Dillard’s Job Application: Starting a Career at Dillard’s

Dillard’s department store is the place to be if you want to start a career in the retail industry. This store specializes in selling fashionable items from clothes to linens. With 330 stores in 29 different states, there’s sure to be an opportunity for you close to home. You’ll find there are many Dillard’s career opportunities from which to choose.

Don’t rush into anything just yet. Before you submit your application, you must do some research about the company to familiarize yourself with its rules, vision, and job opportunities. Gaining some insight into the company can help you to have a better chance of getting the job.

All About Dillard’s

If your Dillard’s application form is selected and you are called in for an interview, it will be beneficial to know a few facts about the company. Knowing the history of Dillard’s department store and some interesting key facts about the stores can help set you apart from other applicants.

Dillard’s Inc. is a popular department store chain in the United States with the motto “The style of your life.” The company sells everything from footwear and clothing to bedding, furniture, beauty products, jewelry, and housewares.

The first Dillard’s department store was founded in 1938 by William T. Dillard. Its headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas, and quite a few of the executives and directors are Dillard family members. The company operates in 28 states with most locations concentrated around Texas and Florida.

By 1969, the company was public on the stock market. The chain grew rapidly due to Dillard’s ability to acquire and turn around failing stores that weren’t operating profitably, turning them into Dillard department stores and expanding into malls. In 1980, Dillard’s purchased several units of the Lowenstein’s chain, and in 1987, it bought out 26 of Joske’s stores. By 2001, it already had over 300 stores.

However, due to some outside factors, the company did downsize a bit, reducing the number of Dillard locations to 282 Department stores and 17 clearance centers. Dillard’s store credit card sold in 2004, which was actually good for customers. Those who own the charge card can now use them not just at Dillard’s but at any retailer that uses American Express. One concept, Dillard’s Travel, which was a travel agency that operated inside a few of the department stores, did not last and closed in 2008 due to the economy.

Despite some of the changes and closings, the chain is still continually expanding and is even adding stores in non-traditional mall centers. So, there are still plenty of great job opportunities with the company.

Dillard’s Careers

Dillard’s offers a nice range of positions if you want to work for the company. Whether you are an experienced professional or this is your first time entering the job market, there is something for you. Here’s a look at the entry-level and management career options.


Entry-level positions on the sales floor include sales associate, sales specialist, and sales representative.

A sales associate usually works in a particular department and is responsible for stocking merchandise, helping customers, ordering merchandise when it is low on product, and keeping prices clearly marked. A sale specialist is responsible for forecasting future sales and making sure that those forecasts have been met, as well as making sales calls to customers. A sales representative mostly works in a particular area and is responsible for advertising and selling product to customers.

These entry-level positions average around $10 to $12 an hour to start, depending on experience and local minimum wage laws.

You may also be able to work in sales support. This position is basically a customer care representative. The sale support’s job duties include working a service desk, handling transactions, answering client inquiries, and having knowledge of all departments and products. You should also be in tune with current fashion trends and dress accordingly because you represent the shop’s image. You will need basic math skills since you will be operating cash drawers, preparing financial deposits, and balancing ledgers. The starting salary and compensation for a sales support representative is generally around minimum wage and can increase with time.


There are several Dillard’s careers in management that you can apply for if you have the experience required. These include area sales manager, sales manager, and general manager. Managers generally oversee their departments or the entire store and are responsible for making sure it is running correctly and is profitable.

Managers should have knowledge of the retailing industry. The primary responsibilities and duties include training new staff, interviewing eligible candidates, ensuring high levels of productivity, and achievement of weekly or monthly goals. The corporate office will regularly pick qualified job-seekers to fill various management positions. These managerial positions start around $22,000 a year, depending on experience and years of service.

Benefits at Dillard’s

The best thing about a Dillard’s career if you’re a serious shopper is the generous employee discount program that they offer to all employees. Not only do you get a discount on merchandise sold in stores, but as an employee, you also receive health insurance, including dental and vision coverage. Dillard’s also offers life insurance and retirement planning services. In addition, you receive paid vacation and paid holidays.

Here is a full look at the different benefits:

  • 401 (K) retirement plans
  • Paid time off
  • Holiday and vacation time
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Paid training
  • Competitive salaries
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Store discounts
  • Help with university tuition
  • Supplemental health care coverage

Landing a Dillard’s Job

Dillard’s careers are available for both entry-level and qualified candidates who show interest in the company’s vision and willingness to work as part of a team. You can easily apply for a position online at the company website in the careers section. Dillard’s also lists many available positions on Monster.com.

