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Employment at CBS

The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) is a publicly-traded mass media company that broadcasts news, sports and entertainment across a number of platforms, including local and cable television, social media, radio, film and publishing. The company offers a range of careers throughout the United States (although the largest operations are in New York City and Los Angeles) for people with varying levels of experience and differing areas of expertise. Here we will walk through the application process, discuss different types of careers at CBS, describe the culture at the company and provide interview tips for job seekers who are fortunate to land an interview by completing a CBS application through the company’s portal.

CBS Application

The CBS Corporation portfolio of businesses includes:

  • CBS Television
  • CBS Television Studios
  • CBS Entertainment
  • CBS Studios International
  • CBS News
  • CBS television Distribution
  • CBS Sports
  • CBS Television Stations
  • CBS Consumer Products
  • CBS Films
  • The CW
  • CBS Interactive
  • CBS Radio
  • Showtime
  • CBS Sports Radio
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • Simon & Schuster
  • CBS Connections
  • Watch
  • CBS Scene
  • EcoMedia
  • Pop
  • CBS Vision

Within each of these businesses are a variety of different departments and career opportunities for job seekers who are interested in completing a CBS application.

The careers page of the CBS website lists all open positions in the company. (As of this writing, there were 633 jobs available, ranging from assistant to executive level.)

On the careers page, interested applicants will find a list of each CBS business and, by clicking on a business, they can see a short description of its operations and follow a link to available jobs within that specific business.

The careers page also includes blogs and videos outlining the company’s commitment to a diverse workforce, as well as a section devoted to information about CBS’s Diversity Institute. The institute includes eight components that allow employee participants to mentor up and coming writers, actors and directors and opens doors to network executives as they develop their craft.

Also on the careers page, job seekers can find out more about CBS’s community involvement and corporate citizenship. Applicants have access to detailed reports about CBS Cares, on-air Public Service Announcements (PSAs) where well-known actors and journalists deliver short messages about specific causes, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, foster care and pet adoption.

The site also includes CBS’s social responsibility report, an annual download of the many causes that CBS and its employees support, either through financial contributions, collection drives or volunteerism. The most recent report outlines how CBS has integrated socially responsible messaging into its programming through storylines, PSAs and special programs. Working for socially responsible organizations is of increasing importance to job seekers who want to feel that their work is making an impact, so if that is a consideration for you, it’s worth the time to browse through the social responsibility report before completing a CBS application.

The Benefits portion of the careers site outlines the comprehensive benefits available to CBS employees. More details are outlined below.

Because CBS is a large, diversified company, jobs are available in multiple locations. If you’re interested in a particular position, you may be required to relocate. You’ll need to carefully consider if you would enjoy living in a particular area, and if you can afford not only to move there, but take into account the cost of living before you complete a CBS application. Some CBS positions may include a relocation package; others may not.

Each position listing on the company’s website includes the location, whether the position is full or part time and what the responsibilities and qualifications entail. Positions also include the specific CBS business the position aligns with, as well as the work hours.

Job seekers can filter the types of available jobs, by choosing by title, location (state and city), business unit and job type (full time, part time, internship, temporary or freelance).

Job seekers interested in completing a CBS application should do so via the CBS Corporation website, as the company does not accept resumes that are mailed or sent via email. After identifying the position they are interested in, applicants will click “Apply Now“.

  • Create a Profile

Before the application is completed, applicants must create a profile, following four steps that include:

  1. Choosing if they want to upload a resume, apply without a resume, apply via LinkedIn, or copy and paste a resume
  2. They will then need to enter their basic personal information, such as name, address and phone number
  3. Next, they will create a user name and password
  4. Finally, they will receive and click on a link that is sent to their email to confirm registration

Once the applicant has completed their profile, they can skip this step when applying for future jobs.

  • Fill In Your Background

Applicants who choose to upload a resume should carefully check to ensure that the elements of their resume have correctly populated into the appropriate fields, i.e., ensure that your work history does not appear in the education background section.
If you choose not to upload or cut and paste a resume, you will need to manually complete all sections of the online application, which will ask for you

  • Complete the Application

To complete the CBS application, job seekers will need to answer Equal Opportunity Employment questions regarding their sex, race and military history.

The final step is completing the “source information.” CBS wants to know how you heard about the available position, such as whether you found it by browsing their website, another website that includes job listings, LinkedIn, or if you heard about it from a current employee. If you did learn about the opening from a CS employee, he r she may be contacted as a reference. In the “source information” portion of the application, you’ll also be asked to provide your professional and personal references.

