After filling out the application, getting a response from Walmart can take up to two weeks. However, you can hasten this process by calling or going down there in person and inquiring about it.

Assuming you have already submitted your application, what else can you do to ensure you get the job? You can follow it up by giving them a call or physically going down to the store. Most people do not go for calls because the employees are usually busy. Therefore, the best option might be to go down there and talk to them.

What to Do When You Get There?

The best time to visit them is around mid-morning on weekdays as there is usually very little traffic then. When you get to the store, ask to see whoever is in charge of hiring, these could be the “lead people.” If there aren’t any, ask to talk to a coach or HR. Whoever you find, they might ask you for your name to verify.

Then, let them know you applied online and ask for an interview. Telling them that you have open availability might help increase your chances. Having a resume might also help.

Your name and number will be written down by whoever attends to you, and they will most likely call you should there be an opening. However, you might need to pass an assessment test, so prepare in advance.

Passing the Assessment Test

To be successful on the assessment test:

  • Answer the computer questions correctly and strategically to display your positive traits and downplay the negative ones.
  • Avoid being too neutral or on the fence.
  • Keep your answers consistent and do not rush.

How Will I Know if I Have Passed or Failed the Assessment Test?

You have passed your assessment test if you get a response saying “Assessment Active” in green letters. You will then need to be patient and await a call from the store to set up an interview. You can also directly call to confirm Walmart’s application status.

On the other hand, if you fail the assessment test, it doesn’t mean it is the end for you. You can still retake the test after six months.

Walmart Application Process

If you were seeking employment from Walmart and were curious about how extended filling out the application would take, we have you covered. It will take an average of 45-60 minutes to complete your application the first time. If it is not your first time applying, it might take you even less time as their systems will save some of the information you fill in.

However, some positions might require you to do some assessments before you are considered for the role. Such positions might require additional time.

The Application Process for Hourly Positions

The following is what will entail the process of applying for an entry-level hourly position at Walmart:

  • Apply and fill out an application online
  • Partake in the Walmart assessment test
  • Do a short interview with the people in charge
  • A post-interview after a background check

Getting a job at Walmart is not that difficult. However, remember that not all stores need employees. Also, if the job you are looking for involves corporate or managerial positions, you might be required to attend a formal interview.

However, for hourly positions, it is easy to get the job with minimal experience because the stores are short-handed. You can apply for the night shifts if you want to increase your chances. However, while they are easy to get due to the high turnover, they are not the easiest to do.

Young black man in a job interview

How to Pass the Interview Process?

For hourly positions, there will be only one round of interviews. These interviews are short and straightforward; sometimes, an interview may not even be necessary. However, if you end up having it, it usually does not take longer than an hour and will involve ethical questions just as a formal interview would.

Managerial position questions might include questions like:

  • What methods would you take to improve the customer service experience?
  • Have you ever improved store operations? How did you do it?
  • Would you mind sharing an incident of when you improved the workforce?
  • How would you go about criticizing someone’s performance?

For a team leader, the question can be, when can you say you went above and beyond for a customer?

What Are the Walmart Employment Requirements?

You need to be 16 years old for an hourly entry-level position. For higher positions like corporate or managerial, you need to show excellent leadership, vital interpersonal skills, prior retail customer experience, and college education.

Regarding drug tests, if you are looking to secure an entry-level hourly position, you might not need to take a drug test except for maintenance. However, a drug test is mandatory for pharmacy, salaried managerial positions, and other higher positions.

Will I Require a CV/Resume to Apply at Walmart?

If you want to secure hourly roles, you might not need a CV or a resume. However, you might need to disclose your working history on the application. If you still need to submit your resume, a section will allow you to add it to your application. Individuals seeking higher roles like managers or team leaders must submit a resume.

Will I be required to begin the application process again if I don’t complete it the first time?

If you fill out an application but cannot complete it for one reason or the other, the site will give you the option to save the sections you have already filled in. You can therefore come back later and pick up where you left off.

How Long Will It Take to Get Hired?

It might take you at most three weeks to get hired. This is inclusive of online application and going through orientation. However, all this is dependent on your timing. Remember that this is for higher-end jobs like the managerial ones. For entry-level hourly jobs, these are pretty easy and quick to get. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you may be required to wait for up to four weeks to get a call.

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