Kimberly Clark Application

Employment at Kimberly Clark

Send in your Kimberly Clark application today for a chance to work at one of the biggest companies in the personal care industries. The American corporation was founded back in 1872 and in its 143 years of experience it has generated iconic products such as cellu-cotton, the substitute for cotton that enabled the U.S. army to use disposable sanitary napkins and then Kotex, the first ever disposable feminine hygiene product.

The biggest Kimberly Clark brands out there today are Kleenex, Kotex, Huggies, Scott, Viva, Cottonelle, Kimberly Clark Professional, Neve and Poise. The company has expanded worldwide due to the high quality of the products that they offer that customers can rely on.

Kimberly Clark Application

If you are interested in working for the company, then you need to start your job search on their official employment portal. Go to the official site, and click in the Careers button in the menu at the top of the page and you will be redirected to the official Kimberly Clark application platform.

Take a few minutes to read the presentation of their brands, their philosophy, and expectations from the candidates for Kimberly Clark careers as well as their main achievements and core values. If you identify with these, then proceed to Search Global Jobs button on the top right-hand corner to find all of the available positions.

Conduct your search according to your location and the field you are interested in working in and then analyze all the Kimberly Clark jobs revealed by the portal. If you do not find the right position for you from the first search, you have the option of creating a profile on the Kimberly Clark application portal and submitting it to the Human Resources department for general consideration.

However, we advise you to check the Kimberly Clark careers portal periodically to find the newest job opportunities at the company and submit applications for these positions so that you can display your commitment to finding employment there.

If you do find a position that you want to apply to, you can begin filling out the Kimberly Clark application form. Create a profile on the portal by choosing your username and password and then start filling out each of the nine sections of the form. We are going to take you through every one of them so that your application is perfectly filled out.

  • Resume Upload

Add your resume to the Kimberly Clark application form as a PDF file or from your LinkedIn profile. However, you need to know that providing your CV is not mandatory and that you may choose to fill out the entire form manually if this suites you better.

  • Candidate Personal Information

If you do provide a resume, in whichever form, this section will mostly be filled out automatically by the Kimberly Clark application portal by copying the data from your CV. You will also be provided with space to type or paste in your cover letter and resume, but as in the first section, this is not mandatory.

  • Attachments

In this step of the Kimberly Clark application form, you will be provided with space to attach all the additional documents from your resume, such as transcripts, a cover letter or references. If you want to include a cover letter, we advise you to upload it in this section so that you can format its contents however you choose. The space provided in the previous section only allows you to use plain text and prohibits formatting tools such as bolded text, bullet points or any of the others.

  • Work and Education

For this section of the Kimberly Clark application form, you will have to list the main details about your previous workplaces and about the programs you have participated in during the course of your education. If you have uploaded a resume in the first section, most of the information will be transferred in automatically.

  • Questions

This section of the Kimberly Clark application form includes 7 essential questions about you that will determine your eligibility for the employment process. You will have to certify that you are over 18. Then, you will have to mention whether or not you have signed any Non-Compete or Non-Disclosure agreements with other companies, whether you were ever interviewed or employed at the company and whether or not you have ever been convicted of a crime. The last two questions are focused on your legal right to work on U.S. grounds.

  • Prescreening

This section of the Kimberly Clark application form is specific to the position you are applying for and includes several questions about the professional experience that makes you a valuable candidate for the job.

  • EEO

Kimberly Clark is an Equal Opportunity Employer and the selection process that they employ is unbiased regarding gender, race or ethnicity. Their goal is to create a diverse workplace and this is why it will be helpful if you provide some details about yourself for the Human Resources department. However, you do not need to disclose any information if you feel uncomfortable in any way. The decision is entirely yours.

  • eSignature

For this section of the Kimberly Clark application form, you will have to certify that all the information you have included so far is correct to your best knowledge. Provide your electronic signature so as to make the document official.

  • Summary

In the last section of the form, you will be able to view the completed version of your Kimberly Clark application form and make all the additions and modifications that you see fit.

When you are done with all of these steps, you can submit your jobs and employment form for review. By logging in to the portal later on, you will be able to check your application status of your form.

Minimum Age for Employment at Kimberly Clark

The minimum age for Kimberly Clark employment is 18 and all candidates for positions at the company need to meet this criterion in order to be considered eligible.