You can also apply in person. It is always a good idea to submit your job application in person if you can. That way you get a chance to connect with the hiring staff.

Keep in mind that the minimum age to be eligible to work at Dillard’s is 18 years old. The store doesn’t accept applicants younger than 18 years old even with work permits. You can inquire at your local store for possible exceptions.

The hours of Dillard’s department stores can vary at different locations, but the general hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Some department stores are also open on Sundays with limited hours, typically from noon to 6:00 pm. These hours are sure to fit the schedule of anyone who is filling out a Dillard’s application, as there are weekend and evening hours in case daytime hours are needed for classes or other activities. Nevertheless, the hiring staff will often prefer job applicants who are available for work on the weekend and during the holiday season. You should clearly state your availability for work in the interview or on your Dillard’s application.

Tips for Applying at Dillard’s

Starting a Dillard’s career means landing the job in the first place. It isn’t always that easy to get a position with the company, so you do need to make sure that your application stands out. We want to offer you some tips to help you make the most out of your opportunity to apply for a job with the company.

To begin with, you should include a resume, cover letter, and reference list with your application if possible. The easiest way to ensure that you can provide all these documents is to apply in person. You should use the store’s website to find your nearest Dillard’s location and first seek employment there.

When filling out the application, be sure to include relevant sales and retail experience, which will ensure your application gets preferential treatment over others that may not have that experience. In addition, there is no point in including information that is not relevant to your desired Dillard’s career. Tailor your resume and application to the job to really catch the hiring manager’s eye.

You will need to clear your schedule before starting the Dillard’s application process. It takes around 30 minutes to fill out all sections. You may also need additional time if you need to prepare your resume and cover letter.

Make sure that your application is free of spelling and grammar mistakes as they will severely decrease your chances of being considered. Also, if there are certain fields that you cannot fill out, you can write “N/A” to show your hiring manager that you haven’t forgotten about that question.

A great tip to nailing your Dillard’s application is emphasizing your availability. The company will always give preference to job-seekers who can work during busy hours, the holiday season, or weekends. Night shifts are also important for some jobs, so you might want to note your desire to work flexible hours.

Always review your application before you submit it. Re-check it for grammar mistakes or errors. You could also ask a friend to check it for you. Once you are content with the quality, you can submit it.

Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

It will usually take around two weeks to go through the hiring process. As a general rule, you should follow up with the store to demonstrate a genuine interest in the position. A phone-call one week after submitting your application should be enough. You could also pay a visit to the store, but do remember that first impressions matter, so you want to look your best. Whatever you do, maintain a positive and respectful attitude.

Once you land an interview, you will want to wear business or business casual attire. Make sure you always maintain eye contact and answer questions politely. Also, offer a firm handshake at the beginning and end of the interview.

The interview format is usually one-on-one with a store manager. Questions are usually simple and include those asking about work experience, education, and aspirations. Some sample questions include:

  • How do you define customer service?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why do you want a Dillard’ s career?
  • How flexible is your schedule?
  • Have you ever exceeded your manager’s expectations? Give us details.
  • Do you have any experience in the retailing industry?
  • Can you operate cash registers or conduct credit card operations?
  • What would you do if you had a difficult customer on your hands?
  • How would you encourage clients to come back to Dillards?
  • What would you do if a customer asked you for a discount?
  • Do you know the meaning of the company’s logo?

When asking such questions, the hiring manager is testing you to see how you will do in certain situations, if you understand the job duties, if you have strong interpersonal skills, and if you understand the company’s value.

Remember, there aren’t any wrong interview answers. The only wrong thing is to lie to your hiring manager. A hiring manager will see right through your lies during the interview. Even if you don’t know what to answer for one or two questions, you should try to answer at the best of your abilities.

Final Thoughts on Securing a Dillard’s Career

You now have a pretty solid knowledge about Dillard’s and what to expect when you apply for a Dillard’s career.  We hope you find the information above useful. Remember, even if you don’t receive immediate consideration, the key to success is persistence. Follow-up with the hiring manager or re-polish your application and submit it again.

You never know what will happen next. In the meanwhile, brush up on your knowledge or take a look at other job applications on our site.

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