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  Chicken Express Application – Employment at Chicken Express

Chicken Express started back in 1988, and is mainly concentrated to the Southern part of United States. Stuart Group Inc., the parent corporation that owns Chicken Express was formed by Richard and Nancy Stuart, and is now run by Nancy Stuart and Richard Stuart II. Known for its delicious chicken recipes, Chicken Express is now present in more than 170 locations throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia and Texas, its home base. This chain of fast food restaurants is presently looking to hire talented people to join their team. As per Chicken Express online application for employment, no special skills are required, although they will clearly want people who are willing to learn and co-operate with each other.

Chicken Express Jobs Available

For those interested to work at a Chicken Express store, an online application must be downloaded and filled in completely. The Chicken Express job application holds good for all jobs available at their store, and can be downloaded from their website. A link to the download page is also provided below.

Minimum Employment Age at Chicken Express

The minimum age required to submit the Chicken Express online application is 16. It is advised that you also check the minimum age requirements as per the law in your state before applying for a job at Chicken Express. The company strictly adheres to the laws of the state, and any job applicant below the legal age is forbidden to apply.

Chicken Express Store Hours

The hours of operation of Chicken Express stores vary from one location to another, and it is best that you visit your nearest (or preferred) location to drop off your Chicken Express application form during normal business hours, between Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Chicken Express

Begin by researching about the firm and its establishment history. The basic aim is to get an idea about the organization you are applying for. Again, the importance of filling out your Chicken Express job application form neatly and bringing it over in person cannot be sufficiently stressed on. Additionally, our website features a great report on “7 Secrets to Getting Hired”, which is also free to download. Also remember to have a few references ready to speed up the verification process should you get hired.

Most Common Positions at Chicken Express and Income Information

The Chicken Express online application for employment offers job opportunities at their stores. All employees hired through this process are free to work at their desired location. This is because Chicken Express gives you the liberty to take your job application form to the store where you intend to work. Job roles may vary from in-house staff to delivery team, as per the requirements. The company also offers growth possibilities to people who have worked long enough with the organization. Some future job roles may demand specific educational qualifications, but not all of them.

Chicken Express also allows a flexible work culture, and you can choose from being a part-time worker, a full-time employee, a seasonal or just a temporary employee.

Chicken Express Benefits

Chicken Express understands the importance of employee satisfaction, and is fair in terms of compensation pay packages and leaves. An employee is put to training after being hired to best serve the values of the company. Moreover, insurance plans and flexible schedules are only some other advantages offered by the organization.

To access the Chicken Express Online Application directly, click here.

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