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation email that your CBS application has been received, and that you will be notified if you are selected for an interview. This is a “no reply” email, so don’t use it for follow up inquiries.

Minimum Age for Employment at CBS

An excellent foot in the door at CBS is via an internship. Current college students who have achieved at least junior status are eligible to fill out a CBS application for an internship. Internships may have different areas of focus; some internships may concentrate on one particular project or department, while others concentrate on gaining experience in a single department. Some internships are paid, others are not. Each internship description states whether the position is paid or unpaid.

CBS Hours of Operation

Today’s consumers expect content delivered to them on a 24-hour basis, so hours of operation at CBS can vary widely, depending on the role within the organization. A reporting manager, for example, might work late into the night or be expected to arrive at work in the early hours of the morning – or both, at times. On the other hand, a financial account manner will work CBS’ traditional business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Each job description on the company’s website outlines the normal job hours of the position.

Entry Level CBS Careers and Respective Income

Information regarding pay grades or pay structures isn’t available on the careers page of the CBS website. However, there are a number of entry-level jobs in CBS’s businesses. A promotion assistant at a CBS Radio station in a specific market might find that their duties include staffing station events, operating equipment and possibly driving the station van. But a desktop publishing assistant in CBS’s publishing business might be responsible for designing ebooks. Because of CBS’s size and multiple business structures, there are opportunities to learn new skills and move upward within the company.

CBS Careers in Management

There are few management jobs at CBS that don’t require a degree or a significant amount of experience, so before completing a CBS application, make sure you have the desired skill set. There will be different criteria for individual businesses and most of them will likely prefer candidates who have experience in the entertainment and/or news industries. Desired years of experience will fluctuate by position. Examples of management positions available within CBS include Director, Information Security for CBS Radio; News Editor, CBS News; and Director, Traffic Operations for CBS Television Stations.

Basic Tips for Applying at CBS

Current and former employees, rating their own professional experience working at CBS, generally give the company high marks, citing hands-on learning opportunities, competitive pay and benefits, and room for growth. Keep in mind, however, that a company the size and scale of CBS has countless job roles and not all of them will be as exciting or challenging as others. Do some research about the particular job you’re interested in before deciding if you’re a good fit for the company and your desired role.

CBS is involved in a number of joint ventures, and the company has grown through acquisitions. Non-performing businesses are always at risk for sale or spin off, so also research the specific business you are interested in to learn more about how it stacks up against the competition.

Contact CBS employees on LinkedIn and request a 15-minute phone interview to help you determine if completing a CBS application is the right move for you. You’ll also get a better understanding of the day-to-day operations and culture and, if you’re lucky, you might also get a referral.

Also, be well prepared for an interview. Many employees report that they were contacted quickly after applying, so you want to be ready in case a call comes faster than expected. It won’t be unusual for the company to call you for a pre-screen telephone interview before deciding if they want to meet you in person. Expect to go through two rounds of interviews, possibly more depending on the position.

Benefits of Working for CBS

Many CBS employees say that the “wow” factor of working for such a well-known, diversified company is a perk. The company’s benefits packages include health, dental and life insurance, as well as a 401(k) with matching funds. Employees also can opt for flex and health spending accounts, and earn paid vacation and holiday leave. CBS offers safe-sex domestic partner benefits, paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child. Employees also have access to a college coach to help them adequately save for college expenses and navigate the college application process. Benefits at CBS can differ depending on location, and benefits for collective bargaining employees working under a negotiated contract also might differ.

Interview Tips

After completing a CBS application and scoring an interview, applicants should prepare for the interview by learning as much about CBS’s portfolio of businesses as possible. They should be at least familiar with on-air talent, including national morning and news show hosts, and be aware of other CBS programming, such as successful show or sports programs. Applicants should have or develop a working knowledge of issues impacting the news and entertainment industry, as well as industry trends.

Expect questions about how you handle high-stress situations and how you operate in a fast-paced environment. If you’re applying for a creative content position, be prepared to explain how you might have altered existing storylines or how you would write for a character you don’t particularly like. Always be ready to answer the standard “Tell me about yourself” with ease, and let your personality shine through.

Applying for a new job can be stressful, but by doing your homework, you’ll be able to decide if a career at CBS is right for you.

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