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AMC, formerly known as AMC Cinemas, is an American movie theater chain, the second largest in the country. AMC stands for American Multi-Cinema, and it was adopted in 1968, during the incorporation. The company was founded in 1920, by the Dubinsky Brothers, in Kansas City, Missouri, and was named Durwood Theaters. The company is headquartered in Leawood, Kansas. The brothers began their business with one Movie Theater and gradually expanded. Nowadays, AMC is a subsidiary of a Chinese conglomerate which also opened over 80 AMC theaters in mainland China. By 1960, the company grew so much that the son of one of the founders decided it needed a lot more discipline and structure in order to maximize the profits. With a military background, he used the same military management techniques as he experienced in the Navy to revolutionize the movie theater industry. The focus of the company shifted towards the customer who was and is still considered a guest and, thus, treated as such. This wasn’t the only part of the industry AMC revolutionized. In 1963, they opened the first multiplex. It only had two screens, but it proved that almost the same number of employees could run multiple screens and greatly increase profits. The entire industry embraced this new concept. The multiplex was also attracting more spectators, and not just because of the increased number of seats, but also because multiple screens mean multiple options.

Another first AMC brought to the industry is the “megaplex”. In 1995, the first AMC megaplex opened in Dallas, Texas, maybe not coincidently. Texas is known as the state where everything is bigger. This megaplex can accommodate thousands of spectators. The biggest AMC megaplexes have 30 screens. AMC also owns the busiest theater in the country, also a megaplex, the AMC Empire 25 located in New York, near Times Square.

This concept became very popular oversees too, the company opening one in Portugal and two in UK. Another thing AMC brought to the movie theater industry is stadium-style seating, something that the spectators loved and the rest of the industry copied quickly. This style allows each spectator to have an unobstructed view of the screen.

There are over 300 AMC movie theaters throughout the country and more than 80 in China. All AMC movie theaters are owned and operated by the company. AMC has 200 million guests each year in its locations, and continues to invest in the quality of the theaters and of the screens. There are over 26,000 AMC employees, and their number is constantly growing.

AMC Application Process

People who are interested in AMC careers can easily find all the available positions online, on the company’s official site, Of course, the company also advertises the available AMC jobs on other recruitment websites, but this is the fastest way of finding all AMC careers. On the upper right of the home page candidates will find a “Work at AMC” button which will take them to the official AMC recruitment page – AMC careers. To begin the search for AMC jobs, candidates need to choose between theatre crew AMC jobs, theatre management AMC careers, and corporate AMC careers.

After choosing one of the three options of AMC jobs available, candidates will need to choose between ten different types of AMC jobs, such as bartender, busser, cashier, or usher. Once they choose one of these and click on the link, candidates can read the complete job description of the position. If they want to apply, they need to click the blue “Apply now” button at the end of the description. Once on the new page, candidates can either browse all the AMC jobs of this type, or directly submit an AMC application.

After selecting the desired job, the candidate needs to create an account on the AMC application system in order to complete the online AMC jobs and employment form. To do this, candidates will be required to provide their email address and choose a password to create the profile and login, so they can continue the rest of the steps needed to complete the AMC application process. They also need to choose three security questions and provide their answers.

After this step, candidates are required to choose one of the following options to continue the AMC application process: either upload their resume, or copy it into a text box. They also have the option of writing a cover letter, something candidates should consider. Although candidates upload the resume, the system will not fill in the necessary information into the AMC jobs and employment form, but the AMC application process is fairly short and easy to complete.

The next step of the AMC application process is to provide some personal information, such as the phone number and address. The next part of the AMC application process asks candidates to voluntarily identify their gender or race. It also requires candidates to identify if they are a veteran or a disabled person. Of course, they can decline to do so.

This is the entire AMC application process. It is one of the simplest and candidates should be able to complete it in a few minutes, provided they already have a well written resume. They should also take the time to write a good cover letter to increase their chances of being selected for an interview.

Minimum Age for Employment at AMC

The AMC minimum age of employment varies from one state to another. The company offers many part-time employment opportunities, and teenagers can easily find a suitable AMC job, even from an early age. Some AMC theaters employ on part-time basis people as young as 14.

Although states may have different requirements when it comes to the minimum employment age, and some jobs are age restricted, whether due to state regulations or because they require some previous work experience, 14 years old teenagers can usually be employed in AMC theaters on various positions.

