Giant Food Stores – Landover is a supermarket chain with 173 stores, most with pharmacies. The stores are located in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, Delaware, and Maryland. The chain has 22,000 employees and is always looking for qualified employees. You can fill out a Giant application online or in a store.

The supermarket chain Giant, or Giant Food of Maryland LLC, has 173 stores in Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, and Maryland.  All but ten of the stores have pharmacies.

Giant’s headquarters are located in Landover, Maryland. The store’s workers are unionized, unlike its sister chain, Giant-Carlisle, which is headquartered in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, both chains are owned by the Dutch food retail group Ahold Delhaize but have different U.S. corporate managers and operational procedures. Giant-Landover has 22,000 employees, and their website always features plenty of new openings, especially for part-time and summer workers.

How to Apply

Like most supermarket chains, Giant-Landover lists all recent job openings on its website. You choose potential jobs by using drop-down menus to find the store and specific position you want.

You can also apply for one position per giant application. If you want to apply for a few different positions at the same store (or apply at other stores), you will need to fill out additional applications.

Any job seeker who completes a Giant application will have a better chance of being hired by visiting a store in person and talking to a manager. The company has an open and friendly attitude about face-to-face inquiries and even invites follow-up phone calls about applications. Giant Foods also offers a career site in Spanish.

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Other Associates

Giant-Landover is also associated with Peapod home grocery delivery service, and you can apply for jobs at this company via the Giant Foods website.

Additionally, the job openings at Peapod may include transportation, marketing, and analytics, development, finance, and accounting, merchandising, supply chain support and warehouse and distribution. Most Peapod job openings are on the East Coast or in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Company History

Giant Foods opened its first store in Washington DC in 1936. This Landover, MD-based grocer is independently operated, but associated with three other regional grocery chains – Stop and Shop/New York Metro, Stop and Shop/New England and Giant-Carlisle. Together, the divisions employ over 100,000 people in 13 states.

Giant-Landover, one of the biggest private employers in Maryland and Washington D.C., serves over 2 million customers per week. This supermarket chain belongs to the U.S. Green Building Council and is dedicated to the environment and green energy. The EPA has recognized Giant Stores for its efficient energy management.

The company also contributes cash and goods to food banks and charitable organizations and sponsors a televised high school quiz show, It’s Academic.

Grocery Store Positions

You can apply for part-time, full-time or management positions at Giant Stores. Here are a few non-management grocery positions and information on the qualifications you’ll need to fill out a successful Giant application.  

Seafood/Meat Clerks, Grocery Clerks, Dairy Clerks and Baker’s Assistants

giant application in grocery storeThe requirements listed on job ads for these positions are the same, regardless of the department. You must be 16 years of age or older and be able to work all shifts, including night shift. All applicants must be bonded and travel to other locations as needed.

Grocery and food department workers must be able to do stock work, including opening cases, stocking shelves, unloading boxes from grocery trailers, rotating merchandise and removing expired or unsalable products.

Also, you must be able to move carts and skids down aisles, break down boxes, clean shelves, order merchandise, and assist customers.

All food department workers must adhere to Giant Stores’ grooming and company policies while on shift. General grocery and department workers must do tasks as assigned by store managers.


Baggers set up racks of grocery bags at the beginning of their shifts, greet customers, and bag their groceries. Likewise, the job is fast-paced and may include other duties such as cleaning floors, collecting baskets and putting items customers didn’t want back on the shelves.

Service Clerks

Service clerks assist customers, do stock work, and may work at salad bars, delis or other food preparation tasks as assigned by their department or store manager. Most worker reviews of this position and similar positions on indicate that a Giant Store is a fun and friendly place to work, especially for teens looking for a first job.

Other available jobs include porter, stock clerk, bakery assistant, overnight stock clerk, and cashier.

To learn more about available jobs or giant application, visit the Giant Food website. If you have previous experience managing a food department at a supermarket (Dairy, Meat/Seafood, Deli, Bakery, etc.), call or visit the store manager at the location where you want to work or check out the “Store Careers Full Time” link on the Giant Career page.

