Securing a job at Facebook can be quite challenging. This is due to the numerous highly-skilled applicants applying for jobs at the company at any given time. Facebook is among the most famous companies in the world. An individual has to have outstanding merits for their application to be considered.

Nevertheless, getting hired at the company is likely if your application is successful. Though Facebook is more popular for tech opportunities, you can apply for other different opportunities.

Job Opportunities You Can Apply for at Facebook

Here are some of the job posts one can apply for at Facebook.

  • Sales and marketing
  • Design
  • Public policy
  • Programming
  • Research scientists
  • Software engineering
  • Business development

Tips For Landing a Job at Facebook

Before sending their applications to Facebook, job applicants should have a few things in mind. Here are a few pointers that will increase your chances of getting hired by Facebook.

Familiarize Yourself with Coding

Most of the positions at Facebook require knowledge of coding. It is, therefore, necessary to learn at least some basic coding skills even though you are not applying for a tech job.

You should be prepared just in case the interviewers decide to test your knowledge in this area.

Emphasize Your Exemplary Skills

Let’s face it. Thousands of applicants have the skills and education needed when applying for a job. This means there’s high competition for the limited job opportunities at every company.

What will set you apart from the numerous applicants is having a set of outstanding skills. Therefore, emphasizing your top and unique skills will increase your chances of getting the position.

Get Acquainted with Facebook’s Policies

Like any other employer, Facebook requires job applicants to be familiar with its policies. Researching Facebook’s values, cultures, and policies before applying for a job will help you ace the interview.

Apply for a Job That Matches Your Skills

Ensuring you apply for the right job is key. Your skills should match the requirements of the job you are applying for. You might have exceptional skills, but they’ll not be seen as useful in the wrong field.

Have an Impressive Resume

Your resume should be complete and up to date as it determines if you are qualified for the opportunity. A good resume creates a satisfactory first impression for Facebook’s HR team.

Always ensure that there are no gaps in your resume.

What Should you Include in a Resume?

An up-to-standard resume should include:

  • Your complete education history
  • Relevant work experience
  • Awards
  • Acquired skills
  • Accomplishments from past jobs.

Write an Engaging Cover Letter

A good cover letter is what sells you to the company. Your cover letter should be engaging and explain why you are the right fit for the position.

Bland cover letters with grammatical errors are not impressive to hiring managers.

List How Your Skills Will Help Facebook

During the interview, the board of interviewers will want to know whether you are an invaluable asset to Facebook. You should explain how your skills align with Facebook’s goals and mission.

A confident and convincing candidate is hard for the hiring board to forget.

Be Truthful

Avoid exaggerating on your resume and adding skills that you have not acquired. Imagine being told to explain the expertise you mentioned only for you to have nothing to say. Not only is it embarrassing but unethical, and you will likely not land the job.

Express Your willingness to Learn

No matter how good you are, having all the skills needed for a job is almost impossible. If you lack a particular skill, be honest while expressing your willingness to learn.

Show Employers that You are Dynamic

Facebook rotates its employees around various fields. You should be able to convince the interviewers that you are flexible and can perform in any field.

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Steps to Follow When Applying for a Job on Facebook

Here is how to apply for a job at Facebook step by step.

Search for the Job Position

One can search for job openings at Facebook by location, area of work, or expertise.

Look for Job Openings on Facebook’s Portal

Facebook often lists job openings on its portal. Check regularly if they have an opening you are interested in.

Search for the Specific Job You Are Qualified For

For instance, if you are looking for an internship position, mention it in your search.

Submit Your Application

Send your application. Remember to include a cover letter and an updated resume.

Send Your Application Online

Remember to include your contact information so that Facebook may reach you. Ensure you apply for the right job, as one can only send in three applications at a time on Facebook.

How To Pass an Interview on Facebook

Once you get selected for an interview at Facebook, follow all the necessary guidelines to ensure you get the position. This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss because of a technicality.

Here are a few tips to help you secure the job:

Be Well-Groomed for the Interview

Facebook requires its employees to be respectably dressed. You should avoid skimpy clothing that may make you uncomfortable during the interview.

This is a perfect opportunity to wear that suit you saved for a special occasion. Always go for plain-colored clothes.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with the interviewers shows that you are a confident individual. Confidence is one of the most sought-after skills by employers.

Emphasize Your Ability to Fulfill Different Roles

Most firms will prefer a dynamic candidate. The ability to cope in different areas will make you an ideal candidate.

Maintain the Right Body Posture

Avoid fidgeting and keep a straight posture. Respond with non-verbal cues to show your interviewers that you are keen on what they are addressing. Good body posture shows that you are a confident person.


Facebook is among the world’s best employers. This means that they only work with the most qualified individuals. Having a variety of skills and being dynamic are qualities that the company highly values. Finally, when applying for a job at Facebook, ensure that your values align with their goal of bringing the community together.