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Owned by Dine Equity, iHop is a family-specialty breakfast-food restaurant chain with 1,554 branches across 50 states and also internationally, in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The majority of iHop branches are independently-run franchises.  Jobs at iHop are an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to start or continue their career in informal family dining, and anyone considering a job with iHop should start by submitting their iHop job application online.

iHop Jobs Available

There are lots of different types of opportunity available to anyone considering submitting an iHop job application.  Jobs such as waiter, cashier, cook and restaurant manager are available in the restaurants, and there are also many jobs available with the iHop head office, such as roles in accounts of purchasing in their Restaurant Support Center in Glendale California, operational roles in corporate testing in Ohio and field jobs in various locations supporting the network of franchisees across the country.

Minimum Employment Age at iHop – iHop Age Requirement

The minimum age requirement for employment at iHop is 16 years of age, although for those under 18 years old they operate a reduced hours policy, so this should be considered when submitting your iHop online application for employment.

iHop Store Hours

iHop hours of business vary depending on location, however in most cases, business hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is worth bearing this in mind when filling out your iHop job application form and demonstrating as much flexibility with your working hours as possible.

Important Tips to Apply Online with iHop

The best way to go about submitting an iHop job application will depend on whether the role you are looking for is in one of the restaurants or a head-office role.  If you are applying to one of the restaurants it may be better to submit your iHop application in person. As most of the restaurants are franchises, the hiring decision is likely to be down to locally-based staff, and a good impression in person can often lead to a more successful application than just submitting an iHop application online.

For the head-office based roles, there is an online application process which should be completed. The iHop company website has lots of information about the company, including company values, which influence the hiring decisions. iHop is looking for people who share their values on integrity, excellence, innovation, accountability, inclusion, trust, and community, so it is worth spending some time researching the company values online and incorporating some of this information into your iHop application.

If you are applying for a more senior role, you should also do some research on the company’s history, successes and goals.  No matter what your experience elsewhere, iHop will want to know that you can apply your knowledge and skills in the context of their business and will treat iHop job applications containing this kind of information more favorably.

Most Common Positions at iHop & Income Information

As described above, there is a huge amount of different kinds of employment available at iHop, and the roles vary depending on whether they are based in a restaurant, an office, or in the field. Some common roles and wages are listed below, to help you set your salary expectations realistically when completing your iHop application.

  • Waiter – $5/hr.
  • Server – $5/hr.
  • Hostess – $7/hr.
  • Assistant Manager – $35,000/year.
  • General Manager – $50,000/year.

iHop Benefits

iHop employees enjoy many different benefits, including paid training, flexible hours, restaurant discounts, health and wellness programs, health insurance and retirement plans. Submit your iHop application today to start a great career in the casual dining industry.

Find out more about job opportunities at iHop, visit the iHop website.

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