Coca-Cola Application

Employment at Coca Cola

Coca Cola handles their hiring process online. Searching for open positions is easy to do on their official website. You can search based on job title, department, and region. Coca Cola has open positions both for high school graduates and those with higher education. As long as you’re 18 years old, you can apply for a job at the company. Below we have covered the main departments at Coca Cola that you could work in. Some are obvious career paths whereas others may surprise you. We have also provided tips and guidance for submitting a Coca Cola application that will help get you noticed.

Coca Cola Application

Departments at Coca Cola that you could work in include:

  • Marketing – Coca Cola is known for its creative, engaging marketing campaigns. Therefore, for many people interested in a career in marketing, working for Coca Cola is a dream. The company’s marketing department works to increase sales, understand customers and consumers, and analyze the competition. Specific positions you could apply for are marketing research, creative services, brand management, advertising, category management, promotions and merchandising/licensing, marketing asset management, channel and customer marketing, and media.
  • Finance – Their finance department is in charge of analyzing sales performance, forecasting financial results, planning finances, and assessing economic viability of product innovations. Roles that you could apply for include financial analysis, business development, accounting, tax and treasury, and audit.
  • Business Management – Are you interested in helping Coca Cola make big plans for the future? The business management department may be a good fit for you if you are. Coca Cola’s business management team is responsible for strategic planning and helping choose which projects to pursue. Some positions in business management are integrated sales and operations manager, strategic planning, business development, PMO, and business tracking and metrics.
  • Human Resources – The HR department works to ensure Coca Cola has the right people in the right positions. Who a company hires can make the difference between success and failure. Responsibilities of Human Resources include recruitment, compensation and benefits, company culture, and succession planning. Career paths you can apply for in Coca Cola’s HR department are employee relations, talent acquisition, business partner, workplace and support services, talent and development, mobility, and compensation and benefits.
  • Legal – Career openings at Coca Cola in the legal department include legal analysts, counsels, and attorneys. The legal team advises Coca Cola on employee contracts, foreign investments, trademarks, and other legal issues. They can work with the marketing team to ensure ideas stay within legal boundaries.
  • Customer and Commercial Leaders – The Customer and Commercial Leaders department is in charge of promoting teamwork to achieve business goals faster. Positions at the company in the customer and commercial leaders department are operations management, account management, sales analysis/decision support, and network account management.
  • Sales and Account Management – Coca Cola’s Sales and Account Management department is divided into local operations team. Each team works in a different region to build relationships with local customers and bottling partners. They also handle media relations and communication in their region.
  • Technical Function – The Technical Function team brainstorms ideas on how to improve Coca Cola’s manufacturing, packaging, and raw materials. Roles within this department include quality assurance and engineering.
  • Supply Chain Function – Supply Chain Function positions consist of distribution and logistics, equipment services and customer service, and procurement. This department ensures that each link in the chain works together seamlessly.
  • Public Affairs and Communications – The Public Affairs and Communications department talks to the government, industry, consumers, and employees about the company’s story. Roles in this department consist of public affairs, internal communications, sustainability, foundation, and digital communication.
  • Information Technology – IT specialist have an opportunity to work at Coca Cola in the Information Technology department. Possible roles include infrastructure systems support, network management, business systems planning, database management and technical training, operations, IT architecture, application development and support, and SAP.

On Coca-Cola’s careers page, you can find internship opportunities, career opportunities, and information on how to submit a Coca Cola application.

What to Do Before Submitting a Coca Cola Application

Before applying for a job at Coca Cola, you should learn about their company culture and values. Determine if they’re close to your own values. Do you think you would enjoy the company culture? Assuming you still think Coca Cola is a good fit for you, then clarify why you want to work at the company. This is helpful not only in submitting an application that catches their eye but preparing for the potential interview. Every company wants to hear good reasons as to why someone wants to work for them.

Pick an Opportunity That You Are Qualified For

The first step in applying to Coca Cola is to find an opportunity that you are qualified for. If you have a degree in finance, you’ll want to check out careers in the finance department. On Coca Cola’s website, you can browse open positions to find one that’s a good match for you. Some of the information provided about each open position includes requirements, key responsibilities, location, and whether or not relocation is supported.

Submit Your Coca Cola Application for the Chosen Position

Click the apply button on the page in which you found the open position. You’ll be prompted to create an account in order to fill out an application for that position. It’s quick and easy to create an account. All you have to do is enter your email address and create a password. Once you’re logged in, the application process asks for your resume to be uploaded.

What If You Couldn’t Find an Available Position You Want?