Similarly, their Employment FAQ page covers the basics of applying for a job at Giant.

Store Management

A store manager is responsible for the daily store operation, along with the assistant store manager. Additionally, you will be in charge of store payroll, budget and the hiring, training and termination of employees.

Store managers plan promotions, oversee customer service, store displays, clean-up, and organization. You must have excellent communication and human resources skills to deal with employees, customers, and vendors.

In addition, store managers must be able to travel to other Giant locations within the immediate region of their flagship store when necessary. Not only you will need experience in sales plans, ordering and inventory control, but also as front-office management.

Other Tasks

Managers must adhere to all Giant Food policies and ensure that employees follow the policies and procedures for their departments.

The requirements include employment law knowledge, organizational and team building skills, and prior grocery or big box store management experience. A four-year business degree (Bachelor of Science) is preferred, but not required.

Assistant Store Manager

As an assistant store manager, you’ll help the store manager oversee the daily operation of all retail activities. This includes inventory, training and scheduling employees, controlling inventory and cash receipts, and managing store budget and payroll.

You will need to prepare and monitor the progress of weekly sales plans. Also, manage all aspects of store hiring, attendance, and performance and evaluate store cleanliness and organization.

Applicants for this position must have a track record of managing several departments simultaneously. Be willing to travel to various locations in the immediate city/suburban area for work. You must have prior experience as a store manager or assistant store manager in a grocery or big-box retail chain.

Assistant store manager candidates must be experienced in scheduling, payroll administration, project management, ordering, inventory, and profit and loss analysis. A Bachelor’s degree in a business related field is a plus.


Since most of the chain’s 173 stores have full-service pharmacies, there are usually openings for technicians, clerks, and managers at some of Giant’s stores. Here is a description of the requirements for one of the pharmacy jobs at a Giant store.

Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician for Giant Stores must fill prescriptions and make calls to doctors to clarify substitutions, changes and the validity of prescriptions.

Technicians must enter prescription into the chain’s computer systems, serve customers at the counter, and answer phone calls. You must also be a board-certified pharmacy technician in the state where the store is located.

Prospective applicants for any pharmacy position are encouraged to talk with the Pharmacy Manager at the store where they’d like to work and fill out a paper Giant application. If you are a pharmacist or if interested in other pharmacy positions, you can also check out this link on the chain’s website for more information.

Corporate Positions for Giant Application

giant applications corporate
Most corporate positions are located in the Giant headquarters in Landover, Maryland.

Contact the company directly, go through a retail recruiter (or one specific to your skill set), or a job site dedicated to professionals.

In particular, here is a sampling of professional and corporate positions available at Giant-Landover.


As a copywriter, you’ll create advertising messages for billboards, in-store signs, magazines, promo offers, brochures, circulars, and other media as well. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree. Also with two to four years previous copywriting experience (preferably in a retail environment) to get this job.

Manager of Merchandising Strategy

The Manager of Merchandising Strategy analyzes company strategy and reports to the Senior Merchandising team with proposals for innovations and improvements in merchandising. You will develop merchandising presentations and assist with planning, tracking, and other analytical functions.

You should have a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably an MBA. Also with five to seven years of business experience to qualify for this position. Skills needed include business acumen, presentation skills, and analytical ability as well.

Other Jobs

According to the Giant Stores website, other job categories include Distribution/Warehouse, Supply Chain, and Transportation. Apply for these jobs through the giant application company website.

They require previous experience in the appropriate field and an excellent work record for all positions, but new workers may qualify for certain warehouse jobs.


Giant offers a full benefits package for management, distribution, and corporate employees. (Inquire about benefits for other positions, as they may differ according to hours worked and job title.)

The package includes medical, dental, prescription and vision plans paid by the company. Also included are tuition reimbursement, paid holidays and vacations, and regular raises too.

Moreover, there is a 401(K) plan that features company contributions and a recognition and reward program for store managers. Store managers and most full-time employees are also eligible for bonuses and receive a competitive starting salary.

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