that that you get a proper hairstyle before you go for your meeting. For job selection, organizations usually look for the best prepared candidates, and then go ahead from there.

Confidence is essential, but so many individuals lack it. If you go in there just like you already earned the job, you instantly defeat out many of the applicants who are there with you. Talk with the interviewers with assurance, be relaxed, and move with confidence. These are all regular things but you would be amazed as to how many individuals do not do such simple efforts.

There are plenty of candidates looking down when they go into a meeting, fidgeting with their arms and not understanding what is going on. It is definitely terrible and you will hardly get a job going about that way. The best tip for acing a job that you are searching for is to seem well-grounded.

If there is one factor that will decrease the chances of being employed is that a lot of individuals go in there not understanding what the position is about. The interviewers are going to ask you some routine questions, and if you do not offer the right interview answers, you cut off a large chunk of your hiring chances.

It is as easy as that, so do some analysis and think about the most popular questions, while searching for the best answers for the that also suite your personality. It will almost assure that you earn the job, since not many others will have done this preparation. You will have the solutions they are searching for.

Frequently Asked Panera Bread Interview Questions

Candidates looking for specific Panera Bread jobs, such as controlling positions, go through several levels of discussions. Managing candidates generally need to cover supervisory and restaurant background. A few specific Panera Bread discussions with ambitious supervisors will include queries such as:“What can you provide to this group if Panera Bread selects you as a manager?” or “How do you satisfy a disappointed client?”

Management discussions can also consist of panel reviews, personality testing, drug testing and background record checks. Keep in mind that the company will automatically run background checks on selected candidates.

Panera Bread wants devoted and diligent workers able to evolve in fast-paced and constantly changing environments. Job hopefuls must attend these Panera Bread professional discussions on time while being dressed in their business-casual clothing or a professional outfit.

Past client support experience can benefit candidates during this Panera Bread procedure, as they could use past situations from previous positions to demonstrate their ability to perform all expected obligations. During the meeting, candidates should list their reasons to work at Panera Bread and motivation to provide quality food.

If you are interested in more information about Panera Bread careers, you can read an employee’s testimony below:

Interviewer: Please explain your job headline and main responsibilities.

Panera Bread Employee: At Panera, I proved to be helpful in the meals department. Our main focus was to make the snacks, put the soup in recipients or to-go bins, just to be sure that the meals got along the lines as fast as possible.

Interviewer: How was the workplace like?

Panera Bread Employee: They workplace usually has a lot of youngsters – the supervisors were about 20 years old, so it was a really fresh atmosphere. Everybody was acting really nice to each other, so all of us got along well for most of the time.

Interviewer: What was the preferred aspect about being there?

Panera Bread Employee: My preferred part was probably the colleagues. They really offered help to each other, if we observed the others missing something, they were usually big about assisting their colleagues. I liked how all put that into the work place.

Interviewer: Please tell us about a common day as a worker.

Panera Bread Employee: Time in, consult from an administrator about which part of the meals department you are operating in – the meals, the broth or the salad part – and from there, the inventory of all components that you use to make the recipes – the bread or various meats – just be sure that everything is perfectly clean. From there, we just prepare the meals until close and then put away and close all the bins.

Interviewer: How do you describe the program and interview procedure?

Panera Bread Employee: I got there in person. The staff had a resume on paper, still. After my Panera application, around a week later, I received a phone call saying that they wanted me to come there and have a discussion. They just requested a few pre-determined answers. Not so many about working there, but more about individual lifestyle, education, what type of friends I was meeting up with, just the common questions about what type of things I like. I think they are trying to form an idea about you as an individual and not just an employee, this being one of the things that I valued.

Interviewer: What type of questions did the interviewing panel members asked during the job discussion?

Panera Bread Employee: They like to know what type of employee you are going to be, but simultaneously how you were like during your free time. Therefore, they requested different information, such as: “What do you like to do in your spare time?”, “Why are you going to college?”, and “What type of persons do you go out with?” It truly seemed as they were trying to have the whole picture and not just “Is the worker going to be an effective asset here?” They are trying to know what is best for you as an employee and for them as a company.

Interviewer: What’s some other guidance would you share with a job seeker wanting to obtain employment?

Panera Bread Employee: They want to discover you as an individual. They want to see where they might place you in the firm so that it benefits them while they benefit you. In conclusion, you must be yourself and you will find out that it is a great job to work at.

This concludes our Panera Bread jobs guide. We are confident that this information will help you ace the application process and interview phase. If you feel like you need more information about Panera careers you should definitely check out career forums where other applicants or employees share their opinion and experiences. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you will found Panera Bread jobs that are best suited for your talents.

Link to Panera Bread’s Career Site

You can access the Panera Bread’s application form HERE.

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