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Dierbergsinc. is a very popular supermarket in the United States which was founded in 1854. It currently operates 25 locations which serve the areas of St. Louis (County & City), St. Charles County and Metro East. It may not be one of the largest supermarket chains in the country, but its history and record for quality has determined customers to trust and come back to it constantly. The history of the company became roughly 150 years ago, when a general merchant exchange opened near, what is now, Interstate 270.

The stores are now equipped with produce sections, frozen food sections, meat counters and deli sections. The company offers a variety of merchandise from private-labels and national brands. You can get everything done, from groceries to Dierbergs cooking school classes and even knife sharpening or recycling. You might have heard about Dierbergs winery. It owns a vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley and one in the famous Santa Rita Hills. The company stands out in the winemaking industry for its three, delicious wines: Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Noir wine.

The corporation has also won several awards. For example, it is ranked number one FTD florist in St Louis, number nine in the United States, and number one in Missouri. It is safe to say that the career of a Dierbergs florist is a coveted and rewarding one. Considering that Dierbergs is the go-to mercantile and grocery chain in Missouri, you can rest assured that employment with the company will open many doors for you in the retailing industry.

Simply because Dierbergs is open to hiring entry level individuals doesn’t mean that anyone can apply for the job. Even if you don’t have experience in the field, there are several steps you need to complete before submitting your Dierbergs application. First and foremost you should inform yourself about the company’s policy, vision, history and requirements. You should also find out what job openings are available and what skillset is required for employment consideration. In the following article we will discuss about everything from Dierbergs application process to work benefits, responsibilities, salaries and interview tips.  The jobs and employment form should only be filled out after you know all this information.

Dierbergs Application – Employment at Dierbergs

At present, the company has more than 5.000 workers which rank it among the top 25 largest employers in the St. Louis Area. So if you are looking for work with a company that values its customers, you have come to the right place. Dierbergs careers are available for entry-level and qualified specialists. Dierbergs is currently offering grocery store jobs for full and part time applicants.

As we already mentioned, experience and education is not a problem with Dierbergs as it will hire job-seekers with all types of backgrounds. There are a few qualities that the company will look for in a candidate: dedication for work, interpersonal skills, and availability. You can read the company’s requirements for available positions on the official website (www.dierbergs.com).

Dierbergs Online Job Application

Are you friendly and diligent? Then Dierberg will definitely want to hire you. The Dierbergs job application process is extremely simple and intuitive. Simply head over to the careers page (www.careers dierbergs.com) and click on the “Search All Jobs” button on the bottom-right side of the screen. You can find store locations “near me” with the store locator tool. If you already have an account registered with the website you can sign into it and continue your searches. Once you have done one of the two actions you will be redirected to the job search page.

You will see several filters including description keywords, store location (example: Fenton, Shiloh, Crece Coeur, St. Peters  etc.), store name (West Oak, Warson Woods etc.)and category(accounting, call center, retail etc.). At the moment there are 117 job openings available with the company (you can see the number of jobs in your search box). Select your settings and click the search button. If there are any positions that match your criteria, the engine will display relevant results. More information about the Dierbergs application process can be found later on.

Minimum Age for Employment at Dierbergs

How old do you have to be before you can seek Dierbergs employment? Candidates must be at least 16-years old to be considered for a position. Some positions require applicants to be at least 18 years old, especially if there is any heavy-lifting involved. In addition to this, administrative positions can only be held by individuals with proper education and experience.

Dierbergs Hours of Operation

Dierbergs locations operate similarly to other retailing companies. Because it is open almost always, employees must be willing to work longer hours and also show up before opening and closing time. Candidates who can work flexible schedules, during the holidays and weekends will have priority over others.

Monday – Saturday: 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Sunday: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Entry Level Dierbergs Careers and Income

Available Dierbergs Jobs: cashier, sale associate, customer service representative, human resources expert, loss prevention associate, meat clerk, Dierbergs florist, meat wrapper, training representative, Dierbergspharmacy technician, stock clerk, salad bar clerk, bagger, clerk, store manager, assistant manager, catering staff, production associate etc.

