Fannie Mae Application

Employment at Fannie Mae

Submit a Fannie Mae application for a chance to work at one of the top finance companies in the United States. Founded back in 1938, the company has shown a tremendous progression in its 78 years of experience. It currently ranks 17 on the Fortune 500 list, which makes Fannie Mae one of the most influential financial companies in America.

Fannie Mae Application

The Fannie Mae application process relies on the online jobs and employment form that candidates must fill on the official careers portal, which can be accessed at Job seekers can conduct their search on the portal to find the ideal jobs for their professional experience.

The Fannie Mae job openings section will lead them to the complete list of available positions. They can select the department they would like to work in, as well as their desired employment location and they will be presented with all the relevant results.

Candidates can review the job descriptions of the positions and save the most promising ones to their job cart to apply to when they make a final decision. They will have to click on the Apply Online button to begin filling out the Fannie Mae application form.

We are going to present each section of the Fannie Mae application so that candidates know the type of information they have to provide for the form.

  • Resume Upload

For the first section of the Fannie Mae application form, candidates will be able to upload their resume or to transfer their profile information from their LinkedIn account. Then the portal will automatically transfer relevant information from their resumes to the following sections of the form. Please note that it is not mandatory for applicants to provide their resume for the employment form. They will be able to continue to the following sections and fill these out manually.

  • Personal Information

This section of the Fannie Mae application form requires candidates to fill out their contact details. The Human Resources department will make use of it to contact them in regards to the interview process.

  • Education

Applicants will have to provide information about their academic background and their qualification for this section of the Fannie Mae employment form. The will only have to provide the main details about the programs they have attended because the hiring specialists will find more comprehensive information on their resumes.

  • Work Experience

Candidates will have to provide information about their employment history for this section of the Fannie Mae application form. They are required to begin with their most recent job and continue with those which are most relevant to the position they are applying for.

  • Attachments

For this section of the Fannie Mae application form, candidates can provide the additional documents of their resumes, such as references, diplomas or cover letters. Please note that this section is not mandatory. Candidates will be able to continue to the following sections even if they do not provide any documents.

  • Processing Questions

The Processing section of the Fannie Mae application form requires candidates to provide information about their relevant professional experience for the position they are applying for. They will also be asked to provide data regarding their availability for work.

  • Outside Employment

This section of the Fannie Mae application form includes a series of questions meant to assess whether or not candidates meet the company’s main hiring criteria. The questions refer to the candidates’ age and their legal right to work in the United States.

  • Diversity

For this section of the Fannie Mae application form, candidates can provide information about their race, gender and ethnicity. Please note that the data collected from this section of the form will be utilized for research purposes only and that candidates are not obligated to supply it.

  • Review and Submit

This is the last section of the Fannie Mae application, where candidates can view their completed forms. They will be able to check the content for inaccuracies and spelling mistakes and conduct a thorough review prior to submitting it for assessment.

When candidates log in to the Fannie Mae careers portal they will be able to check their application status and find out when the formal assessment of their forms has been completed. The duration of the process depends on the number of applicants and the particularities of the department. When the form is labeled assessed, they should expect a call from the Human Resources department.

Minimum Age for Employment at Fannie Mae

Company policy dictates that all candidates seeking jobs at Fannie Mae must be over the age of 18 so as to stay in line with employment laws. Please note that all applicants below this age limit will be automatically excluded from the application process. Young candidates can apply for internships at the company.

Fannie Mae Hours of Operation

While most Fannie Mae departments abide by standard corporate schedules, variations may appear. Candidates can contact company representatives and inquire about the schedule of their chosen department to get complete information.

Fannie Mae Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 1-800-7FANNIE (1-800-732-6643).
  • E-mail: here.
  • Fannie Mae Headquarters Address: 3900 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016.

Entry-Level Fannie Mae Careers and Income

Job seekers can find valuable employment opportunities at Fannie Mae. They can consult the official job application portal,, to find the full list of available positions and conduct their Fannie Mae job search. They can choose from the following categories:

  • Fannie Mae Careers in Account Management and Service
  • Fannie Mae Jobs in Administrations
  • Fannie Mae Careers in Business Development
  • Fannie Mae Careers in Finance
  • Fannie Mae Jobs in Human Resources
  • Legal Fannie Mae Careers
  • Fannie Mae Jobs in Risk Management
  • Fannie Mae Careers in Economics & Analytics
  • Fannie Mae Jobs in Communications and Public Affairs
  • Fannie Mae Jobs in Information Management

Intern – Job Description and Duties

Interns at Fannie Mae have the opportunity to learn from highly regarded specialists in the field of Finance. They will be assigned tasks by the manager of the department they have applied for and they will get to experience firsthand what it is like to work for one of the leading financial companies in America.

