Airline Job Applications

Airline Jobs

Ever dream of seeing the world, traveling to exotic locales, or simply getting away from your hometown? There are hundreds of airlines moving passengers as well as cargo throughout the world right now, and they are looking for someone like you. Airline jobs can offer you the chance to see the world, and get paid to do it. Even if your job keeps you grounded, most airlines offer free or drastically-reduced travel opportunities. If you think you would enjoy a career that revolves around travel, then an airline job may be perfect for you.

The fact is, the airline industry is huge, with over 500,000 employees at hundreds of airlines at over 13,000 airports in the U.S. alone. This translates to a tremendous number of airline jobs worldwide. That far exceeds any other travel industry. While pilots and flight attendants immediately come to mind when considering an airline job, they are really in the minority as it takes many other employees to run an airline. An airline job is often a career choice, and has somewhat of a low turnover rate, but there are commonly thousands of positions ready to be filled by the right people. Flight crews get to enjoy the bulk of the travel, often spending days at a time away from home and traveling from city to city. Most airline jobs, even those that never leave the ground, like baggage handlers and ticket agents, may still be eligible for travel perks ranging from free to heavily discounted for themselves, and sometimes even family members. If your interested in travel, why not take to the skies with an airline job?

An airline’s primary purpose is to transport passengers and cargo from one place to another. In order to do this, it takes a lot more than a plane and a flight crew. There are a wide variety of airline jobs with different requirements ranging from entry level to college degree. A short list of some of the airline jobs that may interest you are: the flight crew which may consists of a pilot, co-pilot, and a group of flight attendants; and a maintenance crew to keep the planes flying which can have a crew chief, mechanics, aviation technicians, as well as a host of cleaning personnel. All airlines hire a large number of baggage and cargo handlers to load and unload planes and get passengers and goods on their way in a timely manner. Many airline employees are also needed in the airport including ticket agents, customer service representatives, and caterers along with a full complement of food service employees. Behind the scenes, airlines also employ many secretaries, IT people, legal, marketing, and management staff to name a few. Whatever your chosen career path or experience level is, an airline job is worth exploring.

Your hours of work will vary greatly by position and airline. Airlines generally operate pretty much around the clock so you may be required to do shift work. Airline jobs generally offer pay commensurate with experience, and can range from competitive for entry level to above average depending on job description and airline. Most airline jobs will offer a full range of benefits including health insurance, retirement plan, sick days, and paid vacations. Your exact benefit package will depend entirely on your position and the airline you are employed by, and it may take some time to be eligible for these benefits. Depending on your location and desired position, some airline jobs will require you to join a union.

Whether you dream of flying the skies and visiting new places, or are interested in keeping a plane in tip-top shape for each flight, there’s an airline job waiting for you. A job with an airline can turn into a great career, so apply today and take off soon!

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