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Braum’s is a family-owned and managed chain of businesses known for its great ice cream. Braum’s provides excellent career possibilities and an original perspective on the popular fast-food market. With its offers of fast food and ice cream products sold in various locations, the cafe provides products made specifically by the organization. As a popular organization utilizing vertical incorporation, the concept of maintaining every aspect of its functions, from the village farms to retail store outlets, takes remarkable care to details and efficient service. For example, Braum’s states that it milks its own cattle, the only large ice cream maker to still do this. To further guarantee quality, the organization keeps all its stores within 300-mile distance to the Braum Family Farm based in Oklahoma, this meaning that suppliers serve customers in Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri or Oklahoma besides the food market and shop sales.

Braum’s Application

There are two methods you can submit your Braum’s application. You can do so by printing out the standard Braum’s application and delivering it personally to the Braum’s locations you would be interested in working at or you can submit your Braum’s job application online.

Click here to download the standard Braum’s application pdf. You will have to print out the form and then carefully fill in all the sections with your personal information. Remember to print out a reasonable amount of copies, so that you can apply at several Braum’s locations.

The first step of the online Braum’s application process is accessing and then, the Braum’s Careers Page.

You will have to choose between these three Braum’s jobs sectors:

  • Store Management Opportunities
  • Store Crew Opportunities
  • Corporate & Tuttle Farm Opportunities

Click on the Braum’s jobs sector that best fits your qualifications and area of expertise and then just go to the Connect with us menu to create your very own Braum’s job application profile. You can connect with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ or you can choose to construct your profile without using a social media profile.

Then you have to upload your resume either from your Computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. The next step requires you to submit your contact details and to create your personalized Braum’s  application profile login credentials.

Once you save these, you will be able to choose the specific line of work that you are interested in and the Braum’s application portal will provide you with a complete list of the available Braum’s careers that are in line with the criteria that you have put in.

Examine the job description for the Braum’s jobs listed for you and choose the Braum’s careers that appear most promising to you and formally apply for them. Just click the Apply for this Job Online button and your Braum’s application will be automatically sent in.

Minimum Age for Employment at Braum’s

The minimum age required to work at Braum’s is 16. For Braum’s jobs with a higher level of responsibilities, the lowest age is 18 or even 21.

Entry-level jobs usually entail working as part of a team. These Braum’s jobs generally consist of cooks, cashiers and counter helpers. With its low hiring age of 16, the majority of entry-level Braum’s jobs do not require an extended experience.

Complete the online Braum’s application and send it to a nearby location for evaluation. Braum’s employees need to be energetic, motivated and have a positive character, as regular interactions with the client are everyday responsibilities.

Job seekers with secondary school degrees and a background in management in the cafe industry should complete the application forms required for available Braum’s careers in management.

Supervisors must be at least 18 years old to have their requests taken into consideration for management positions, and higher-level administrators must be at least 21 years old.

Based on the particular job description for these Braum’s jobs, candidates who have a college degree could stand a better chance of being chosen. Each of the Braum’s careers in management typically has an attractive salary, as well as impressive benefits.

Braum’s Hours of Operation

The standard Braum’s store hours are 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M., Sunday to Thursday and 6:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. Friday and Saturday. However, Braum’s hours might differ according to the Braum’s location.

If you want to check the store hours of a specific Braum’s location, just go to and use the Store Locator to find the Braum’s location that best fits your needs. The Store Locator will provide information about the hours or operation of Braum’s sores, as well as an exact address, a map and directions.

Entry-Level Braum’s Careers and Income

Whether you are interested in a part-time job in customer support or in one of the Braum’s careers in store management, this company provides great employment opportunities for hard-working candidates.

Like every family-owned business, the company invests a lot in its workers to keep a certain level of success and career fulfillment. Bring your Braum’s application to the closest store to have an opportunity to get one of these Braum’s jobs:

  • Associate Shop Administrator
  • Team Member
  • Shop Administrator
  • Servicing Specialist
  • Associate Servicing Administrator
  • Servicing Administrator
  • Distribution Driver

Quick Serve Team Member – Job Description and Duties

Braum’s Team Members perform a variety of tasks designed to make sure that outstanding client support and food quality are met at the store.