Dierbergs Careers in Management

Dierberg’s main focus is to offer exceptional customer service in order to achieve unparalleled shopping experience. On the official website it is actually noted that has three standards for customer service: a warm welcome, providing for the needs of the customer and thanking them. Job-seekers are expected to go the extra mile, meaning to treat every customer the way they want to be treated, and building confidence and strong relations with the community. Besides typical retail and grocery store positions, there are also Dierbergs careers for florists, the corporate office, pharmacists, wellness and cooking. Job-seekers may choose from various departments such as bakery, video, produce, meat (chicken, fish, pork, beef etc.) or they may opt for a behind-the scenes position such as stock clerk or assistant manager.

Experience is only required from those who apply for specialized positions or in leadership roles. Managerial positions usually come with full-time benefit packages and responsibilities. Dierbergs is cherished by employees because it provides room for growth. The company usually prefers to promote managers from within because they already have in-store experience. Other, unusual positions include those for satellite facilities, distribution centers and kitchens (kitchen workers must have knowledge of basic recipes for cakes, chicken roast and other products sold in the store). Let’s take a look at the most popular entry-level Dierbergs jobs:

Dierbergs Production Associate: This is an entry-level position which has responsibilities like preparation of fresh produce, operating with standard cooking equipment, maintaining department cleanliness, labeling food items and dividing products in predetermined portions while respecting safety guidelines. A production associate should be able to lift at approximately 50 pounds without problems, while bending, stooping, squatting etc. Overtime hours are paid very well, but the average salary and compensation varies between 9.00 and 10.00$ per hour. The pay may increase with tenure. You can submit your Dierbergs application for this position online.

Official site: www.Dierbergs.com

Dierbergs Pharmacy Technician: The pharmacy technician is a major part in the daily workflow of a Dierbergs company. Main responsibilities includes filling out prescriptions, providing exceptional customer service, maintaining inventory levels at optimal numbers and communicating with doctors and insurance companies. Naturally, the pharmacy technician must also maintain store cleanliness. To be considered for this position you must have relevant experience in the field.

Dierbergs Florist: Florists must create beautiful plant arrangements for all occasions while also providing clients with the “extra step”. To qualify or this position you must be at least 18 years old, have three years of experience as florist or full-time designer and you must pass the Floral Designer Assessment. Other qualifications include math skills, knowledge of flowers identification and design. If you can work in one spot for many hours and are available for work during the weekends and holidays you will be a perfect fit for the company. Dierbergs florists are extremely cherished and will receive additional training for other departments.

Dierbergs Checker: Checkers are basically cashiers. They must scan products, operate cash registers, complete payments, work with credit cards and bag merchandise for customers. Other job description and duties include keeping the aisles clean and the shelves well-stocked. Checkers usually collaborate with entry-level courtesy clerks. Salaries start from minimum wage (meaning 8.00$ per hour) and can go up with experience. If you want to become part of the team as a checker you should submit your Dierbergs job application as soon as possible.

Dierbergs Careers in Management

As we already mentioned, Dierbergs prefers to promote managers from within the company. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t open to new arrivals. Job hopefuls have required qualified training, education and experience. Large supermarkets like Dierbergs usually need to hire teams of managers to ensure that operations are unfolding according to plans. You might have seen an ad or two for managerial positions. The role of a manager is to oversee all operations, come up with new strategies for store sales, budget expenses and motivate workers. Depending on the department that they work in some managers have to organize schedules of associates, hire new workers and maintain order in the supermarket while enforcing store policies and procedures.

The manager also flags inappropriate behavior of associates, consults the bank to resolve financial problems and payroll tracking and informs other associates of discount tickets and coupons. Individuals in administrative positions might be requested to work during the holidays or weekends. Therefore, availability for work is essential. Salaries range from about 30.000 to 60.000 or more per year. If you are interested in a Management career you should submit your Dierbergs application as soon as possible.

Official site: www.Dierbergs.com

Basic Tips for Applying Online at Dierbergs

Let’s pick up where we left off. You’ve just complete your job search and you are thinking of applying for one or more positions. The process is quite simple. From the bottom of the page click on “Apply Now”. You will be redirected to the Dierbergs job application online page. The information requested is generic. If you have an account on the website make sore to log into it before beginning. In the application’s sections you will have to fill out Personal information, work availability, work experience, education, certificates/licenses, reference list and several questions.

