Furniture Store Job Applications

Furniture Store Jobs

If you’ve ever enjoyed strolling through a furniture store, looking at the variety of choices available, mentally arranging different groups or matching one upholstery with another, then you might enjoy working at a furniture store. Furniture stores allow everyone to bring out their inner designer. They have a calm, mellow sort of atmosphere and are usually very visually appealing places.

Even if you have no experience, you may qualify to apply for a job as a sales associate in a furniture store. This means that you will learn the inventory, including information about manufacturers and brands, choices in upholsteries, differences in quality and construction, etcetera. After that, it will be your job to assist customers in finding furniture that they like and which meets their needs. Generally, sales associates are paid on commission, so the better you get at promoting the store wares, the more pay you’ll make.

Choosing a new piece of furniture is a personal, exciting process, because that item will be a part of your life for years to come. Part of selling furniture successfully is being able to find out the tastes and personalities of the people you’re talking to. When you help them find something that they really love, they’ll be delighted and so will you.

This is a job for an out-going, easy-going type of person who has a real passion for interior design and decorating. If you are enthusiastic, that enthusiasm will translate to the customer. Selling in retail is always valuable job experience because even if you decide to move on to another industry, your sales experience will almost certainly help you out in the new job as well. If you love it, then you can expect to see your profits increase as you get better and better at it.

Other jobs you might get at a furniture business include warehouse work, manufacturing and clerical work. Most furniture stores carry their own proprietary lines of furniture which are constructed at manufacturing facilities then shipped to warehouses where they await purchase. You might work in shipping and receiving, operating heavy machinery or handling telephones, computers and paperwork. Some jobs might require a certain level of experience, but most are entry level. On-the-job training is usually provided.

The people who work in the store itself are nearly always sales representatives and managers. Although prior experience is a plus, the most important thing to demonstrate on your application and in your interview is your interest in and passion for the work. Spend some time finding out both about the company and the furniture they sell, then impress them with your knowledge.

If you choose a well-established furniture chain, then you will have several locations to choose from, and even if you have to move, there will probably be one where you’re going. Most furniture stores offer their employees excellent benefits which come with healthcare insurance, 401(k) retirement accounts, paid time off, wellness plans and more. You’ll have long-term stability if you stay with them and security about your family’s health. Altogether, furniture store jobs are interesting and desirable without being too difficult to get.

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