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Employment at Nike

Nike is one of the largest corporations in the entire world. Currently ranked 106th on the prestigious Forbes 500 list, the sports apparel and Equipment Company has been the public’s favorite for years and years now. Nike was founded in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports and has gained its legendary name in 1971. It has been on a continuous growth spree all the way through the 1980’s and the 1990’s when it became a true symbol of Generation X. Then, throughout the tumultuous development of the 2000’s, Nike has managed to become the preferred sports brand of the Millennials and now represents the standard of quality in the business. So if you want to work for one of the most successful companies of the last 50 years, send in a Nike application for the career of a lifetime.

Nike Application

There is a wide range of Nike employment opportunities within the various departments of the company, so whether you are interested in one of the Nike corporate jobs, one of the Nike store careers or one of the Nike factory careers, you need to go to the Official Nike Careers Page to submit your Nike online application form.

On the Nike Careers Page you will find information about the Nike employee benefits, the Nike Corporate Careers, the Nike Retail Jobs, the Nike Locations, the Nike Internships, as well as temporary opportunities with the company.

Click on the Nike Corporate Careers or the Nike Retail Careers button at the middle of the page to access the Nike Careers portal and then the Nike Application portal.

On the Nike Retail Jobs page, you can find information about Nike careers in Retail Stores and Retail Corporate Nike careers. Click on the best suited department for you and then click on the Search Retail Jobs/Search Retail Corporate Jobs button to find a list of all the available positions within it and their application status.

You can conduct a personalized search by including your location or the specific Nike job you are looking for and you will be able to see all the Nike job opportunities that fit your criteria.

Analyze the list and choose the Nike jobs that sound like a good match for you. Click on the job title to find the full job description and if it still sounds like the right Nike career for you, click on the Apply Now button to access the Nike application portal.

The Nike online application form includes 9 steps:

  1. Resume Parsing – here you can either upload your resume from your computer or you can upload your data from your LinkedIn profile.
  2. My Information – in this step of the Nike application form, you need to provide your full Contact Information.
  3. Work Experience and Education – this step of the Nike application form requires you to provide data about your work experience and your education.
  4. My Resume – in this step, you can input additional data for your Nike application form from your standard resume.
  5. My Qualifications – fill in this part of the Nike application form with all of your relevant qualifications for the Nike career you are applying for.
  6. My Availability – here, you need to provide your daily availability for work, so as to determine the best suited schedule for your Nike job.
  7. My Heritage – this step of the Nike job application form is optional, and you can include information about your gender and race if you feel comfortable with disclosing this type of information.
  8. My Signature – the Nike job application form requires you to provide an eSignature in order to validate it.
  9. Summary – this is the final step of the Nike online application form, where you can see your Nike application in its completed form, exactly like the Nike hiring specialists will see it; you are permitted to make any adjustments you see fit, so that your Nike application form can be in its best shape before you hit that Submit.

The Nike Corporate Jobs page follows the same pattern as the one for Nike careers in Retail, but you will be presented with a more extensive choice of departments:

  • Corporate Services
  • Design
  • Digital & Technology
  • IT
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Merchandising
  • Product Development
  • Retail Corporate
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain

Look through the available Nike careers and take the time to read the job descriptions to find the best one for you. Then you can begin filling out your Nike application form that will include the same 10 steps presented above.

Minimum Age for Employment at Nike

The minimum Nike hiring age is 16, because the company values the fresh approach on Nike retail jobs. These young Nike employees can communicate much better with the company’s young audience, thus improving sales rates.

All candidates below this age limit however will be deemed ineligible for the Nike job application process, as it would not be in line with state and national employment laws.

Nike Hours of Operation

The standard Nike store hours are 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M., but these hours of operation usually fluctuate among the numerous Nike stores. To find the exact hours of the Nike store you intend to visit, you can use the Nike store locator on the official site and you will be presented with:

  • the address of the Nike store
  • a map with the exact location of the Nike store, so that you can reach it easily
  • a telephone number for the Nike store
  • the Nike store hours

Entry-Level Nike Careers and Income

Store Associate – Job Description and Duties

The Nike Store Associate is not just a store clerk, because he/she develops a connection with the customers by listening to their preferences and their needs. He/she will always abide by solid customer care values, as well as strong sales skills.

In Nike stores, Sales Associates are known as Athletes precisely because they have solid knowledge about sports, which enables them to provide the costumers with useful advice about the equipment in the store.

The Sales Associate will also be in charge of the cash register and will be responsible for conducting transactions for the customers. He/she will also contribute to loss prevention activities.

He/she will work alongside the Assist Lead, the Senior Associates and the Managers in order to perform the training of new employees in the store.

Store associate – Salary and Compensation

The starting salary for this entry level Nike career is $8.00 per hour, but as the employee becomes more and more advanced in the position, the Nike salary can get as high as $15.00 per hour.

Aside from this base salary, Nike employees are also entitled to Cash Bonuses and Commission Bonuses as an incentive to always provide the best possible performance. The exact size of these bonuses will be determined by the achievements of the Nike employee and will be awarded annually in most cases.

Nike Careers in Management

Coach (Department Manager) – Job Description and Duties

The Nike Store Manager is called a Coach because he/she is in charge of all the Athletes in the Nike store. He/she will determine their strong suites and their weaknesses and will coordinate them so that they work as part of a team of professionals with the common goals of providing customers with the best possible shopping experience and maximizing Nike sales.

