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Friendly’s  Application – Employment at  Friendly’s

Chances are, you have many memories of eating with family members and friends at a local Friendly’s restaurant. In fact, while similar restaurants were driven out of business during the recession, Friendly’s managed to expand as well as maintain a very loyal customer base.  Therefore, if you are looking for an assured future in the fast food industry, filling out a Friendly’s job application form may be a good place to start.

Friendly’s Online Job Application

Individuals that are ready to get started with Friendly’s careers as soon as possible can head on over to their website and fill out a Friendly’s application online.  Simply go to in order to achieve this goal as well as find out more about what they have to offer each employee.

Minimum Age for Employment at Friendly’s

If you are committed to earning a steady paycheck as soon as possible, filling out the Friendly’s application can lead to a job as soon as you are 16 years old.

Friendly’s Hours of Operation

Most people that are hired after filling out a Friendly’s application can choose to work flexible hours that span the entire week.  On Sunday through Thursday, restaurant hours usually start at 7 am and end at 11 pm. On Friday and Saturday you will most likely work from 7 am to 12 pm.

Entry-Level Friendly’s Careers and Income

As you fill out the Friendly’s application, you are bound to find a number of entry-level jobs that are of interest. This includes dishwasher, fountain specialist, greeter, waitress, server, cook, and cleaner.

Friendly’s Careers in Management

If you have management-level skills, you will find very few other places that offer as much as Friendly’s.  As you fill out the Friendly’s job application, you can apply for positions that include: restaurant, sales, kitchen, and express support manager.  As a manager, you can expect your starting salary to range between $8.00 and $16.00 an hour.  While this may seem a bit low, you will be eligible for raises and promotions that may occur sooner than they would in other fast food restaurants.

Basic Tips for Applying at Friendly’s

When you first look at the Friendly’s online application, you may immediately begin to feel overwhelmed.  No matter whether you are distressed by the length of the application or the number of details required, completing the application will take some time.  If you want to keep your stress levels as low as possible while filling out the Friendly’s application form, it will be of some help to have an updated resume on hand.  This will make it easier to focus on putting the correct information in appropriate boxes, as well as choosing keywords and narratives that express the best that you have to offer.

In most cases, you should set aside at least two hours of undisturbed time to fill out the Friendly’s application online form.  This will give you enough time to schedule breaks as well as look for any information that will make it easier to fill in the application.  Even if you have filled out dozens of online applications in the past, you will always need to be careful about spelling and grammar mistakes slipping past on the application for Friendly’s.

After you file your application, it is very important to follow up in a few days to see if a screener had a chance to review your application.  While you may be told that a job is not available at that time, the screener may still make a note that you followed up on your submission.  In some cases, even an act that seems minor may result in a call for an interview weeks or months later.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Friendly’s

Managerial candidates that fill out the Friendly’s employment application will have to do far more than simply spell everything right and use good keywords.  Among other things, it is important to realize that Friendly’s has a longstanding reputation for excellence.  This includes being able to provide innovative and appealing foods without losing focus on the main food themes.  If you want to be a manager for Friendly’s, you will also need to convey an adherence to these often conflicting goal sets.

As a manager, you will also need to think about the work setting.  For example, if a customer is having problems with an order, you may need to step in and resolve the problem without causing further distress to the employee in question.  Since Friendly’s is supposed to be a fun, relaxed setting, you will always need to exercise tact and calm.  If you appear high strung on your job application, it may be enough to cause a screener to look for someone that chooses more balanced keywords and narrative scenarios.

Benefits at Friendly’s

If you work full time for Friendly’s, you will be eligible to receive health and life insurance, as well as job travel insurance.  You can also take part in the company’s bonus pay program, 401(k) retirement plan, paid vacation time, and paid training.  Many employees also take advantage of food and meal discounts as well as apply for all kinds of promotions as they open up in any given location.  Depending on the facility where you work, other benefits may also be available.  As with any other franchise operation, you will need to find out the details at each location as opposed to searching on the corporate website.

Not so long ago, people that worked in the fast food industry could easily move from one business to another.  Today, an ever downward spiraling economy translates to a situation where employees must consider job stability as a primary concern.  Since Friendly’s remains competitive in this industry, getting a job with them can still lead to a lifelong career.  At the very least, if you apply for an entry-level or management-level job, you can look forward to being rewarded with a higher degree of job security.


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