Kimberly Clark Hours of Operation

Hours of operation depend on the Kimberly Clark brand, department and most importantly on the location of the company branch. If you want to find out the exact schedule of a certain branch, you can go to the Contact Us section on and proceed to write to the company.

If you want to reach the Kimberly Clark headquarters, you will need to use the following address:

Kimberly Clark Corporation, 351 Phelps Dr. Irving, TX, 75038 United States, Kimberly Clark Phone Number: (972) 281-1200

Entry-Level Kimberly Clark Careers and Income

Visit the company’s job application portal to find the newest employment opportunities in you field. You can choose from the following departments:

  • Kimberly Clark Careers in Communications;
  • Kimberly Clark Careers in Continuous Improvement and Sustainability;
  • Finance and Accounting Kimberly Clark Jobs;
  • Customer Service Kimberly Clark Jobs;
  • Kimberly Clark Careers in Health Services;
  • Kimberly Clark Careers in General Services;
  • Human Resources Kimberly Clark Jobs;
  • Legal Kimberly Clark Jobs;
  • Kimberly Clark Careers in Manufacturing and Operations;
  • Marketing Kimberly Clark Jobs;
  • Kimberly Clark Careers in IT Services;
  • Sales Kimberly Clark Jobs;
  • Strategy Kimberly Clark Careers;
  • Research and Engineering Kimberly Clark

Entry-level positions might not always be available at the company, but young job seekers are also advised to apply for Kimberly Clark Internships because these could improve their chances at employment considerably.

Basic Tips for Applying at Kimberly Clark

Due to the fact that printable employment forms are no longer available with the company, you will have to go to and send your application online. Filling out the form will not take you more than 10-15 minutes, but you will have to have to prepare a few documents beforehand if you want your application to be complete:

  • Resume;
  • Cover Letter;
  • Addition Documents – Professional and Character References, Diplomas, Transcripts.

While the Kimberly Clark application form does not obligate you to provide these documents, taking the time to add them will depict you as a committed candidate and this will increase your chances of getting selected for the interview process.

As for the form itself, you are only required to include general information so you should be able to get through it quite fast. The answers you provide for the questions should be completely true because the Kimberly Clark employment specialists will actually take the time to conduct a background check on you.

Advanced tips for Applying at Kimberly Clark

Your resume is important to your Kimberly Clark job application, so take the time to review it before uploading it to the form. Read it once more with fresh eyes and try to adapt it to the position you are applying for.

This means that you should provide all the relevant information about the previous workplaces, experiences and skills that recommend you for the Kimberly Clark career you are applying for, and to make sure that these are the parts that stand out in your resume.

Check that the information included in the contact details sections in both your resume and the Kimberly Clark employment form is accurate because the Human Resources department will use it to contact you in regards to an interview.

Lastly, take your time to proofread your application before you submit it, because spelling and grammar mistakes will definitely not help in establishing your professionalism.

Benefits at Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark benefits center on repaying the company’s employees for the effort they make every single day. Here are only a few of the benefits that the staff is entitled to:

  • Kimberly Clark Healthcare Benefits – employees have access to Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Coverage plans, as well as Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan.
  • Paid Time Off Kimberly Clark Employee Benefits Paid Vacations and Paid Holidays.
  • Special Employee Discounts to Kimberly Clark products from its various brands.
  • Competitive Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Kimberly Clark hiring process begins when your application is reviewed by the Human Resources department. If you are selected among the top candidates, you will be contacted to schedule a telephone interview with one of the Kimberly Clark employment specialists.

Your performance will be assessed and if you are called in for a face-to-face interview with the Manager of the department where you have applied to, then you stand a significant chance of being offered the position.

You will have to undergo some pre-employment checks before you can finalize the Kimberly Clark hiring process, which depend on the country you are applying for employment in. These checks usually consist of background checks, but additional requirements might be made according to the department you are being considered for.

Frequently Asked Kimberly Clark Interview Questions

If you want to prepare for the interview, make sure to take a look at the Kimberly Clark product catalog, so that you know about the full range of Kimberly Clark brands and merchandise. Take a look at these examples of questions you might be presented with and start practicing your interview answers.

  • Could you please tell me what has led you to apply for Kimberly Clark employment?
  • What makes you a qualified candidate for the Kimberly Clark career you have chosen?
  • How have your previous work experiences prepared you for this position?
  • Could you please tell me about a time when you had a disagreement with a coworker? How did you deal with the situation?
  • Could you please tell me about a complex problem you had to solve?

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