AMC Hours of Operation

AMC hours of operation vary from one location to another. However, the schedule is that of most movie theatres. Usually, AMC opens at 12 in the afternoon and close at midnight or 1 in the morning. Some theaters close at later hours, mostly during weekends and special events. On Sundays, some AMC theaters close earlier in the evening.

AMC movie theaters are usually opened during the holidays too. Candidates should check the individual hours of operations of the theaters they are interested in. The easiest way to do this is by phone.

Entry Level AMC Careers and Income

AMC careers can be easily started with an entry level position, and are very popular among teenagers. Part-time AMC careers offer a flexible schedule and are a good opportunity for people of all ages, especially for the younger ones. There are also management AMC careers available, and those in entry level positions can reach this level after a number of years working for the company.

All AMC careers are focused on the customer who is called guest and is treated as such, and all AMC employees need to have good people and communication skills in order to be good at their job. Most common movie theatre AMC careers are Booth Crew Member, Busser, Cashier, Concessionist, Cook, Dishwasher, Server, Supervisor, Usher, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Theatre Manager, Facility Maintenance Manager, and General Manager.

There are also corporate AMC careers available, in many fields of activity, like Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Strategy, Programming, and many more.

AMC Usher Job Description and Duties

These are a part of the AMC entry level careers. Most inexperienced candidates can easily be considered for an AMC Usher position. An AMC Usher is responsible with the cleaning of the auditoriums, restrooms and lobbies, with controlling the guests’ access both to the theatre and the auditoriums. An usher also provide direction and answer the guests’ questions.

Other responsibilities for an AMC Usher are:

  • Is responsible with providing friendly, helpful, and fast guest service;
  • Makes sure the facilities are clean and safe;
  • Is responsible with theatre access, directs guests and tears tickets;
  • Makes sure ratings are respected and prevent underage guests from entering auditoriums with adult content;
  • Makes sure auditoriums respect the picture and sound quality, as well as the temperature and lighting;
  • They are responsible with correcting any unwanted guest behavior;
  • They assist the guests’ seating in auditoriums;
  • They are responsible with cleaning the lobbies, restrooms, auditoriums, and other areas of theatre;
  • They are responsible with changing the marquees, auditorium, lobby signage and poster cases;
  • They answer guests’ questions and resolve their concerns in accordance with the company’s policies and regulations;
  • They perform any other duties as requested by the General Manager

There are no special requirements about education or previous work experience, but there are some light physical requirements candidates need to comply with if they want to be considered for this job, like:

  • The ability to stand on their feet throughout the schedule;
  • The ability to twist and bend, and sometimes to lift medium size weights.

AMC Usher Salary and Compensation

An AMC Usher’s pay is hourly based and begins at $7 and can reach $10, depending on location, experience, and the number of years with the company. These AMC careers allow employees to sometimes take extra shifts, thus increasing their weekly pay.

AMC Careers in Management

Every company needs qualified employees to manage daily operations. Such is the case with AMC, which relies on its management employees to make sure the daily activities of the movie theatres are well managed. Among the AMC careers in management, the most well-known are Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Theatre Manager, Facility Maintenance Manager, Manager, and General Manager.

AMC usually promotes to managerial positions its own employees, but it also hires from outside the company. AMC employees have good professional opportunities, and the company offers them training and support throughout their employment.

AMC Manager Job Description and Duties

An AMC Manager is the one in charge of making sure that all the movie theatre’s operations run smoothly. Those working in this position also manage the rest of the theatre crew and keep the customer service at a high standard. There are other responsibilities an AMV Manager has, like:

  • Making sure the crew offer high guest-service standards;
  • Making sure each area of the theatre has the necessary number of staff members;
  • Opens and closes the theatre on a daily basis;
  • Reviews revenues regularly and makes sure there are no errors;
  • Is in charge of an entire theatre department assigned by the theatre’s General Manager.

The requirements for candidates looking to work in this position are:

  • A high-school diploma is preferred;
  • Some work experience in the industry, preferably on a similar position;
  • Computer skills;
  • Strong analytical skills.

AMC Manager Salary and Compensation

An AMC Manager has an hourly based salary that starts at around $11 and, in time, can go as high as $14, which is 19% higher than the national average. The average yearly salary for an AMC Manager is around $29,000, and it depends on location, previous work experience, the number of hours worked, and the number of years on the job. There are also different cash bonuses offered that can further increase the yearly total compensation.