If your heart is set on working at Coca Cola and you didn’t find a position you’re qualified for or interested in, you can set up email alerts. Coca Cola will notify you via email whenever a new position opens involving your search criteria.

Minimum Age for Employment at Coca Cola

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at Coca Cola. Some positions only require a high school diploma or GED. The company is willing to give people who have no experience a chance. However, you won’t find many types of positions open if you don’t have experience or any higher education than a high school diploma. Examples of jobs you can apply for with a high school diploma are an order builder, fountain field service technician, account manager, warehouse worker, and distribution center administrator.

Coca Cola Hours of Operation

Coca Cola operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This gives you flexibility in what hours you want to work.

Entry Level Coca Cola Careers and Respective Income

There are a lot of entry level positions available at Coca Cola. A few examples are customer care specialist, brand entertainment specialist, and maintenance technician. Entry level customer care specialists earn $13-$14 per hour. A brand entertainment specialist earns $13 an hour. Maintenance technicians, however, receive a yearly salary of $35,000-$45,000.

Coca Cola Careers in Management

Coca Cola has a wide variety of careers in management available. The requirements depend on the specific position you’re applying for. Some management positions, such as a principal project manager, require a bachelor’s degree and 10+ years of relevant experience. Other management positions like Customer Development Manager II require a four-year degree in a relevant field.

Benefits of Working at Coca Cola

The exact employee benefits you’ll receive may vary depending on where you work. Common employee benefits of working at Coca Cola are paid time off, 401k retirement plans, healthcare coverage, and relocation assistance. The company tends to consider the applications of its own employees for higher level positions. That makes it easier to work your way up in the company. Other benefits of working at Coca Cola include telecommuting, flex time, and local health club discounts. Not all employees can telecommute as it depends on the position and agreement with the company. If you want the ability to telecommute, it must be discussed during the hiring process. Coca Cola also offers an undergraduate scholarship and tuition reimbursement.

Basic Tips for Applying at Coca Cola

Before submitting a Coca Cola application, you should carefully modify, update, or create a resume. Don’t use a resume that was intended for applying to a different company. You want to show that you’re passionate about working at Coca Cola. Your resume should let the employer know you’re the right person for the job. Pay attention to the desired qualities of the position in the job description. If you have any of those qualities, work them into your resume if possible. And remember to incorporate them into your interview as well. On Coca Cola’s website, they also ask that your resume only be one page long. Thus, you may have some trimming to do before uploading your resume.

Send a cover letter. Some job applicants make the mistake of not sending a cover letter because it’s not mandatory. But you increase your chances of getting hired if you send a good cover letter. Put as much care into writing a cover letter as you do for your resume.

If you haven’t heard back in 1-2 weeks after submitting a Coca Cola application, call the manager or HR representative for a follow up. Calling the company can help generate interest in you. It shows initiative and passion for working at Coca Cola.

Coca Cola Interview Tips

Coca Cola provides interview tips on their website. To improve your chance of being hired, follow all of those tips.

Research Coca Cola – One of the best ways to impress the company is to do your research before the interview. Those who know about the company’s history, values, mission, vision, and other important information will appear more desirable. Coca Cola wants to hire people who fit in with their mission, vision, and values. They want employees who truly care about the company. Show you care by thoroughly researching the company.

Be Yourself – It’s a cliche in applying for a job, but being yourself in an interview is important. Know what your strengths are, and make them work for you. Even if you’re an introvert, you don’t need to pretend you’re extroverted. Just find a way in which it gives you an edge for the position you’re applying for and let it shine during the interview.

Use the STAR Technique – STAR is an acronym standing for situation/task, action, and result. Use this technique during your interview to explain how your experience is relevant to the position you’re applying for. STAR helps you express good experience stories that make you seem like a good match for the company. Situation/task is circumstances or background. Action refers to the specific action you took. And result is the outcome of your action in measurable terms. Don’t forget to use measurable terms when discussing results, as that part is key.

Frequently Asked Coca Cola Interview Questions

  • What’s your favorite product from Coca Cola?
  • Tell me about a time you had to handle an irate customer.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why is it important to be dependable?
  • What would your managers say about you if we called them?

Working at Coca Cola

Many people have found working at Coca Cola a rewarding career. Before you hastily submit a Coca Cola application, you should seriously contemplate whether it’s the right company for you. Are your values in line with those of Coca Cola? Can you see yourself fitting in with the company culture? If so, then don’t be anxious to submit a Coca Cola application. If you follow the tips above, you have a chance at being hired.

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