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  Rite Aid Application – Employment at Rite Aid

As you may be aware, Rite Aid is a pharmacy that also offers a wide range of food and household items for sale.  No matter where you go in the United States, you are bound to find at least one Rite Aid store that needs new employees.  Since jobs open up every day, filling out a Rite Aid application will give you access to a wide range of opportunities now, as well as in the future.

Rite Aid Online Job Application

No matter whether you want to work in the pharmacy, as a sales associate, or at the corporate level, you can start off by filling out a Rite Aid application online.  Since most Rite Aid careers are represented in each store, you may find that job offerings will come up in places all over the country. If you are willing to relocate, you are bound to find that visiting http://www.riteaid.com/careers/hourly_store_assoc.jsf and filling out a Rite Aid application will be of immense benefit.

Minimum Age for Employment at Rite Aid

Even though other companies in your area may allow you to start working at an earlier age, you must be at least 18 years old to fill out the Rite Aid job application.

Rite Aid Hours of Operation

Since Rite Aid is open seven days a week, your work hours will usually range from 8 am to 10 pm on the days assigned to you.  That said, if you work in a management, warehouse, or stocking position, your hours may be outside of this range.

Entry-Level Rite Aid Careers and Income

If you are filling out the Rite Aid online application in order to gain an entry-level job, you can apply for the following: cashier, sales associate, pharmacy assistant, medical biller, wellness specialist, and management trainee.  Individuals that are majoring in pharmacy studies in college can also apply for pharmacy training jobs.  While the application and screening process may be a bit more rigorous for pharmacy assistants, the experiences you gain will be valuable for your career and future opportunities.

Rite Aid Careers in Management

Today, a number of displaced managers from many different occupational clusters are looking to Rite Aid for managerial jobs.  When you fill out the Rite Aid application form, you will be eligible to apply for the following jobs:  day- and night-shift supervisors, human resource, warehouse, store, and district managers.  Depending on your background, you may also want to apply for auditing and finance-related jobs.

Depending on the managerial position that you apply for, starting salaries will range from $25,000 to $65,000 a year.  Interestingly enough, even if you have never worked as a manager before, certain degrees will increase your chances of being eligible for these jobs. If you majored in business, economics or management, you may find that you can gain an interview as well as gain a management-level job at Rite Aid without starting off in an entry-level position.

Basic Tips for Applying at Rite Aid

Even though your Rite Aid job application form will most likely be filled out online, that does not mean you should let a casual setting distract you or cause you to be slack in your details.  You should keep an updated resume on hand so that you have a better chance of providing accurate information about your past experience. That said, if you do not use the right keywords in the skills section, all of your attention to background information will not matter much.  Invariably, when you fill out the Rite Aid application, you can rest assured that hundreds, if not thousands, of others are doing so at the same time.  Therefore, you need to choose the kinds of keywords that will capture the attention of Rite Aid application online form screeners. If you cannot achieve this goal, you will not make it to the interview stage.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Rite Aid

If you are filling out the application for Rite Aid in order to obtain a management position, it is very important to show that you have a flair for excellence and motivation.  For example, if you are asked narrative-based questions, you should discuss situations where your leadership helped others succeed beyond expectation. Even if these situations occurred in a home, or non-work-based setting, it is better than providing mediocre examples from past jobs.  Needless to say, you should always make sure that your spelling and grammar on the Rite Aid employment application are correct.

Since managers at Rite Aid often deal with the general public as well as their team members, it is also important to convey the fact that you can make good decisions in stressful situations. No matter whether a customer becomes frustrated with a sales associate, or you have workers with absentee issues, all these matters need to be dealt with efficiently and logically.  Aside from choosing keywords that convey the qualities needed for these situations, you should also give your outlook on such situations during interviews as well as on the initial application.

Benefits at Rite Aid

No matter whether you work at the entry-level or a management-level position, you will find that wages and benefits offered by Rite Aid easily rival and exceed those offered by other pharmaceuticals.  Main benefits include 401(k), employee discounts, flexible schedules, health insurance, paid training, vacation, and holidays.  You will also be able to buy stock in the company.  Individuals that elect to be covered under Rite Aid’s health insurance plan will also receive prescription drug coverage.

Even though the health industry will undergo many changes in the next few years, Rite Aid is still known for providing a number of other products that are of interest to consumers.  Therefore, when it comes to sales and medically-oriented jobs, you can rest assured that a job with Rite Aid will be fairly secure. As an added bonus, when you fill out the Rite Aid application, you can always look forward to transferring to other stores throughout the country as positions become available.

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