Basic Tips for Applying at Stop and Shop

AMC job applications can be done either online, or candidates cannot go into an AMV movie theatre and apply there. The latter option requires a printed resume, and the candidate should also write a cover letter to motivate why he or she would be a good choice, especially for higher level AMC careers. The candidate’s AMC application is automatically registered in the AMC online application system which allows him or her to track the application status after submitting it. They simply need to log into their account.

The AMC application process is almost exclusively based on a resume, and it allows candidates to upload one. The candidate isn’t required to give any other details about their education and prior work experience. There aren’t any difficult parts during the AMC application process, and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete it. The AMC online application system also allows candidates to write a cover letter, and they should take the time to do it. This can increase their chances of being selected for an interview.

The basic rules to apply for AMC careers are the same as for other online application processes:

  • Candidates need to follow each step of the AMC application process, which are very few.
  • They need to make sure the phone number and the email address are spelled correctly, so they can be contacted with a job opportunity.
  • It is best to write the resume beforehand and upload it either in a word or PDF format. PDF looks more professional and they can easily convert the resume into this format.
  • They need to take their time when writing the cover letter. They should make sure the text is easy to read and has no mistakes.

Benefits at AMC

Since all the AMC movie theaters are owned and operated by the same company, all employees have the same benefits. All AMC locations offer free movie tickets for all AMC employees. For entry level positions AMC benefits include a flexible work schedule, discounts on snacks, and free movie tickets.

Full-time employees have other benefits aside the discounts and free movie tickets, such as medical and dental insurance and retirement planning. AMC employees also have life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, and paid vacation time. The paid vacation time is different from one position to another, and it varies according to the number of years on the job, which means that the longer an employee works for the company, the more paid vacation time he or she has.

Another benefit AMC offers its employees is the training offered on the job, not only at the start of their AMC job, but throughout their time with the company. After a few years working for AMC, many employees are able to apply for one of the many management careers, due to the company’s professional development programs.

AMC Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

AMC job interviews are usually casual and relaxed, especially for entry-level AMC jobs. The AMC job application the candidate submits through the online application system or in person at the store will be reviewed by an AMC hiring manager, who is usually the general manager of the AMC store. Candidates who are considered a good choice for the job are contacted to schedule an interview.

This usually happens over the phone, so candidates need to provide a phone number they have constant access to. It usually takes from one to three days to be contacted after submitting the AMC application, and the AMC hiring process can be short for entry level positions, especially if the theatre needs new hires urgently.

In person AMC job interviews are quite short and don’t usually last more than half an hour for entry level jobs. These interviews can be also held in groups at times, if the number of candidates is high. During the interview, the candidate will be asked about his or her prior working experience and the work availability. They will also be asked about their shift availability if they applied for AMC jobs which require working on shifts.

The AMC hiring manager will also let the candidate know about the job responsibilities and the expected schedule. If a candidate has any questions about the company, the schedule, or job, it is preferred to ask them towards the end of the interview or whenever the hiring manager tells them to.

Although AMC careers might seem easy to begin, the way the candidate behaves during the interview is what will usually determine the hiring manager to offer the job. Answers to questions should be detailed enough and to the point. Most AMC careers are all about the interaction between employees and customers, so the candidates need to display a friendly attitude. Whether the candidate will receive a job offer is decided either at the end of the interview or within a few days, especially for entry-level careers.

These are some AMC interview tips candidates should consider in order to increase their chances of being hired:

  • Business casual attire is a good choice for men and women as well. Women should make sure not to wear too much makeup or clothes which are too revealing. Men can wear a nice shirt and pants, or even a suit if they want to.
  • A positive attitude is required and a smiling face can help a lot, so candidates need to remember this and act accordingly.
  • Candidates should never interrupt the AMC hiring manager during the interview and should speak only when asked to.
  • Candidates should avoid giving one word answers. They should use full sentences whenever possible, and always speak to the point.

Frequently Asked AMC Interview Questions

An AMC job interview for entry level positions is a relaxed one, and it is not at all difficult. Most of the questions asked during it are the same as the ones in most entry-level job interviews which are customer oriented. Some of the AMC interview questions candidates can expect are:

  • Why do you want to work at AMC?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • Are you available on weekends, holidays, etc.?
  • What do you think of good customer service?
  • What do you think when you enter a bad restaurant?
  • What’s one of your biggest passions?

There are no specific or required AMC interview answers, but there some things candidates need to consider before answering. It is important to be on topic and when answering, to talk with a friendly voice, and to do in a pleasant manner. Candidates need to consider that AMC cares greatly about their guests and their overall experience, and their answers should highlight this.

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