The Coach will also be in charge of marketing and visual merchandising, as well as promotional events, so that the department that is under his/ her lead is perfectly equipped and runs as a well oiled machine.

Coach (Department Manager) – Salary and Compensation

The Nike salary for this Nike career in management starts at $46,000 per year and can get as high as $60,000, so as to be in line with the Nike employee’s achievements.

In order to provide incentive for the Coaches, Nike stores also offer a comprehensive Cash bonus, worth roughly $4,000 to $6,000 per year.

Basic Tips for Applying at Nike

If you have decided to apply for one of the Nike jobs, the first thing you need to know is that you will need to send your Nike application online, as a Nike jobs and employment form that you can print out and deliver personally is not available with the company.

So, make yourself a cup of coffee and sit comfortably in front of your computer because the Nike application process will take you about 30-45 minutes to complete, provided that you have an updated resume ready.

You will have to go through all the 9 steps of the Nike jobs form and it is crucial that you pay attention to every one of them:

  1. Resume Parsing – before uploading your resume to the Nike application form, make sure that you have included every piece of information about yourself that might be relevant to the process.
  2. My Information – be very careful with this step of the Nike employment form because if you do not provide the correct contact details, the Nike hiring specialists will not be able to get in touch with you.
  3. Work Experience and Education – you will have to include the most important facts about your professional and academic background in this part of the Nike application form, because the detailed version remains in your resume.
  4. My Resume – in this part of the Nike employment form, you can add/ write your resume if you do not wish to upload it in the first step.
  5. My Qualifications – make sure to include any additional qualifications that are relevant to the Nike job to this part of the Nike employment form.
  6. My Availability – be honest and provide the time frame you would like to work in.
  7. My Heritage – if you do not wish to fill out this step of the Nike employment form, you are free to do so and your application will not be disregarded in any way.
  8. My Signature – provide your eSignature if you are certain you want to submit your Nike application form.
  9. Summary – this step of the Nike jobs form is extremely important because you can see any mistake that you might have made and correct it, so that the Nike hiring specialists get the best version possible.

Benefits at Nike

Nike offers a wide range of benefit packs for the various Nike careers in retail and the Nike corporate careers. Every benefit pack comes with a series of eligibility conditions that Nike employees need to meet in order to be considered for them.

These are the main Nike benefits that employees are entitled to (according to their Nike career):

  • Health Coverage: medical plan, dental plan, vision plan, prescription coverage.
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Paid Time Off: paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sabbaticals, sick days.
  • Nike Employee Discount
  • Nike Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Onsite Fitness Center
  • Transportation Allowance

Nike Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Nike application process is the first step of the Nike hiring process and if your Nike job application depicts you as being worthy of Nike employment, then you will be called in for an interview with either the Department Manager/Store Manager or the Nike hiring specialists, who will lead the selection process.

Depending on the Department that you are applying for and the Nike career, you will have to follow the specific interview course designed for that position. You might have to undergo telephone interviews, online interviews and face to face interviews, as well as one-on-one interviews and group interviews.

The number of interviews also varies among Nike jobs, but you will be informed about the specific Nike hiring procedures of your chosen career when you are contacted by the Human Resources specialists.

Preparing for the Nike interview is extremely important, because simply showing up to the meeting will definitely not be enough, regardless of your skills and qualifications. You will need to get informed about the development and evolution of the company and about their core values.

Take the time to get to know the Nike policies and the company’s current product line because there is quite a high chance that you will be asked questions about these during the interview.

If you are interviewing for one of the Nike careers in retail, then you should definitely take the time to visit one or more Nike stores to observe the store dynamics and the main conduct of the Nike employees.

While you should use your findings as guidance for what is expected of you in your chosen Nike career in retail, you need to analyze it closely and think about what you could improve, so as to assure an even better shopping experience for the customers, as such matters might come up during your interview and a well informed interview answer will be highly regarded by the Nike HR managers.

Lastly, you need to be extremely careful when you choose your interview attire. Given the fact that Nike specializes in sports apparel and equipment, you should project your love for sports in your outfit. But this might prove to be quite a difficult task because your aim is to create a business outfit that only subtly hints a passion for sports.

First, you need to pick out the business outfit and adjust it to the level of the Nike career that you are applying for. This means that you need to opt for business casual attire if you are interviewing for an entry level career and for something more in the lines of business formal if you are competing for a Nike career in management.

Then, you need to accessorize your outfit so as to project the image of a sports enthusiast. You could achieve this by wearing a sports watch or bracelet or some other subtle accessory that matches your outfit and that could depict you as athletic.

Frequently Asked Nike Interview Questions

The interview questions that the Nike hiring specialists use during job meetings differ considerably among the various Nike careers, so you will need to rely on spontaneity and a comprehensive preparation for a qualitative performance.

We are going to provide you with a few sample questions that will hopefully give you an idea about what to expect from the Nike interview:

  1. Why did you choose to apply to Nike?
  2. What are your favorite sports? Do you practice any sports professionally?
  3. Who is your favorite athlete?
  4. What are your favorite Nike products from our current line?
  5. Could you please tell me about a time when you consider that you have received high quality customer service? How about bad customer service?

Make sure to sleep enough before the interview, so that you can look energetic and enthusiastic. Don’t be afraid to smile when it is appropriate to the situation and try to connect with the interviewer by making eye contact with him/her.

The suggestions presented above will help you nail the Nike application process and begin a successful career within the company. Nike careers are very rewarding and offer job seekers the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. If you have further enquiries about Nike employment feel free to contact us.

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