Intern – Salary and Compensation

The hourly rate offered to interns varies between $15.00 and as much as $25.00. The final amount will be determined according to the experience and the skills of the candidate. The average Fannie Mae salary for this position is $17.50 per hour.

Fannie Mae Careers in Management

Candidates can apply for Fannie Mae careers in management through the company’s job application portal. They will get to include details about the professional experience that recommends them as valuable candidates for the position they have applied for.

Manager – Job Description and Duties

Fannie Mae managers are role models for all the members of their teams. They are the first ones to come into work in the morning and the last ones to leave because they coordinate all the operations in the department.

Manager – Salary and Compensation

Fannie Mae salaries for Managers range from an annual rate of $99,000 to as much as $161,000. This constitutes the base salary that is supplemented by performance bonuses. These are meant to repay outstanding performances.

Basic Tips for Applying at Fannie Mae

Candidates are advised to provide their resumes to the first section of the Fannie Mae application form because the portal will automatically fill out some of the following sections of the form, such as Personal Information, Education and Work Experience. This will enable the applicants to get through the employment form much faster.

However, we strongly recommend that they take the time to read each section that has been automatically filled out by the portal to make sure that the information is correct. They should also include additional information where relevant.

It is very important that candidates fill out all the sections of the Fannie Mae employment form, including those that are not compulsory. This will relay their interest for the entire application process and it will provide them with a significant advantage over the other candidates.

Advanced tips for Applying at Fannie Mae

We advise candidates to write cover letters for their Fannie Mae application forms. This will provide them with the opportunity to point out to the hiring specialists what makes them valuable applicants for the positions they have applied to.

Moreover, a cover letter provides candidates with the opportunity of expressing their enthusiasm for working at Fannie Mae, which is something they cannot do through the standard form.

Another crucial step that candidates should not omit is reviewing their application because spelling and grammar mistakes are unacceptable in such a document. They are advised to pay special attention to the contact information because they rely on that to get in touch with the Human Resources department.

Benefits at Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae benefits packs include generous offers that can provide employees with significant stability. The contents of the packs differ according to the career level, department, and the duration of the collaboration between the employee and the company. These are the main benefits categories that Fannie Mae employees can apply for:

  • Retirement Fannie Mae employee benefits – 401(k) Retirement Savings Plans
  • Financial Planning Fannie Mae employee benefits – Long-term financial planning, retirement modeling, retiree medical plan access.
  • Insurance Fannie Mae employee benefits – Short-term and Long-term disability insurance, Life Insurance.
  • Healthcare Fannie Mae employee benefits – Medical, Dental, and Vision plans.
  • Work/ Life Balance Fannie Mae employee benefits: Fitness center discounts, Legal Insurance, Childcare resources and referral, Work/Life seminars.
  • Paid Time Off Fannie Mae employee benefits – Paid vacation, Holidays, and Sick Leave.

Fannie Mae Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Fannie Mae applications will be assessed by the hiring specialists, who will review the candidates’ compatibility with the company and the position they have applied for. They will select the best applicants and contact them in regards to the following steps of the hiring process.

The next step is the interview process, which is different from the various departments of the company to stay in line with the particularities of each employment sector. Candidates applying for entry-level positions are called in for one or two job meetings while those applying for higher-level employment  usually face up to four interviews.

Candidates preparing for the job meetings should learn as much as they can about the services offered by Fannie Mae, as well as the main achievements of the company. They can use the Fannie Mae website, to get the most relevant information.

They should make sure that their interview attire is in line with the career level they are aiming for. As such, candidate applying for entry-level positions are advised to opt for business casual outfits, while those aiming for higher-level ones should choose business formal attire.

Another important aspect that candidates need to bear in mind is the fact that they should get to the assigned venue of the job meeting at least 15 minutes prior to the indicated time. This requires that they find the best possible itinerary and that they leave early for the interview.

Frequently Asked Fannie Mae Interview Questions

We strongly advise candidates to review the following sample questions to practice their interview answers for the job meeting. This will improve their performance because they will be able to identify the tone of the discussion.

  • Why have you chosen to apply for Fannie Mae employment?
  • What in your professional experience prepares you for this Fannie Mae job?
  • Why should we hire you over the other candidates?
  • Could you please tell me about a time when you had to manage your peers in a difficult situation?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Why did you choose your major?
  • How would you rank your computer skills?
  • Which would you say are your greatest strengths? What about your greatest weaknesses?

How would you present Fannie Mae to someone you have just met?

To access the Fannie Mae Online Application directly, click here.

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