These entry-level Braum’s jobs involve taking client orders, preparing these orders following client and organization requirements, keeping every store clean and finishing various assigned tasks as needed.

Employees who show true motivation and great skills in their job generally progress to administrator positions. Team member Braum’s jobs generally entail a part-time schedule, but full-time jobs can become available over time.

Quick Serve Team Member – Salary and Compensation

The salary for this Braum’s job ranges from an hourly rate of $6.00 to $9.00. The average rate is of $8.00 per hour. This means that the annual salary for this position is between $14,000 and $18,000, with an average of $16,450.

There is also a Braum’s employee discount for this position, that consists of 15% off fast food products, as well as groceries and several other items. Also, this is one of the Braum’s jobs that is entitled to tips, so that should increase the overall rate.

Braum’s Careers in Management

Braum’s careers in management include the following positions:

  • Shift Administrator
  • Associate Administrator
  • General Supervisor

Braums Careers in Management – Job Description and Duties

Shift Administrators usually coach and assist crew members with their daily operations and participate in completing these tasks. Associate Administrators prepare all working schedules and make sure that continued employee training is performed, while keeping and implementing organizational requirements. General Supervisors manage all shop functions, sales and shop presentation.

Managing candidates typically need at least two years of continuous experience in monitoring workers in order to be considered for Braum’s employment.

Braum’s Careers in Management – Salary and Compensation

Salaries depend on the positions, with Shift Administrators earning between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour. Assistant Administrators have an hourly rate between $11.00 and $12.00. A General Manager can get an annual wage from $40,000 to $45,000.

Basic Tips for Applying at Braum’s

Remember that there are two ways for you to submit a Braum’s application, through the online job portal or in person, and you need to take advantage of both.

While using the online Braum’s job application portal might be more accessible, taking the time to submit an application in person might give you the edge you need to stand out from the other applicants.

An excellent application strategy would be to use the Braum’s job application portal to find the available positions (and submit your online application for those that fit your needs and expectations) and then to submit the standard jobs and employment form in person as well at the Braum’s locations of your chosen jobs.

This would provide you with extremely high chances of getting an interview, because you would have already provided evidence of your dedication and commitment to the Braum’s job.

However, the outcome greatly depends on the content of your Braum’s application and how good of a fit you are for the Braum’s career you have chosen. Other important factors that contribute to the outcome of your Braum’s job application process are luck and good timing.

Advanced tips for Applying at Braum’s

Before you submit your Braum’s job application, whether you choose to do so online or in person, remember to proofread it thoroughly, because spelling and grammar mistakes are absolutely unacceptable in job applications.

If you choose to apply for your desired Braum’s careers through the Braum’s job application portal, you will have to upload your resume. Before doing so, it is highly recommended that you read it again, in order to make sure that there are no mistakes in it.

You should make sure that the information in it is in line with your current qualifications and job experience, because submitting an updated resume will definitely increase your chances of getting the job.

Also, make sure that you have not used the specific version of your resume that you intend to upload for the Braum’s job for some other job application for a different company. Remember to check that your resume is not addressed to a different company, because it is the basic level of respect that Braum’s expects form job candidates.

Braum’s Application Status

You can find the application status of all the Braum’s jobs on the online application portal. You will find all of the available Braum’s careers there.

The Braum’s jobs that are eliminated from the results generated by the Braum’s job application portal are most likely not available anymore, but as long as they are listed, you are free to apply because these position are still available.

Benefits at Braum’s

Braum’s employment is all about effort, commitment and based on the employee’s dedication, the company compensates him/ her with a wide variety of advantages.

Entry-level workers might have to meet a few time requirements to get employment advantages, such as insurance policy, medical expenses coverage, compensated holidays or product discount rates.

