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Domino’s Pizza is one of the most highly recognized delivery pizza restaurants on the planet. Working for them is truly a pleasure and there are many opportunities that will give you both the experience and know how so that you can do your job with the company the best that you know how.  Using the Domino’s online application for employment is so easy that you will just fill in the spaces on the Domino’s job application and send it in so that a manager can look over it and if they think it’s what they are looking for they will get back to you shortly.

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Domino’s Application – Employment at Domino’s

The questions that are on the Domino’s job application for Domino’s are pretty straight forward.  You will need to fill in your personal information and make sure that you are available to give a background check and even a drug test if they so wish.  Most companies want to make sure that their all applicants including the ones who use the Domino’s job application form are not on drugs and have no criminal background.  Also, they want to make sure that the applicants have a clean driving record if they want a driver’s position.

Domino’s Online Job Application

No matter how you fill out your Domino’s job application, if you go into a store and fill one out or if you use the Domino’s application online you will eventually need to speak with a manager and go in for an interview.  During the interview you will be asked questions about what was on your application and also perhaps to even demonstrate that you can perform the job skills at hand.  It’s a good time to really shine and show off what you are capable of doing for the company. Using the Domino’s application online form seems to be the most popular way to apply for a job these days.

Minimum Age Requirement for Domino’s

If you fill out the job application online you will need to prove that for the customer service position that you are at least 16 years old and if you are going for a drivers position that you are at least 18 years old.

Domino’s Pizza Store Hours

The store hours for Domino’s is 10am in the morning to 11pm in the evening on weekdays Sunday through Thursday and on Friday and Saturday the hours of operation are 10am in the morning to 12am in the evening.

Entry Level Domino’s Careers and Income

When you want to work for Domino’s you will no matter what position you are going for start out making minimum wage.  This is an hourly paid job unless you are going for a management position.  Even as a delivery driver you will make hourly pay plus tips per delivery.

Domino’s Careers in Management

This is a really fun place to work and it’s very laid back which means that if you are looking for a high stress and pressure driven job this isn’t the one for you.  You will need to be reliable and like to have fun.  You have to see the solutions instead of the issues and problems in the work force and be a real person of the people who enjoys talking to people every single day.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Domino’s

You will fill out your Domino’s application either face to face with someone in the store or you will be doing one of the online applications and if you are doing the online version then it is important that you go into your local store and speak with someone face to face.  Talk to the manager and let them know that you filled out a Domino’s online application and that you are very interested in getting a job it will show them you are serious about your future employment.

Domino’s Benefits

When you fill out the Domino’s application and get hired you will be getting great benefits including competitive wages, paid training for both part time and full time employment.  You can get rewarded for your good work skills, paid holidays and even a very fast progression of your career which means that your personal skills will carry you where you need and want to go with this. Turning it from a job into a career overnight if that’s what you want it to become.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Domino’s

Some fun facts about Domino’s is that there are 30 pieces of pepperoni that go on top of a medium pizza and 40 pieces that go on top for a large.  Also, 95% of the stores that you see day to day are actually franchise owned. Also there is over a million pizzas delivered every single day all around the world.  The drivers who deliver pizza all over the United States actually cover over ten million miles every single week.  In 1992 the very first side was introduced and it was the breadstick.  Over 90% of the owners of Domino’s Pizza actually started their career as a delivery driver or as a manager of a Domino’s pizza store.  There is actually a competition of the world’s fastest pizza makers and the fastest is a man named Pali Grewal who can actually make three very large pizzas in 39.17 seconds.

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