By submitting your application you are agree to be drug tested prior to hiring. Also, during the application you will be asked to about your criminal history (disregarding DUI). Don’t lie, because the company will also do a background check on you before you receive employment consideration. Although it isn’t mandatory, Dierbergs allows you to upload your resume and other documents. You should add your CV because it will increase your chances of being hired. A cover letter will also be appreciated. If you don’t have work experience you must write “Not applicable” in the appropriate fields.

Advanced Tips for Applying Online at Dierbergs

Wait 24 hours before you submit your Dierbergs application online. You can check for mistakes the following day, prior to sending your app in. You should also ask a friend for advice. Here are some advanced tips that will make your application shine:

  • From the “Careers” link at the bottom of the official site (www.dierbergs.com) you can also read about development and training programs. Eager job-seekers can enroll for training programs even if they do not have experience in the retailing industry.
  • Create your online application and update your profile to accompany it. You can then generate a job agent to alert you about new job openings that fit your criteria and skillset.
  • The application process takes around 30 minutes to complete (assuming you already have the CV prepared). You should concentrate at the task at hand. Distractions may alter the quality of your Dierbergs application.
  • Never lie in your job application, especially when it concerns your criminal record and work experience.
  • Double-check your Dierbergs job application to make sure you didn’t forget any question. Also recheck for grammar or spelling mistakes. They will decrease chances of getting hired.
  • Check your application status online or follow up with a hiring personnel via phone.

Dierbergs Benefits

Every Dierbergs employee has opportunity for advancement. Being part of a dynamic and friendly team is one of the best parts of working at this company. In addition to this, the retailer also offers free training and development programs for eligible candidates. Dierbergs locations also operate with the help of a Career Development Center (CDC) which benefits associates looking for promotions and administrative positions. Let’s take a look at some of the other Dierbergs benefits: 401 (K) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare; life & dental coverage, competitive salaries, weekly paychecks, regular pay raises, wellness programs, discounts & coupons for products and more.

Dierbergs Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Dierbergs hiring process is effective and fast. After submitting your Dierbergs job application you must wait for your interview. In general, hiring managers get in touch with eligible candidates in one or two weeks. In most situations, the company administers online employment assessments before requesting candidates for one-on-one interviews. On rare occasions, the employment assessment will be given after an interview. Interview questions are basic. They are referred to the education, job history, interest in the company and personal traits of a candidate. You should be prepared to motivate your choosing Dierbergs careers over other. Expect to answer questions such as “What makes you a good fit for the job?” or “Why should the company hire you?”

You should keep your answers short and to the point. As far as your outfit is concerned, you should go for a business-casual look. If you are interviewing for a manager position a suit might be a better idea. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer at all times and offer a strong handshake. Lastly, show gratitude to the opportunity that has been given to you and ask questions if there is something you want to know.

Frequently Asked Dierbergs Interview Questions

Dierbergs careers begin when the interview ends. You can find Interview answers for frequently asked questions on forums and career websites. We will only share with you some of the questions that you might encounter during the interview.

  1. What motivates you?
  2. Why should Dierbergs choose you?
  3. What did you like / not like about your previous job?
  4. Why are you interest in a Dierbergs career?
  5. How do you define customer service?
  6. Are you familiar with the term ‘extra step’ customer service?
  7. What are some of the challenges that grocery stores face?
  8. How flexible is your schedule?
  9. What would you do if you caught one of your colleagues stealing from the store?
  10. How would you treat an unhappy customer?
  11. Can you describe the logo of the company?
  12. How would you encourage clients to come back to the store?
  13. Can you start right now?

This concludes our list of tips and advice for Dierbergs careers. We are confident that you will nail your interview in no time. The Dierbergs corporate office is always hiring enthusiastic individuals who are familiar with the company’s vision. If you can’t find a place here, there are plenty of other employment opportunities with other retailing stores.

Official site: www.Dierbergs.com

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