Qualified workers also gain access to financial advantages like 401(k) retirement planning and additional bonuses. Other employee benefits can consist of compensated training, consistent salaries and versatile work plans.

Braum’s Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Both entry-level and management Braum’s job seekers must complete their Braum’s job application to get an opportunity for one of the available Braum’s careers.

The candidates selected for interviews for Braum’s jobs are generally contacted by HR within a couple of weeks of posting their Braum’s job application. However, based on its employment needs Braum’s might call in candidates for job interviews much sooner than that.

Candidates seeking entry-level Braum’s jobs typically meet with an HR administrator at one of the various Braum’s locations once only.

Management Braum’s jobs on the other hand require approximately three interviews with various hiring managers and upper-level supervisors. Braum’s tends to meet the applicants in one-on-one interviews, even for managing Braum’s jobs.

A few questions can illustrate your intellect, systematic abilities and assertiveness. Have an answer prepared in advance and try to highlight things like your abilities, qualifications and strong points.

Nevertheless, remember you have to pay attention to the interviewer, because this is essential. You need to know when to speak and when to listen. Talk about all your significant success until that period. Keep the application and employment statement close by, so that you can use them whenever you need.

Just remember to provide powerful and truthful interview answers. Applicants must have patience to hear the entire question, and then try to respond accordingly.

Answer all job questions in an honest manner and only discuss appropriate details. Think properly before responding to the interview questions. Choose the most reasonable answer to each one of these questions.

Never go too deep into the private details unless the board requests you. As Braum’s hiring managers can ask you to clear out certain issues, you might want to try to anticipate what these might be and think of appropriate answers. Exercise responding to typical Braum’s job interview questions, respond clearly and do not modify your answers.

HR specialists in charge of meeting with potential Braum’s workers usually want to find out about past workplaces. Braum’s hiring managers sometimes ask applicants to summarize their career backgrounds starting with their very first workplace.

Those seeking entry-level Braum’s jobs have limited experience and therefore, they must concentrate on their skills that are appropriate to working in ice cream shops. Every candidate must prepare honest answers to the questions during the interview. Answer the queries raised by the Braum’s interview panel in an appropriate manner and try to provide brief and helpful responses.

Show confidence at the job meetings by smiling, making normal eye contact with the potential employer and sit in a comfortable yet proper position. Make sure to be on time to the interview location and wear an appropriate outfit to project an appearance of professionalism, reliability and readiness.

Frequently Asked Braum’s Interview Questions

These are some examples of frequently used questions in Braum’s interviews:

  • How do you let employees know what you expect from them?
  • How can you choose your goals?
  • What do you think are the typical threats at Braum’s? How to deal with them?
  • What is the distinction between an excellent workplace and an outstanding one?

These are examples of questions and tasks that might be used for a group interview at Braum’s:

  • Offer some ideas of group interaction.
  • How is your job related to your objectives?
  • Tell us about your greatest accomplishment.
  • Tell us about your previous experience
  • Are you overqualified for the job?
  • How do you make assignments?

These are some examples of questions that might be sued for a Braum’s situational interview:

  • What were your problems getting others to agree to your ideas?
  • How do you describe your workplace at Braum’s?
  • Tell us about a beneficial demonstration you have created.
  • What is your desired payment?

These are some examples of questions that you might be asked during a Braum’s phone interview:

  • Which are the most challenging choices you have had to make during a stressful period at work?
  • What do you enjoy and what do you dislike about the position you are applying for?
  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • What methods and resources do you have to keep an organized schedule?
  • What appropriate working background do you have?

These are examples of more complex interview questions that you might encounter during your Braum’s interview:

  • When you are faced with a difficult problem, how do you choose to resolve it?
  • How can you maintain each employee engaged and motivated for the job?
  • How do you assess your capability to deal with conflicts?
  • Do you think you possess the features and abilities that are necessary to be successful in your profession at Braums?
  • What principles do you adhere to when analyzing an issue before making the final decision?

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